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Jiya mora ghabraaye

Posted on: February 23, 2020

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Hindi Songs from Bangla Films – 18

‘Jhinder Bandi’ (Prisoner of Jhind, 1961, Bangla film)) was based on a Bangla novel of the same name by Saradindu Bandopadhyay and an English novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ written by Anthony Hope on which a Hollywood movie of the same name was made in 1937. The Bangla film was directed by Tapan Sinha. The main star cast included Uttam Kumar (in double role), Arundhati Devi, Soumitra Chatterjee, Tarun Kumar, Radhamohan Bhattacharya, Sandhya Roy, Dilip Roy, Dhiren Mukherjee etc. The film is available with English sub-titles on video sharing platforms. The story of the film is as under:

In the State of Jhind (now in Madhya Pradesh), the King dies. He has two sons – Shankar Singh (Uttam Kumar) and Udit Singh (Tarun Kumar). The elder brother, Shankar Singh is a drunkard, lazy and irresponsible but the people of Jhind love him. Udit Singh on the other hand has an evil personality and people of Jhind hate him.

On the eve of the coronation of the King in waiting, Shankar Singh is found missing. And this has happened for the third time. This time, if he is not found on the day of the coronation, his younger brother, Udit Singh would be coronated as the King of Jhind. The Fauji Sardar (Radhamohan Bhattacharya), the loyalist to Shankar Singh, suspects the role of Udit Singh behind the disappearance of Shankar Singh and is determined to locate him before the day of the coronation.

As part of the search mission, Fauji Sardar reaches Calcutta (Kolkata). In a club, he watches a sword fight in progress. Suspecting one of the sword fighters to be Shankar Singh because of his resemblance to him, Fauji Sardar meets him in his elder brother’s house who introduces the sword fighter as Gauri Shankar Roy (Uttam Kumar). Finding Gauri Shankar Roy has a striking resemblance to Shankar Singh, Fauji Sardar gets an idea to make him to pretend as Shankar Singh on the coronation day. He is also surprised to see in the house a portrait of Kali Shankar Roy, the father of Gauri Shankar Roy.

Fauji Sardar explains to Gauri Shankar Roy the situation in the kingdom of Jhind. He tells him that he had arranged the coronation of the Shankar Singh twice but on both the occasions, Udit Singh has managed to make him disappear. This is the third occasion Shankar Singh has disappeared. If he is not found now, Udit Singh would automatically become the king. He requests Gauri Shankar Roy to impersonate Shankar Singh for coronation as the king of Jhind until the real Shankar Singh is found. While Gauri Shankar Roy is prepared to do this adventure, his elder brother refuses telling him that this is a dangerous pretension. But Gauri Shankar Roy goes ahead and accompanies Fauji Sardar to Jhind.

The first thing Gauri Shankar Roy is to do is to shave off his moustache. The second hurdle is to get examined by the royal physician who is surprised to find ‘Shankar Singh’ hail and hearty and there is no swelling of his liver despite his drinking habit. So, he has passed the test to pretend as Shankar Singh as the royal physician did not have doubt about him. He also regularly rehearses sword fighting.

In the meanwhile, Udit Singh and Mayurvahan (Soumitra Chatterjee), his right-hand man get the wind of the arrival of Fauji Sardar with an unidentified person through his informer, the station master of the railway station, where they alighted for their onward journey to the Jhind. Udit Singh comes to meet Gauri Shankar Roy now pretending to be Shankar Singh in the palace. By looking at him, Udit Singh is shocked to such an extent that he forgets to wish him. He asks him as to who he was. The Fauji Sardar with surprise on his face tells Udit Singh sarcastically that this was an odd question to ask to his brother. Of course, Udit Singh knew that he could not be Shankar Singh because he was in the custody of Mayurvahan. And questioning Fauji Sardar at this stage would expose his wrong doing.

In the meantime, Gauri Shankar Roy is crowned as the King of Jhind. Now onwards, from a pretending king, he has also to pretend as the fiancé of Queen Kasturi Bai (Arundhati Devi), the princes of Zorawar who has been betrothed to him which he was not made aware of when he agreed to be a pretending king. This was a most difficult job.

After the coronation, Queen Kasturi Bai meets Gauri Shankar Roy as the king when she performs a welcome aarti. Her dislike to the king is evident as the king’s conversations remains one sided. However, when she is about to serve him wine, he refuses to drink by saying that he has given up drinking. This changes her expression as until now she has known him to be drunkard and good for nothing prince without much interest in administration of the kingdom. She started liking him with his changed attitudes. Within few days, they start seeing each other.

Gauri Shankar Roy now finds himself in a piquant situation. His pretension as a fiancé of Queen Kasturi Bai cannot go on for long as they have to get married soon. So, he is in a hurry to quit his role as a fake king. However, he cannot go back until the real Shankar Singh is found who is held as a prisoner under the watchful eyes of Mayurvahan. In a way, Gauri Shankar Roy is also like a prisoner in the palace where he has to act as per the direction of Fauji Sardar. The only way for him to go back to Calcutta is to find the real Shankar Singh.

