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Wo dil gaya wo dil ke sahaare chale gaye

Posted on: May 23, 2020

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This is his 600th writeup in the blog.

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2010-2020) – Song No. 31

Agha Jaani Kashmiri (16/10/1908 – 27/03/1998) was perhaps the first story/screen-play/dialogue writer who was the ‘king maker’ in the Hindi film industry. Some of the producers/directors like Mehboob Khan, Shashidhar Mukherjee, Sunil Dutt used to consult him while taking up their new film projects. It is said that though he would be officially engaged for writing screen-play and dialogues, in realities, he would be their adviser in almost all the aspects of the film-making. Some of the actors themselves used to get trained from him about the correct pronunciations of their dialogues in Hindustani. Ashok Kumar, Devika Rani, Nargis, Joy Mukherjee, Sadhna, Saira Bano were some of the actors who sought his advice on their Urdu diction.

During his nearly 4 decades of filmy career in Hindi film industry, Aghajaani Kashmiri directed only one film, ‘Tohfaa’ (1947). The star cast included Nawab Kashmiri, Veera, Rehman, Anuradha, Shah Nawaz Shakuntala, Agha Miraz, Kanta, T N Charlie etc. There were 6 lyricists for 10 songs which were set to music by M A Rauf Osmania, the ghazal singer at the court of Nizam of Hyderabad and on Nizam Radio. Rafique Ghaznavi provided the background music. The theme of the film was Hindu-Muslim unity.

Nawab Kashmiri. a favourite actor of New Theater’s Boss, B N Sarkar, was a cousin of Agha Jaani Kashmiri and was the same actor who removed all his teeth for the realism of his role in ‘Yahudi Ki Ladki’(1933).[Ref: ‘Stars From Another Sky’ (2010)]. In ‘Tohfaa’ (1947), he probably did the role of an Ustad whose daughter (Veera) is in one-sided love with Ustad’s disciple (Rehman). The disciple takes it to be a sisterly love of her devotion. The daughter is devasted when the disciple falls in love with a city-bread damsel (probably, Anuradha) whom he introduces to his ‘sister’ to fulfil his long overdue promise to present her with a gift (tohfaa). It is a tragic story of misinterpretation of love between the Ustad’s daughter and his disciple and also of the misinterpretation of the gift (tohfaa) the daughter was expecting. [I have interpreted the story of the film based on the review of the film in May 1948 issue of ‘Filmindia’].

The review in ‘Filmindia’ had blamed the inapt handling of the direction by Agha Jaani Kashmiri. The film flopped miserably at the box office. My guess for one of the reasons for the failure of the film is its timing of the release. This film was due for release at a time when the partition of the country was to take place. Hindu-Muslim riots on the eve of the partition forced the film to be released post-partition. The film was released in April 1948 by which time the prospective audience had already seen the impact of the partition. Probably, they were not in a mood to watch the serious film with the rhetoric of Hindu-Muslim unity theme. But most of the songs in the film became popular.

Exactly 10 years ago, i.e. on May 23, 2010, our Blog had covered 3 songs of which one song, kahaan tak jafaa husn waalon ke sahte, was from ‘Tohfaa’ (1947).

So far, 7 out of 10 songs from ‘Tohfaa’ (1947) have been covered in the Blog as under:

No. Songs Posted on
1. kahaan tak jaffa husn waalon ke sahte 23/05/2010
2. jeene ki soorat ho gayee 28/07/2012
3. kisne chheda man ka taar 14/10/2012
4. ik aisa geet sunaavo 23/06/2013
5. hamne tumne kiyaa thha jo aabaad 03/07/2013
6. mohabbat kar mohabbat kar 07/07/2013
7. bhole sajan tujhe kaise bataaun 01/02/2015
8. wo dil gaya wo dil ke sahaare chale gaye Being covered in this writeup
9. gunche sharminda na ho Yet to be covered
10. kabhi tarsi huyi aankhon ki hasrat Yet to be covered

It would be observed that out of 10 songs, 3 songs are yet to be covered. There has been no addition to the song already covered in the Blog for the last 5 years. I checked on the video sharing platforms on the internet and found that out of these 3 songs only one song, wo dil gaya wo dil ke sahaare chale gaye is available as of date which I am presenting here. The song is rendered by Geeta Dutt. The song is written by Rafique Ghaznavi which is set to music by M A Rauf Osmania.

