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Dil mein Mars hai

Posted on: September 4, 2019

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Most traditional Hindi movis are formula movies. The formula keeps changing with time and the movies made during that era have same stories based on the same formula with minor variations.

Once in a while we have movies based on real life events. One finds that movie makers try to convert them to a formula movie.

Movies during the early years post independence tended to be tragic movies with sad ends. No matter what the topic, the movie would still have the usual songs. So, when movies based on true life stories were made, they followed the same formula.

“Lahore”(1949) is one example, which was made on the background of partitition. Same was the case with “Nastik”(1954). These movies had lots of songs, and the characters are seen suffering most of the time.

Then in 1960s, we had “Haqeeqat”(1964), made on the background of Indo China war. This movie was based on war, but it was mostly a musical movie with lots of hit songs, and war almost getting relegated to the background.

After many decades, Indians slowly started to have some achievemments under their belts. So, accordingly, Indian movies stories became more positive where the hero was more assertive than before.

During the last few years, several movies have been made on real life events, and most of these movies are success stories.

“Dangal”(2016) was based on a real life story of a man who despite living in a male dominated society manages to turn his daughters into international wresters. It was a real life inspiring story that caught the imagination of not only Indians but also Chinese audience ! The movie did a business of over Rs 700 crores in China !

Personally I loved “Parmanu”(2018), which was based on Pokharan II, an eventthat signalled the rise of a new and assertive India, far from the days of 1962 that “Haqeeqat”(1964) depicted.

“Uri” (2019) was based on surgical strike of 2016. There were people who left no stones unturned to tell us that surgical strike did not take place, and their supporters in India asked for proof. Believers went to the movie and turned it into a box office success. This episode, like the episode described in “Parmanu” (2018) demonstated the rise on a new and assertive India which would not take things lying down if wronged and would retaliate aggressively.

A country gains self confidence when it is doing well in economy and related fields. Indian economy is doing well for the last few years and India economy is fifth largest GDP in the world. Some media houses gleefully reported that India had slipped to seventh position, but that was on december 2018. As on today, India is again 5th biggest economy, a fact that our media is hiding from us.

A country can rise up the economy ladder only if it has high quality highly educated manpower. Low quality manpower can take an economy up to certain level, but after that level, you need top class manpower to take you forward. India at present is a low middle income group nation (per capita earning in the region of $ 1000 to $ 4000 per annum). India will need to more than double its GDP and then we can hope to break into the ranks of upper middle income nations (per capita income in the region of $ 4000 to $ 12000). Final barrier is $ 12000 and a country with per capita earning above that figure becomes a high income country.

Only those countries that invest in high quality education and high quality infrastructure can break in the league of upper middle group nations and finally into higher income nations. India has a long long way to go. But India is in the right track. I can visualise India breakin into the rank of upper middle rank nations when Indian GDP reaches about $ 6 trillions. It would be sometime in the next ten years.

GDP of a nation keeps climbing at a good rate only if a country is doing high quality work which can be sold all over the world. India is a world leader in high quality research products like pharmaceuticals, health services etc. These sectors will help India grow up in future. In manufacturing sector, I hope to see some interesting world class products, like say Train 18 from Indian Railways and Tejas from HAL, which will have good market worldwide, if Indian Government can plan and execute the plans well.

ISRO, Indian space agency is a shining example of what Indian manpower is capable of. ISRO has earned tremendous name and goodwill for its stellar works. It has launched many satellites of foreign advanced nations and they have played an important role in earning respect for Indian manpower. It is not for nothing that many silicon valley big wigs are people of Indian origin.

“Mission Mangal”(2019) is based on ISRO’s mangalyaan expedition. With this mission, ISRO succeeded in sending its spacecraft (mars orbiter) to Mars successfully in thhe very first attempt, and they did it on a shoe string budget.

The movie “‘Mission Mangal” (2019) is jointly produced Cape of Good Films, Hope Productions, Fox Star Studios, Aruna Bhatia, and Anil Naidu and directed by Jagan Shakti. The movie has Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Nithya Menen, Kirti Kulhari, Sharman Joshi, H. G. Dattatreya, Vikram Gokhale, and Sonakshi Sinha etc in it.

When this mission had actually taken place, social media was abuzz with a photograph that showed a few homely housewife looking ladies who were in reality ISRO scientists and who had played important roles in the success of the mission. The makers of this movie have been greatly influenced by this fact. The movie shows lots of female power in the movie.

The story , based on real life ISRO stories, starts by showing failure of a GSLV launch on December 25, 2010 due to an error of judgement by project director Tara Shinde (Vidya Balan). Rakesh Dhawan (Akshay Kumar) takes the responsibility of the failure on himself. As a punishment posting, he is hunted out to “Mangalyaan” mission, a mission no one has much hopes on.

Maenwhile Tara Shinde too gets herself transferred to Mangalyaan project and she has some idea about how this project can be successfully executed. Rakesh Dhawan and Tar Shinde convince the ISRO head (Vikram Gokhale) to support them by budget and staff. Budget is limited and keeps getting reduced, and the manpower asked in not what was needed. They end up with rookie scientists like Eka Gandhi (Sonakshi Sinha)the propulsion control expert, who is dying to leave ISRO and join NASA as soon as possible, spacecraft autonomy designer Neha Siddiqui (Kirti Kulhari ) whose second name causes raised eyebrows when she is looking for rented accomodation, navigation expert Krittika Agarwal (navigation expert) who has great difficulty learning to drive a car. Her husband is in Army who gets injured in an accident. Satellite designer and payload expert Varsha Pillai (Nithya Menon) has a nagging mother in law at home who taunts her for being childless.