In the meanwhile, knowing that Gauri Shankar Roy has been uncomfortable in faking as a king as well as the fiancé of Kasturi Bai, Fauji Sardar reveals a secret to him that both Shankar Singh and Udit Singh are the sons of Kali Shankar Ray, the Diwan of Jhind to whom the King, who was issue less, had adopted them. So, Gauri Shankar Roy deserves to be the King of Jhind as much as his brothers – Shankar Singh and Udit Singh. This was an interesting revelation to Gauri Shankar Roy.

The pretending king comes to know through the informers that the real Shankar Singh is being held in a fort owned by Udit Singh who plans to murder Shankar Singh once he gets rid of Gauri Shankar Roy. He decides to visit the fort in the night along with a guard and the informer who knows the way to reach the inside of the fort through a secret entrance. On the way, Gouri Shankar Roy is intercepted by Mayurvahan and a fight breaks out in which Gauri Shankar Roy injures Mayurvahan. As he approaches the room, he kills Udit Singh and gains the entry into a room where Shankar Singh has been held prisoner. In the meanwhile, Fauji Sardar with his guards comes to the fort and kills Mayurvahan when he once again confronts Gauri Shankar Roy.

When Gouri Shankar Roy sees the real Shankar Singh for the first time, his thoughts are to get rid of Shankar Singh to become the real King of Jhind but as a good samaritan, he abandons his thoughts. All these actions have been shown without dialogues but with the expressions of both Shankar Singh and Gauri Prasad. He orders Fauji Sardar to take Shankar Singh to the palace as early as possible to ward off the risk to his life. He meets Kasturi Bai for the last time who thanks him for saving the kingdom. As Gouri Shankar Roy is about to leave the fort on his way to Calcutta, Kasturi Bai asks him as to what sins she has committed to shatter her beautiful dream. Gouri Shankar Roy responds by saying that it was just a dream and mounts on the horse to reach the railway station to take the train to Calcutta (Kolkata).

Earlier, I had watched Tapan Sinha’s Bangla films like ‘Kshuidita Pashan’ (1960), ‘Atithi’ (1965), ‘Hatey Bazarey’ (1967) and ‘Harmonium’ (1976) in one sitting each. But for ‘Jhinder Bandi’ (1961), it took me 3 sittings to complete the film viewing. Even though the film had an unusual story, somehow the film did not create in me the eagerness to watch in one go. Probably, the film was heavily edited in its DVD format. This doubt has come to my mind as I find that Soumitra Chatterjee in a villainous role and Sandhya Roy in the role of the love interest of one of the guards (Dilip Roy) have lesser duration than what their respective roles demand.

By the way, Uttam Kumar and Soumitra Chatterjee appear together for the first time in ‘Jhinder Bandi’ (1961). Later on, they have worked together in some more Bangla films until 1980. Another point worth mentioning is that Uttam Kumar and Tarun Kumar who are real brothers, acted in this film as reel brothers as well.

In the DVD of the film, I could get to hear only two songs one of which is the raagmala in three different Hindustani classical raags which I am presenting here. The raagmala is rendered by Pandit Prasun Banerjee, a Hindustani classical vocalist belonging to Patiala Gharana and the disciple of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. The lyrics are traditional.

In between the rendering of raagmala, there are dialogues in Bengali. The first dialogue-break is between Shankar Singh (Uttam Kumar) and his guards for pouring more wine to which the Fauji Sardar tells him that he should not take any more drink as he has to be ready for his coronation (Obhishek). The second dialogue-break is when his younger brother Udit Singh (Tarun Kumar) comes to meet him.

Video Clip:

Song-Jiya Mora ghabraaye (Jhinder Bandi)(Bangla)(1960) Singer-Pt Prasun Bannerji, MD-Ali Akbar Khan


aa aa aa aa aaaa
aa aa aa aa aa aaa
jiya… moraa ghab….raaye ae ae
kaase kahoon mann kee…eeee
kachhu na une bina morey
pala….chhina beetat
dukh kee..eeee ee ratiyaan

[Dialogues in Bangla]

din din de re ghanana
din din de re ghanana
?? ?? ?? ??
din din de re ghanana
?? ?? ?? ??
din din de re
shubh ghadi shubh din sukhad mahurat
shubh ghadi shubh din sukhad mahurat
kalash daroon tere
aan aan aan aan aan
aan aan aan aan aan
din din de re ghanana

[Dialogues in Bangla]

meethe laage tore nain
tore naina
tore naina
meethe laage tore nain
laaj bhare kajara aa aa
kajara aa aa aa
kajara aa aa aa
kajara aa aa re

[Dialogue in Bangla]

wo aa gaye hain hamen
jinka intzaa….aar thhaa aa
wo aa gaye hain hamen….

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Wah! Great singing. I’m extremely grateful for this upload. Thanks a lot.


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