Audio Clip:

Song-Wo dil gaya wo dil ke sahaare chale gaye (Tohfa)(1947) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Rafiq Ghaznavi, MD-M A Rauf Osmania


wo dil gaya wo dil ke
wo dil gaya wo dil ke
sahaare chale gaye
sahaare chale gaye
sahaare chale gaye
wo dil gaya wo dil ke
sahaare chale gaye
jinse thha hamko pyaar
jinse thha hamko pyaar
jinse thha hamko pyaar
wo pyaare chale gaye
jinse thha hamko pyaar

tum the har ek cheez thhi ee ee ee
mere naseeb mein aen aen
tum kya gaye naseeb
tum kya gaye naseeb
hamaare chale gaye
jinse thha hamko pyaar
wo pyaare chale gaye

raushan thha jinke dam se mera
aa aa aa aa
dil mera khayaal
wo chaand bhi gaya
wo sitaare chale gaye
sitaare chale gaye
sitaare chale gaye
jinse thha hamko pyaar
wo pyaare chale gaye

jab band aankh karte hain
aen aen aen aen
ye dekhte hain hum m m m m
jaise ki hum bhi saath
jaise ki hum bhi saath
tumhaare chale gaye
jaise ki hum bhi saath
tumhaare chale gaye
jaise ki hum bhi saath
tummhaare chale gaye
chale gaye

14 Responses to "Wo dil gaya wo dil ke sahaare chale gaye"

Wow! … Really?… removed all teeth for a role in a film? ,,.Wow!!
[Nawab Kashmiri. a favourite actor of New Theater’s Boss, B N Sarkar, was a cousin of Agha Jaani Kashmiri and was the same actor who removed all his teeth for the realism of his role in ‘Yahudi Ki Ladki’(1933)]

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This incidence was reconfirmed by Producer-director-lyricist, Kidar Sharma in his autobiography ‘The One And Lonely Kidar Sharma’ (2002). Kidar Sharma and Nawab Kashmiri were colleague in New Theatres in Calcutta (Kolkata) during 1930s and early 40s.

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Audio clip link in Post didn’t work for me … Maybe this:

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It is working now.

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Heartiest Congratulations Kamath Sir on your six hundredth post !!!
Thanks a lot for all the detailed, informative posts and interesting trivia that you shared here on the blog.
Looking forward for many more interesting posts to come.
Thanks again,


Thanks a lot.


Sadanand ji,

600 well researched posts and numerous informative comments.

Many Thanks and Congratulations.



Sadanand ji,
Thanks for yet one more treat for us.
Congratulations on your completing 600 posts here.
I have no words to describe the amount of joy and infotainment your posts have provided to all of us, over last few years.
Your posts are indicative of the hard work and time investment that goes in presenting a highly credible write up on the chosen subject.
In my opinion, your series presenting Hindi songs in Bangla films is one of the best, so far. It actually opened a window on the famous Bangla films and its artistes, about whom information in English or Hindi is not easy to acquire, from known sources.
I wish you continue your posts and reach newer heights of achievements, providing joy to your readers.
Thanks once again.

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Arun ji,

Thanks for very encouraging words.
But for this Blog, I would not have even thought of writing these type of articles.


Thanks a lot.


For Mahesh ji.


Thank you Sadanandji for your highly informative posts. It is because of people like you, guruji, Sudhirji that people like me, who are next in time zone, are gaining knowledge.
And the chats that I have on the odd occasion with you are also enlightening. Your series on Hindi songs in Bangla movies has showed me the direction to Hindi songs in South Indian movies.
Congratulations on completing 6 centuries. What next? 7 centuries, of course 😀.
All the best for your journey on to next century


Thanks a lot.


Sadanandji, Thank you for the wonderful post. I hope 600 is just a number and you will never show any signs of ageing. Many congratulations.

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