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Shirdi waale Sai baba aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali

Posted on: September 4, 2019

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

We are into September. The month has begun with on an auspicious note with the arrival of the elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesh or Gajanan or Vighneshwar or Ekdanta or Vinayak or Ganpati- different names for the same god. For which Atulji had posted a “Ganpati Bappa Morya” song. The birthday list for September began with the ‘pouring out of a true fan’s feelings for his idol post’ on Sadhana by Sudhirji.

Here is my post to wish my favourite actor on turning a year older. He has been out of the country for the last year undergoing treatment for the dreaded C. Though out of the country he has been in public eye with constant reports of how he is recovering and that he is expected back in the country in the not-so-distant future. I am wishing Rishi Raj Kapoor on his 67th birthday. May he return to the pink of health and continue what he does best – give us lots of entertaining movies like his last few – “Mulk” (2018) directed by Anubhav Sinha which was poles apart from his “102 Not Out” directed by Umesh Shukla. He played varied characters in “Kapoor and Sons” (2016), “Besharam” (2013), “Patiala House” (2011), “Agneepath” (2012), “Do Dooni Char” (2010), “Student of the year” (2012), – post his decision in 1999 to stop trying to play the romantic lead we have seen Chintu (as his is fondly called) in different avatars. He must be the only actor from the 70s and 80s (other than Amitabh of course) to be considered for playing near-central characters which are not necessarily young.

Now for a few words on today’s song

It is from a 42-year-old movie. It has been on the air-waves and all the music channels of television ever since. And it falls right in the category of “how come this song was not posted earlier?”. But then we will find many of Chintu’s songs eligible for this category and our blog will always have fodder for posting :). The last time I heard this on radio was, may be last week, when I was driving to the airport in Mumbai (my brother was dropping me) or driving home from the airport with my son after touch down at Bangalore (that means twice on the same day). That is how frequently the song gets played. Then on entering the house I found my husband surfing channels and again this song. And next day morning doordarshan played it on their weekly musical “Rangoli”. So that made it 4 times in 24 hours and am I complaining about the number of repeats? No, not at all!! Why? Because I like the elements that the maker of the movie has put into the song. In fact, the maker is known for putting that kind of elements in the whole movie and almost all his movies.

Here I am talking of Shri Manmohan Desai and his habit of showing us incredible, illogical and unbelievable things in his movies, and how the audiences have lapped those up with eyes closed. Remember the blood donation scene in “Amar Akbar Anthony”? The song sequence in “Mard” has a tiger escorting the mother towards a boat so that she can cross to the other bank where her son is singing in the temple. Unforgettable.

Today’s song has the eternal mother – Nirupa Roy – escaping from the clutches of Jeevan and Ranjeet (they were a team in the 70s). She is shown running towards an open-air temple where we have Chintu singing a qawwali in praise of Sai Baba. The mother comes in crawling (tired after all the running and falls that she has had enroute) moves slowly towards the Baba’s idol unseen by the devotees present in the temple. Just as Chintu sings the line – “tu bichhadon ko milaaye, bujhe deepak jalaaye” we see two tiny specks of jyot (light of the diyas) emerge from the Baba’s eyes and enter the lady’s eyes – here I must mention that the lady is blind too, a result of an accident at the start of the movie. And now she can see three kids beckoning her – on the Baba’s smiling face. Such chamatkaars (magical happening) used to be Manmohan Desai’s forte. The song or qawwali comes to a close and she declares to whoever is ready to hear that “ab mein dekh sakti hoon” (I have my vision back); I pity all the eye doctors of that time, I am sure they would have prayed to Baba that they don’t go out of business. 🙂

So today on the occasion of Chintu a.k.a Rishi Kapoor’s birthday let us wish him health and happiness through this chamatkaari song that was written by Anand Bakshi, sung by Mohd. Rafi and composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. Incidentally 3rd September was the 80th birthday of Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma – Pyarelal of the music director duo Laxmi-Pyare. Let us wish him too health and happiness.



Song-Shirdi Waale Sai Baba aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali (Amar Akbar Anthony)(1977) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


zamaane mein kahaan tooti hui
tasveer banti hai
tere darbaar mein bigdi hui
taqdeer banti hai

tareef teri
nikli hai dil se
aayi hai lab pe ban ke qawwaali
shirdi waale sai baba
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali
shirdi waale sai baba
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali

lab pe duaayen
ankhon mein aansoon
dil mein ummeedein par jholi khaali
shirdi waale sai baba
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali
dar pe sawaali
aaya hai dar pe sawaali
shirdi waale sai baba
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali

oooo ooooo oooo oooo

o mere sai deva
tere sab naam leva
o mere sai deva
tere sab naam leva

juda insaan saare
sabhi tujhko hain pyaare
sune fariyaad sabki
tujhe hai yaad sabki
bada ya koi chhota
nahin mayoos lauta
ameeron ka sahaara
gareebon ka guzaara
teri rehmat ka qissa bayaan akbar kare kya
do din ki duniya
duniya hai gulshan
sab phool Kaante tu sabka maali
hae ae
shirdi waale
sai baba
hae ae
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali

khuda ki shaan tujhmein
dikhe bhagwan tujhmein
khuda ki shaan tujhmein
dikhe bhagwan tujhme

tujhe sab maante hain
tera ghar jaante hain
chale aate hai daude
jo khush kismat hai thhode
yeh har raahi ki manzil
yeh har kashti ka saahil
jisse sabne nikaala
usse toone sambhaala
jisse sabane nikaala
usse toone sambhaala

tu bichhdon ko milaaye
bujhe deepak jalaaye
tu bichhado ko milaaye
bujhe deepak jalaaye
tu bichhdo ko milaaye
bujhe deepak jalaaye

ye gham ki raatein
raatein ye kaali
inko bana de id aur diwaali
shirdi waale sai baba
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali

lab pe duaayen
ankhon mein aansoon
dil mein ummeedein par jholi khaali
shirdi vaale sai baba
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali
shirdi vaale
(shirdi waale)
sai baba (sai baba)
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali
shirdi vaale
(shirdi walein)
sai baba (sai baba)
aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali

4 Responses to "Shirdi waale Sai baba aaya hai tere dar pe sawaali"

longer audio link: ?


Just being progeny of a star does not bring one success. One needs talent too. Rishi Kapoor is an example of succeeding on talent, though he hot a start due to his father..
Wish him complete recovery.

Liked by 1 person

read ..’ he got a start..’


Yes he was talented and didn’t try to copy any of his family members. For that matter all the Kapoors had their distinct styles and genres


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