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Kariye kasrat ka prachaar jai bajrang pukaaro

Posted on: February 7, 2020

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Today’s song is from a C grade stunt film – Diamond Queen-1940. The film was made by Wadia Movietone, who specialised in and thrived on such action films. This was the 10th film of Homi Wadia as a Director.

Homi Wadia (8-1-1908 to 9-1-1996) directed 35 films. His first film as a director was Veer Bharat 1934 and last film was Adventures of Alladin-79. The first film of Fearless Nadia, Hunterwali-35 was directed by him. He later married Nadia, in their later life.

Wadias were always famous for their stunt and action films. Once they got Fearless Nadia as a star, they became monopolist of Stunt films. It is said that Nasir Hussain and Manmohan Desai had only ONE story and they made a dozen films on that one story only. What was astonishing was most of these films became Hits and popular too. No one complained about the stories. Actually, one can safely say that this had started much earlier and the Pioneer in this was Wadia Movietone. Their story department had no work. They made films on just ONE story. The skeleton story was – a cruel king or a cruel Prime Minister, punished by a masked ” Do Gooder” – a friend of the poor and the oppressed janata and lot of daredevil stunts on Horse, Lion, Elephant, Tiger, on moving carriages, with cars and Motor Cycles etc. This was more than enough masala to make a Wadia stunt film of Nadia !

Like good businessmen, Wadias never depended only on Nadia, but kept a back up of stunt actresses in reserve. These were used alternatively to make films. The stock consisted of Radha Rani, Sona Chatterjee, Miss Gulshan, Husn Banu and Noorjehan Sr. to name a few. Likewise in males too they had Jal khambata, jal Merchant, John Cavas, Prakash, Billimoria brothers-Eddie and Dinshaw, Boman Sroff etc to act in their films whenever needed.

Similarly, they had a battery of side actors, villains and comedians, who invariably featured in almost all movies of Wadia. Some of them were Atish Sayani, Minoo Cooper, Sardar Mansoor, Dalpat, Bismilla, Master Chhotu, Manchi Thooti, Master Chhotu, Basheer, Jamshed ji etc. Master Mohammed was an actor, singer and Music Director in many films.

Besides Wadias, there were others like Ramniklal Shah, Nanabhai Bhatt, Harishchandra Rao, Chandra Rao,Imperial and many smaller film makers, who also made stunt films. Thus in totality and in comparative number, there was a sizable group of artistes specialised in action films. By middle of the 40’s, Master Bhagwan entered this Genre, with his Jagriti Films and contributed substantially. Almost all of Bhagwan’s films had only ONE story – a rich seth, a villain extorting money from him, seth employing 2 youths as his bodyguards (Bhagwan and Baburao Pehelwan), who fall in love with seth ji’s daughter and her maid and also destroy the villain.

Coming to today’s movie Diamond Queen-40, it was directed by Homi Wadia. The cast was Nadia, John Cavas, Radha Rani, Sardar Mansoor, Sayani Atish, Minu the Mystique, Boman Shroff, Dalpat etc etc. The 5 songs were written by Munshi Shyam and Music Director was Madhulal Damodar Master.

The name Madhulal Master must be unknown to the newer crop of Music lovers, because he retired from film music in 1952- much before most readers were even born. The story of Madhulal Master is as strange as his death. On the morning of 19th June 1990, The Times of India, Bombay flashed a news…” The old time Music Director and a Director of Indian Institute of Puppetry, shri Madhulal Damodar Master is found murdered in his Shivaji Park home.”

Born on 21-6-1903, Madhulal joined the film industry to become a Comedian, but he was first made a sound recordist assistant, then an assistant MD for two films and finally independent MD for Krishna Tone Film Company for their film, ‘ Navchetan’-32. In the next 21 years he gave music to 34 Hindi films, few Gujarati films and some documentaries, composing 267 Hindi songs. Unable to cope up with the changed pattern of Music and public taste, he retired from this profession after his last film- Jungle ka Jawahir-52. After this he pursued his hobby of Puppet making and soon developed a flourishing business. Internationlly well known, he was the only Indian member honoured by the International Puppetiers’ Organization. Very few people know that it was his JOKER PUPPET which was used by Raj Kapoor in his ambitious film MERA NAAM JOKER-1970.

He was invited as a special guest for the release ceremony for the HFGK-Vol I, on 8-10-1988, after Harmandir ji meticulously made special efforts to locate him in Bombay. He was overwhelmed with this gesture. Madhulal ji showed a Catalogue to Harmandir ji, in which Madhulal ji had recorded information about all songs composed by him with details of the every film that he did in his career. Harmandir ji was wonder struck with his systematic records. In the ceremony, senior artistes like Naushad, Sitara Devi, Rajkumari ji etc all touched his feet with respect. He regaled the audience with his humorous talk for an hour. He had spent 38 years before this in anonymity. It is very sad that his life ended in such a tragic way.
Note:-We are glad that Dr Kiron Master, MD from USA, visited the post on 14 august 2021 and she has informed that “the culprits of the murder were apprehended and brought to justice afteran year”. Dr Kiron is grand daughter of Madhulal Master, MD. Thank you, Kiron Ji.

One of the actors in the cast was Sayani Atish. He was a regular Villain in Wadia films. Sayani Aatish – his real name was Sayani Abdul Hamid Ahmed. He was born in Bombay. He had a ancestral Timber business, but his intense desire to work in films brought him to this profession in 1925. He started working in Silent stunt films as a villain.By the time Talkie films came, he had perfected his style. He joined Wadia Movietone. His first Talkie film was “Laal-E-Yaman”-33. After this he did 18 films.His last film was Mere Sajan-41. He was considered an outstanding villain of films. He was a writer and composer too.

