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Nazron se chhup gaya hai taqdeer ka saweraa

Posted on: September 21, 2020

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Today’s song is from film Daku ki Ladki-54. I remember, there was a film in 1933 with the same title, featuring Sulochana, Dinshaw Bilimorea, Ghulam Mohd. Hadi etc. In that film, Ghulam Mohd. had done the role of the Daku, Sulochana was Daku’s Ladki and Dinshaw was the Police Officer.Ghulam Mohd. was known as ” The Prince of Imperial Film Company”, in those days.

Today’s film was made by Harish Productions. Naturally, the director and the Producer was Tara Harish only. Music was by Hemant Kumar. The cast of the film was Geeta Bali, Sheikh Mukhtar, Arjun, Shivraj, Rajan Kapoor, Mukri, Sankatha Prasad, Cuckoo etc etc.

The word “Daku” regularly appeared in the film titles right from the time Talkie films started. There were a total 32 films starting with the word Daku. When the film Daku ki Ladki came in 1933, as if to counter it, a film called Daku ka Ladka came in 1935. Thank God Daku’s family did not expand further ! Interestingly, there were 16 films based on female Dakus and only 7 films on Male Dakus. I wonder, what is the Hindi word for female Daku. A Dakin ? or a Dakuin ? or is it enough just to say He Daku and She Daku ? While female Dakus were honoured by calling them Daku Rani in 5 films and Daku Maharani in 1 film, the poor He Dakus had prosaic titles like Daku Bhupat or Daku Mansoor etc.etc.

When I took up discussing the 50’s film songs, I found that a lot of melodious and good songs to be yet to be discussed. Today’s song is one such song. To listen to Lata and Hemant Kumar is nothing short of a Bliss. Out of 2 such duets from this film one had remained to be discussed. In one of her interviews, Lata had said that she had always enjoyed singing duets with Hemant Kumar. She also said ” I used to feel as if some Sadhu was singing when I heard him singing a song”.

In the Costume drama Daku ki Ladki-54, Ravi Shankar Sharma was Hemant’s assistant in composing music.In few Hemant Kumar films, Ravi has sung songs, including this film. Later on when Ravi himself became a famous and successful composer, he made Hemant Kumar sing in his films. HK was a very respected person in the industry. When he came to Bombay his Hindi was not so good. Like all Bangla people, he had inherent difficulty in pronunciation of certain Hindi words. This was because, in Bangla language, there are no such sounds as plain ” A ” (अ ). So, Arun becomes Orun and Lata becomes Lota. With great practice and hard work, he improved his Hindi. Initially, even Geeta Roy had this problem.

In the cast of the film, you will see a name Shivraj. Not much is known about this good actor. Sometimes I feel some actors have such features that they are fixed for certain roles only and they are misfits in another role. For example, can you ever imagine Rashid Khan or Kanhaiyalal in a role of a sophisticated Millionnnaire ? Or Aruna Irani or Padma Khanna in a Mythological Devi’s role ? They may be good actors, but their physical features and style of acting restricts them to certain roles only. This is true even in case of big stars. Thus, Ashok Kumar became a laughing stock as Abhimanyu or warrier Humayun in full war gear.

The name SHIVRAJ in the cast always created curiosity in my mind. I had seen this actor in several films. I was unable to get any information on him anywhere. His role as the meek husband of Kaushalya (Manorama) in the film Seeta aur Geeta-72 is unforgettable. When I started work on this post, I tried again. This time I found an article – actually an Obituary – on him in The Hindu, dated 4-6-2017. Of course it described in it only about his different roles. From some other source, I got his date of Birth and Death and a little other information.

Shivraj was born on 11-6-1920 in Madhya Pradesh. His full name was Shivraj Pandey. After doing his graduation, he came to Bombay in search of a good job, but joined the film industry. To start with he worked in Minerva as an assistant in administration, He did some film roles too without getting credited. He left Minerva and got a role in the film Sarai ke bahar-47. This was a film made by National studios. His next films were Ziddi, Majboor, Batohi, and Asha all in 1948. Then there was no looking back. Shivraj acted in 212 films. He directed 1 film, Jaani Dushman-57. He retired from work in 2000, but his last released film was Yaar meri zindgi-2008. Shivraj died on 4-6-2017.

There is also a name Arjun in the cast. Now this is a ‘ Same Name Confusion ‘ artiste. Arjun was the Hero in film Malhar-51, opposite actress Shammi (Nargis Rabadi). His name is confused with Music director C.Arjun and many people wrongly presume that C.Arjun acted in the film Malhar. This Arjun is different. His name was Arjun Bakshi Gill. His first film was Naujawan-51, then came Malhar-51.Later he acted in Daku ki Ladki-54 etc. He wrote screenplays and went on doing small roles in films. He migrated to Canada and opened a Music shop. A RMIM member met him there, and recognised Arjun as Malhar Hero. Arjun died in 2001. His daughter Jyoti Bakshi was also an actress, who died in pitiable condition in 2003.

