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Kya chamatkaar hai tere ik baar ke deedaar mein

Posted on: November 24, 2019

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Hullo Atuldom

24th November 2019 is the 75th birthday of Amol Palekar – the actor who played a common man or the boy next door character so convincingly that it jolted the audience when they saw him play a cold-blooded murderer in Vinod Chopra’s “Khamosh” (1985). He played a similar grey-shaded character in “Teesra Kaun” (1994) and “Aanchal” (1980). So, it is not as if he always stuttered in front of a strict boss as in “Golmaal” (1979), “Damaad” (1978), a person who is hyper worried that he will die of some grave illness, leaving his beautiful young wife grieving – “Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi” (1979) etc.

In between he also attempted playing a different kind of character in “Pyaasi Aankhen” (1983). At least that is what I have deduced from the video that is accompanying today’s song. To be truthful, I had never heard of this movie or its songs till I thought of writing this post. I have heard two songs from the movie and they seem to portray a different kind of Amol Palekar. The movie feels like it will be a heavy, 4-5 handkerchief movie, as tear-jerker movies used to be called back then. This movie was directed by Ram Kelkar who was essentially a screenplay/ dialogue/ script writer for many movies like “Piya Ka Ghar”, “aasha”, “Aap Ki Kasam” and many more successful films. On further googling information on Ram Kelkar we find that he has directed only one other movie- “Duniyadari” in 1977.

“Pyaasi Aankhen” had star cast of Waheeda Rehman- Shabana Azmi- Asha Sachdev- Amol Palekar- Om Prakash, with music by Usha Khanna. Indeevar and Rana Saheri (never heard this name) wrote the songs which were sung by Asha Bhonsle Usha Khanna and Kishore Kumar. This is all the information I could gather on the internet;

I would love to know what the story is and why there is a romantic number between Asha Sachdev and Amol Palekar. Also, I would love to know if Waheeda Rehman played his all sacrificing mother, who is an eye-sore for the haughty daughter-in-law played by Asha Sachdev (my assumption) as I found a song that preached the story of a son who plucks out the mother’s heart because the d-i-l asked for it.

I also found a dance number where Amol Palekar and Shabana have actually done a Bollywood-style folk number. We have always seen this pair in semi-serious avatar as in “Apne Paraye”, Kumar Sahani’s “Tarang” (an art film), and a few more (cannot recollect off-hand).

Today we have a lively song sung by Kishore Kumar and Usha Khanna. After seeing the video, I must admit Amol Palekar is a person with a sense of rhythm and moves well to the beats, he didn’t make a spectacle of himself. He is joined by Om Prakash, Sundar and Shabana and we see Waheeda Rehman being dragged into the dance towards the end. Asha Sachdev is seen enjoying herself. This song from a lesser known movie is a discovery for me.


Video – Part I

Video – Part II

Song-Kya chamatkaar hai tere ik baar ke deedaar mein (Pyaasi Aankhen)(1983) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Usha Khanna. Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Usha Khanna
Female chorus
Male chorus
All chorus


hey ae ae
ho o o o
h ooooooo ho ho

he ae ae ae ae
ho ho oooooo

kya chamatkaar hai
tere ik baar ke deedaar mein
kya chamatkaar hai
tere ik baar ke deedaar mein
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein
aaa aaaa aaaa aaaa
aaaaa aaaaa aaaaaa
aaaaa aaaaaaa

aankh banke tujh ko hi takta rahoon
galiyon mein teri bhatakta rahoon
aankh banke tujh ko hi takta rahoon
galiyon mein teri bhatakta rahoon
tere liye kaanton pe chalna toh kya
sooli pe hanske latakta rahoon
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein
ho ho ho ho

aaaaaaa aaaaa
ho ho ho ho ho ho
aaaaaaa aaaaa

maangoon mein rab se wafaayein teri
yun hi sunta rahoon bas sadaayein teri
maangoon mein rab se wafaayein teri
yun hi sunta rahoon bas sadaayein teri
jo lakha kitaabaan sikha na sakin
sikha gayin woh mujhko adayien teri
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein

jog chhad ke
jog chhad ke
aa aye hain sansaar mein
jog chhad ke
jog chhadke
aa aye hain sansaar mein

pyaar ke ae ae
naam par
maine pooja tujhe
har moorat mein ae ae
maine toh dekha tujhe

pyaar ke naam par maine pooja tujhe
har moorat mein maine toh dekha tujhe
teri khushi par vaaroon apni khushi
jo pyaara tujhe woh hai pyaara mujhe
jogi jog chhad ke

he aa gaye hain sansaar mein
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein
kya chamatkaar hai
tere ik baar ke deedaar mein
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein
jogi jog chhad ke
aa gaye hain sansaar mein

ye baat hai
o zara jam ke
o zara khul ke
he turr
hoye hoye hoye hoye
hey hey
ye baat hai
zara imaandaari se
arre baja baja
ha ha
ha ha