One more actor was Boman Shroff. Boman Shroff was born in Kalyan-Bombay. He joined films in 1922. After doing many silent films, he joined Wadia Movietone. His first Talkie film was “Laal E Yaman-33”. He was known as a Dare Devil stuntman and master of make up.His role was usually of a comedian. His best performance was in Toofani tarzan-37. He worked in 17 films. His last film as an actor was Stunt King-44. Boman Shroff also directed two films- Toofani tirandaz-47 and Sher Dil-54.

The story of film Diamond Queen-40, as I found on Wiki is this….

Diamond Queen is a 1940 Hindi action adventure comedy film. It was directed by Homi Wadia and produced by Wadia Movietone. It starred Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Radha Rani, Sayani Atish, Sardar Mansur, Dalpat, Kunjru, and Boman Shroff. This film was the seventh in the Diamond thriller series with the first being Veer Bharat in 1934, directed by Homi Wadia under the production of J. B. H. Wadia. It is cited as one of the best films produced by the Wadia brothers. The film’s success saw Homi Wadia becoming a producer by which he was able to obtain raw stock for his films due to the rationing of two films per producer during the Second World War.

The film is set in Diamond Town where Madhurika returns following five years of studies in Bombay. She is the Bambaiwali the townspeople have been waiting to see. She returns to her town wearing western clothes and looking fit and to her father’s query she replies that she’s been working out in the Bombay gymnasiums. The town is reeling under the brutal atrocities of the mustachioed bushy eye-browed villain, Kedarnath (Sayani Atish) who has usurped the Prince’s place while he is away. Kedarnath had been given charge by authorities to weed out corruption but is instead heavily into corruption, taxing people and outrages against women. He also has an enemy in the dacoit Diler as he cheated Diler’s father many years ago. Diler was the sole survivor in his family when Kedarnath burnt his family home. He had been given a dying oath by his father to take revenge against Kedarnath. Madhurika joins up with the dacoit Diler and manages to deliver the town from the evil Kedarnath. She advocates for women’s literacy and independence and uses dialogues like: ‘If the nation is to be freed, the women have to be free first.’

Today’s song is sung by Radha Rani and Sardar Mansoor, with Chorus. Singer Radha Rani is one of the ” Same Name Confusion” actresses, about whom I have written here earlier, so I am not repeating. With this song, film Diamond Queen-1940 makes its Debut here.

Song-Kariye kasrat ka prachaar jai bajrang pukaaro (Diamond Queen)(1940) Singers – Radharani, Sardar Mansoor, Lyricist – Munshi Shyam, MD – Madholal Damodar Master
Sardar Mansoor + Chorus



Kariye kasrat ka prachaar
jai bajrang pukaaro
Kariye kasrat ka prachaar
jai bajrang pukaaro

kasarat hai jeevan ka saar
jai bajrang pukaaro
kasarat hai jeevan ka saar
jai bajrang pukaaro
Kariye kasrat ka prachar
jai bajrang pukaaro

himmat na hargiz haaro
kasarat kar tan man waaro
balwaan bano balwaan bano
balwaan bano ab pyaaron
jai bajrang pukaaro
jai bajrang pukaaro

ek do teen chaar paanch chhe saat aathh

badhho rukho jhuko uthho
Kariye kasrat ka prachaar
jai bajrang pukaaro

kasarat ka shauk badhaao
?? maan padhaao
shakti ka
shakti ka
shakti ka prashn banaao
jai bajrang pukaaro
jai bajrang pukaaro

ek do teen chaar paanch chhe saat aathh
desh ki shobha jo balidaan
jo nirbal hai wo ??

desh ki shobha jo balidaan
jo nirbal hai wo ??

phir yahaan aa gaye
kya karoon
?? mujhe pahle hi yahaan ghaseet laate hain

geet khatm ho jaane do
phir tumhaari khabar leti hoon main
aap to hamesha hi hamaari khabar leti rahti hain

dhanwaan se achche nirdhan
dhanwaan se achche nirdhan
ye jeewan
ye jeewan
ye jeewan safal banaao

jai bajrang pukaaro

jai bajrang pukaaro
kariye kasarat ka prachaar
jai bajrang pukaaro

6 Responses to "Kariye kasrat ka prachaar jai bajrang pukaaro"



Wow… Madholal Damodar Master must be genius in his own right…..who can imagine such diverse careers from comedian to sound recordist asst…to MD to master puppeteer ….thanks a ton Arun ji! Truly monumental work!

Warm Regards


Thank you, Umesh ji.

Liked by 1 person

Very interesting read. I came across it looking for information on my grandfather Madhulal Damodar Master. Thanks for keeping his memory alive. I’m a physician based in the US and was trying to locate clips of his early films to show my children (who don’t believe that their great grandfather was one of the pioneers of Indian silent and early talkie movie music).
Losing him was a great tragedy for the entire family as he was one of the most interesting and lively persons you could come across.
One small correction to your synopsis of him, his assailants were apprehended and brought to justice a year after his murder which brought some closure for us, his family.


Kiron Master ji,
Thank you very much for visiting the Blog. Thanks also for your appreciation of the post.
I am happy to know that the culprits of the heinous crime were apprehended after one year and were brought to justice. This is a big relief and a good news for his fans like me.
I will make suitable changes in the write up so that the right information is passed on to our readers.
Thanks again.
-Arunkumar Deshmukh
Note- There are some more songs of Madhulal master ji on this Blog. Please do seem too.


Kiron ji,
The correction has been done.


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