Finally, let us take a look at dancer Cuckoo.

It was 1944. The talkies were already around for 15 years. Devika Rani and Shobana Samarth had already established their glowing presence but it was still a time when nice girls didn’t even become leading ladies, let alone do roles where they had to wriggle their hips — however tastefully — and bare flesh, which at the time meant shoulders and maybe a bit of leg. At such a time, a pretty, fresh-faced Anglo-Indian girl with eyes that danced as enchantingly as her feet appeared in two films — “Pehli Nazar”- 1945 (in which Mukesh made his debut with “Dil Jalta hai toh jalne de”) and “Mujrim -1944.” The girl’s name in the film’s credits was listed simply as “Cuckoo.” Cuckoo was perhaps the first of the most well known dancing queens of Indian Cinema. She was born on 4-2-1928. Her predecessors were many, including a dancer called Azurie, who it is said Cuckoo modeled herself on. But in terms of the sheer body of work and its impact, Cuckoo would have to be the first among Hindi cinema’s dancing queens. It was with her that “cabaret” became an almost indispensable part of films made between the 1950s and 1970s.

Her debut in 1944 was an instant hit and in the space of just the next five years, she had appeared in an incredible 49 films, including Mehboob Khan’s “Anokhi Ada” (1948), H. S. Rawail’s “Patanga” (1949) and Devendra Goel’s “Aankhen” (1950). The only major filmmaker of the time who did not feature Cuckoo in his films was V. Shantaram. In a lot of her films, her role was just a song but its impact was so electrifying that distributors considered it almost as indispensable as the heroine. Like the Helen-Asha combination later on, in many of these songs, Cuckoo’s screen `voice’ was Shamshad Begum. Together, they were responsible for some unforgettable hits.

Mehboob Khan’s films proved to be the turning points in Cuckoo’s career. Her dance numbers in hisAnokhi Ada established her as the leading dancer of the time; and Andaz, a romantic melodrama featuring Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, and Nargis, gave the dancer an opportunity to showcase her acting skills.During her peak period,she was getting Rs.6000/- per dance appearance.

Cuckoo remained the top dancer of Hindi films till she was displaced by Helen and such dancer-actresses as Vyjayanthimala.Cuckoo gave dances in about 76 films. Ironically, it was Cuckoo who had initiated a 13-year-old Helen into films as a chorus dancer.Cuckoo continued to dance until the beginning of the 1960s, the last few years as part of the chorus dancing.It has been recently confirmed that Cuckoo’s real name was Cuckoo Moray.Cuckoo died a slow lingering death, due to Cancer on 30-9-1981 penniless and unattended. No one from the Film industry attended her cremation. (Thanks for some information from Cineplot and from the book”Tujhe mere geet bulate hain” by Sanjeev Tanwar).

Today’s song is a delightful duet of Lata and Hemant Kumar. Let us now enjoy it….

Song-Nazron se chhup gaya hai taqdeer ka saweraa (Daaku Ki Ladki)(1954) Singer-Lata, Hemant Kumar , Lyrics-Kaif Irfani, MD-Hemant Kumar


nazron se ae
chhup gaya hai ae ae
taqdeer kaa aa savera

nazron se chhup gaya hai
taqdeer kaa savera
girta hai jo bhi aansu
leta hai naam teraa
ham rah gaye tadap kar
munh zindagi ne phera
girta hai jo bhi aansu
leta hai naam teraa
nazron se chhup gaya hai
taqdeer kaa savera

duniya mein ham ye kaisi taqdeer le ke aaye
tukde dil-o-jigar ke
ashkon mein muskuraaye
hansti hai mujhpe kismat
rota hai pyaar meraa

girta hai jo bhi aansu
leta hai naam teraa
nazron se chhup gaya hai
taqdeer kaa savera

aaja ki dil liye hai maayoosiyaan nazar mein
ek shamma jal rahi hai
teri yaad ki jigar mein
baaki hai har taraf ab chhaaya hua andhera
girta hai jo bhi aansu
leta hai naam teraa
nazron se chhup gaya hai
taqdeer kaa savera
girta hai jo bhi aansu
leta hai naam teraa

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Thanks for this wonderful duel. Very less heard. Daku ki Ladaki has very nice and melodious songs


Deepak Patwardhan ji,




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