There are two male scientists too. Astrology believing Parmeshwar Joshi (Sharman Joshi) is told by his astrologer that his “Mangal” is bhaari and that is why he is unable to get married. No wonder he is reluctant to join the mission. Then there is Anant Ayengar (H G Dattatreya) who is one year short of retirement and is already counting days.

How Rakesh Dhawan and Tara Shinde get their team to deliver and how successfully deal with major hurdles constitutes the story. While there are some critics who have found lots of weaknesses and holes in the story, I loved the movie. I find the episodes quite entertaing. When Rakesh Dhawan first goes to the mangalyaan area of ISRO, he finds that vacant and without any sings of life. Then he finds a matka with water in it. So there is water in mars- he observes. Then a cat enters the hall. So, there is life in Mars, he concludes.

The movie is based on a real life story, so we all know what exactly happened. Still the movie keeps you glued to your seat. And it gives you goosebumps when the rocket lifts off from its launch pad.

This is a movie only Indians could have made and only Indians could have identified with. I am happy that a movie was made on this subject. The makers have done the best they could have. instead of finding faults (like what some people have done) I take it as glass half full and I enjoyed th movie. I think that most Indians who like to be positive about their lives and about their country will enjoy this movie.

The movie has three songs in it. My personal favourite is the theme song. The lyrics of this song are by Amitabh Bhattacharya and he has indulged in some interesting word play in this song. The song is sung by Benny Dayal , Vibha Saraf and others. Music is composed by Amit Trivedi.

This song happens to be the 15200th song in the blog. It is the first time that this blog has a new song from the current year as the century song. I think this song fully deserves it. It is a song that I loved from the very fist time I heard it and watched it.

These days we have two actors who are competing for making movies on nationalistic subjects. One is Akshay Kumar and another is John Abraham. I had loved John Abraham’s “Parmanu”(2018) and I loved Akshay Kumar’s “Mission Mangal”(2019). In 1960s and 1970s, we had Manoj Kumar making patriotic movies. Today we have John Abraham and Akshay Kumar. There is one cartoon which shows the two of them grabbing each other by their collars, arguing about who should take up which nationalistic story next. Then there is another cartoon showing Akshay Kumar with P M Modi. Modi tells Akshay Kumar-“Keep making movies, I will keep giving you story ideas.” It must be said that the story idea for Article 370 is something that a Frederick Forsyth or Leon Uris would have been proud to write.

So, here is the 15200 th song for the blog. It must be one of the most unnoticed century post occasion which apparently no one was looking forward to, including even I myself. Nevertheless, the needful needs to be done. So we are now 15200 song post old with this writeup. I take this opportunity to thank all our visitors and well wishers for their continued encouragement and support. May we keep scoring many more centuries in future.

With this song, “Mission Mangal”(2019) makes its debut in the blog.

Song-Dil mein Mars hai (Mission Mangal)(2019) Singers-Benny Dayal, Vibha Saraf, Lyrics-Amitabh Bhattacharya, MD-Amit Trivedi


Om mangalam mission mangalam
Om mangalam mission mangalam
Om mangalam mission mangalam

Manzil door door door hai mushkil paas hai
Phir bhi khwaab khwaab khwaab mein twinkle stars hai
Om mangalam mission mangalam
Manzil door door door hai mushkil paas hai
Phir bhi khwaab khwaab khwaab mein twinkle stars hai

Chaand ko karke rahenge aaj overtake hum
poora chance hai ae
Three two one boom!
Dil mein Mars hai
Kyun ki dil mein Mars hai
Om mangalam mission mangalam
Apne dil mein Mars hai
Om mangalam mission mangalam
Udne ki pyaas hai
Dil mein Mars hai
Om mangalam mission mangalam
Space mangalam shuttle mangalam
Cool mangalam swag mangalam
Hash mangalam tag mangalam
Dream mangalam vision mangalam
Countdown ignition mangalam
Om mangalam mission mangalam telescope dhaari … swaaha

Om mangalam mission mangalam
Om mangalam mission mangalam
Apne brain brain brain ki hai kaarastani
Hum toh dhoondh dhoondh dhoondh len fire mein paani
fire mein paani
Apne desh desh desh mein sab kuch mumkin hai
We don’t need need need need no meherbaani
no meherbaani ee ee
Thode fail fail fail hain
phir bhi pass hain
Fulltu mood mood mood mein hum bindass hain
Chaand ko karke rahenge aaj overtake hum
poora chance hai ae
Three two one boom!
Dil mein Mars hai
O dil mein Mars hai
Om mangalam mission mangalam
Apne dil mein Mars hai
Om mangalam mission mangalam
Udne ki pyaas hai ae
Kyun ki dil mein Mars hai

Om mangalam mission mangalam
Speed mangalam medal mangalam
Josh mangalam jashn mangalam
Style mangalam tashan mangalam
Cosmos condition mangalam
Take-off permission mangalam
Om mangalam mission mangalam
kayinaat saari … swaaha

2 Responses to "Dil mein Mars hai"

Congratulations 🎉 Atulji on post number 15200.
And a brand new movie and song. Full of new-age lingo.
I am amazed at how you have turned a new-movie fan, specially of such topical movies. I appreciate. 👍👍
Keep them coming in a steady stream


Thanks Atul Ji, for the nice post.Great food for thought(s)
I liked ‘Mission Magal’ a lot. More such movies are needed.
What a transformation of ‘Desi Boys’ ( Akshay & John)


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