7 Responses to "Kya chamatkaar hai tere ik baar ke deedaar mein"


this movie has got
a very good Lata Mangeshkar sad solo “Hum hi nahin the pyar ke kabil” (picturised on Shabana)
another kishore kumar solo picturised on Amol Palekar(regarding the sacrifices of mother,jahan premika ke kehne par ladka apni maa ka kaleja nikaalke laata hai, aur raah mein ladke ke girne par maa ka kaleja paseej kar bolta hai, ke betaa kahin tujhe lagi to nahin)(the lyrics of which I have shared with Atulji and Sudhir ji)

The original title of the movie is “PYAASSI”(VINYL Record image of the movie mentions 1981 as its release year)
I remember reading the Times of India review of this movie (In the movie Amol Palkekar marries Asha sachdev,ignoring his mother Waheeda`s Choice for him(that is Shabana Azmi,his childhoold sweetheart and neighbour,and afterwards Amol treats Waheeda and shabana very badly, something like that……yaad aa nahin rahaa)

Lyrics of soulful Kishore solo:

ek mehboobaa…aaaaa..aaaa..aaaa
ek mehboob thaa
ek doosre ae
pyaar bhi khoob thaa..aa
uthari thi haseenaa jaise aasmaan se
boli aazmaaney ko woh naujawaan se
maa ka dil nikaal kar jab tum laaogey
meraa pehlaa pehlaa pyaar
tab tum ae
ek mehboobaa…aaaaa
ek mehboob thaa…aa
ek doosre mein..eee..eeee
pyaar bhi khoob thaa…aaa…aaa

husn ke deewaane ka
dekho toh hauslaa
cheer ke seenaa
maa kaa dil nikaalkar chalaa
gir pada woh raaste mein
tokar jo khaayee
girthe hi maa ke dil se
aawaaz ye aayee..eee..eee
chhot toh nahin aayee tujhko
aye mere laal
phool si jaan hai teri
tu rakhnaa apnaa khayaal
jaldi se dil leke meraa
jaa tu usske paas
honewaali bahu meri
hogi tanhaa udaas

ek mehboobaa…aaaaa
ek mehboob…aa
ek doosre aee
pyaar bhi khoob thaa…aaa…aaa


maa ne apne khoon se
jiss paudhe ko seenchaa
kaat diyaa uss paudhe ne hi
ghar ka baageechaa
pyaar pe haque hai patni ka
toh maa bhi hai haqdaar
ek hi daaman mein na bhare
koyee apnaaa saaraa pyaar
laadli biwi ki bas baahon mein jhoolke
aajkal ke bête baitte maa ko bhoolke
aajkal ke bête baitte maa ko bhoolke
maa ko bhoolke
maa ko bhoolke
maa ko ae


I saw that song too before writing the post. Who was the actor lip-syncing?
Thank you for giving a little more knowledge about the movie. Wish there is a clearer video available. Specially of the Shabana azmi song that you mentioned. I saw that song too.
This movie will qualify for the “long- forgotten movie” title.


I don`t know the actor`s name who is lip syncing for the song, Must be some relatives of producer or other production crew member(You know the actual practice of bollywood people, in such cases) and
the Lata song “Hum hi nahin the pyar ke kaabil” video link of a very poor quality(extracted from VHS copy of the movie video) used to be available at youtube site, but nowadays, that link must have bee removed , I used to love the lyrics of that Lata Song, in those days
Yes I got the short video link of that Lata song


Thanks Ma”am for the information about this obscure movie. Highly energetic song. Only Kishore Da can do justice for such songs.

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There is another rare video version of this song picturised on Asrani in the get-up of JOGI performing on first stanza.


yes sir i saw this video too but youtube gave me the longer version where Amol Palekar is seen dancing. though, on closer scrutiny, a few points are seen, (1) through the song we don’t see AP’s legs, god knows if he was even moving them. remember he had shaken a leg in “Baton Baton Mein” also.
(2) beginning of the song when he is supposedly moving parallel to Shabana, it is clear that he is on a trolley from where he steps down to sing his lines. 😉


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