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Sabne des ka naam liyaa

Posted on: October 6, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

“Rajput” was released on 16/04/1982. That was 38 years and six months ago. It was produced by Mushir -Riaz and directed by Vijay Anand. It was the story of a minor kingdom in Rajputana and placed during the time of accession to the Indian Union.

The king of that state (played by Murad) kills himself as he is unable to handle the taking of his kingdom by a decree of the Indian Government. His son Jaipal (Ranjeet) refuses to hand over the kingdom to the government and is almost a tyrant king and has a few dacoits under his payroll. In this background Police Superintendent Dhirendra Singh (Rajesh Khanna) assumes duties in that area and at the same time his parents arrange for his marriage with Janki (Hema Malini). He falls in love with her on sight unaware that she is in love with Manu (Dharmendra). On the day of the wedding with Dhirendra, Janaki is abducted by Jaipal’s nephew (Tej Sapru) as the doli is not its way to the sasural. But Manu kills Tej Sapru, rescues Janki and goes to jail to serve term for the murder. Meantime Janki settles into wedded life. Jaipal’s atrocities are directed towards Manu’s family and he has his father killed, his brother Bhanu (Vinod Khanna) turns a baaghi (an option which all oppressed take in most films of that time) as Jaipal has set his evil eye on Bhanu’s sweetheart Kamli (Ranjeeta). So now Bhanu has become Bhawani and Dhirendra Singh is entrusted the task of hunting down all dacoits of the area. He asks Manu (who has been released from prison for good conduct) to help in this mission. He goes out looking for Bhawani Daaku unaware that he is his own brother. During the course of the movie Dhirendra finds out that the child whom Janki has given birth to, is Manu’s. He finds that Jaipal is the biggest dacoit of the region who blackmails the SP (Rajesh Khanna) to handover the case file which he has prepared in exchange of his son whom he has kidnapped. The movie moves towards the climax when all the heroes join forces to bring Jaipal (Ranjeet) and his gang of bandits to the law and avenge all personal scores. In between all this Jaipal’s daughter (Tina Munim) switches over to Bhanu’s side when he shows her her father’s reality.

Very straight forward story, right? This was a movie that took time in reaching the marquee but was reasonably successful. I see this movie whenever it come on television.

“Rajput” had 6 songs including one two part song. Of this five are posted as under

Song Date of posting
Mere sang sang aaya teri yaadon ka mela Multiple version song 2 September 2008
Bhaagi re bhaagi bhaagi brijbaala 20 March 2011
Kahaaniyaan sunaati hai pawan aati jaati 22 February 2012
Doli ho doli 10 April 2019

Today’s song is the final song. In the movie too it happens just before the climax. It is after Jaya (Tina) learns the truth about her father and the brothers have reunited after Manu (Dharam) discovers that Bhawani is Bhanu (Vinod Khanna). Just before the song Ranjeeta, who is by then the unwed mother of Ranjeet’s child, has joined Bhawani and his team. The song speaks about love for motherland and fighting to overthrow the oppressor.

I would like to state my personal opinion here:- in this post of his Atulji has mentioned that Dharam, Rajesh Khanna and Hema were all towards the end of their careers as lead actors. I beg to differ- Rajesh Khanna’s Souten, Avatar, Amrit etc came after this. As also Hema’s Satte Pe Satta etc were post this. I can agree to your statement about Dharam because in the movies of Dharam, which came after this, we saw him play father-like characters to Govinda, Anil Kapoor, Sunny, Sanjay Dutt etc. But those are my thoughts and I am open to people’s disagreement.

There were comments posted on another song of this movie which said that the mustache didn’t suit the heroes, but they are all entitled to experiment on their looks no? We have heroes, these days, who have lot of facial hair and some even sport extra-long hair.

The purpose of re-visiting this movie is to remember the handsome Vinod Khanna on his 74th birthday today. He was born in Peshawar in 1946, and was raised in Bombay (Mumbai). His first love was cricket, having played the game as a college student. But he soon realized that he couldn’t be a Vishwanath and so pursued his second passion-acting. His career began with “Man Ka Meet” in 1968 as a villain. His next few movies saw him as a supporting actor and/or an antagonist in Rajesh Khanna films of the 70s- “Aan Milo Sajna” for example. He was not averse to playing the second lead too. He appeared in 54 solo hero films and 47 multi-starrers and he was successful in half of each. He had a brief hiatus in the ’80s when he gave up everything to be Acharya Rajneesh’s disciple. He made a comeback in 1984 with “Insaaf”. He was one actor whose sense of rhythm helped him in the song and dance routines which are mandatory in Indian movies. In the last few years of his career we saw him as dad to Salman Khan in “Dabangg” “Wanted” etc. The last movie of VK that I ejoyed was “Ek Rani Aisi Bhi Thi” which saw him play Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia with Hema Malini as his Rani.

Thinking of Vinod Khanna today on his birth anniversary.

Editor’s note:- Lyrics of this song were sent by Prakashchandra quite some time back.


Song-Sabne des ka naam liya (Raajput)(1982) Singers-Mahendra Kapoor, Manhar Udhas, Hemlata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal
Female chorus

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

hoooo oooo
sabne des ka naam liya
sabne des ka naam liya
arre hum ne dil ko oo thhaam liya
hum ne dil ko oo thhaam liya
sabne hindustan kahaa aa
sabne hindustan kahaa
aur hamne apni jaan kahaa
waah waah waah waah
waah waah

apni jaan se apni jaa…aaan
apni jaan se apni jaan
bachaake hamein kya karna hai ae
yahin pe humko jeena hai
yahin pe humko marna hai

yahin pe humko jeena hai
yahin pe humko marna hai

apni jaan se apni jaan
bachaake hamein kya karna hai
yahin pe humko jeena hai,
yahin pe humko marna hai
yahin pe humko jeena hai,
yahin pe humko marna hai

la la laa la laa
la la laa la laa
la la laa la laa
la la laa la laa

tu hai mast akele mein
aaha main bhi hoon is mele mein
aa aa tu hai mast akele mein
aa aa
main bhi hoon is mele mein

dil ko yaad tu hi tu,
des ke baad hai tu hi tu

oho ho ooo
dil ko yaad hai tu hi tu,
desh ke baad hai tu hi tu
bandh ke sehra tere hi
kadmon mein yeh sar dharna hai

yahin pe humko jeena hai,
yahin pe humko marna hai

yahin pe humko pyaar mila aa aa aa
yahin pe humko pyaar mila
yahin hamein sansaar mila aa aa aa aa
yahin hamein sansaar mila
yahin pe humko pyaar mila
ooo yahin hamaari galiyan hai,
yahin pe sab rang raliyaan hain
yahin hamaari galiyaan hain
yahin pe sab rang raliyan hain

issi dagar pe pyas hamasri,
issi dagar pe jharna hai
yahin pe humko jeena hai
yahin pe humko marna hai

saawan gaya gayi holi
hum kab milenge humjoli
saawan gaya gayi holi

jeewan hai sangram abhi
pyar ka na le naam abhi
jeewan hai sangram abhi,
pyar ka na le naam abhi
teri mang mein o gori
sindoor lahu se bharna hai ae

yahin pe humko jeena hai,
yahin pe humko marna hai

aaaa aaaaa
kaanton se talwaar bana aaa,
kaanton se talwaar bana
phoolon ke mat haar bana aaa aaa,
phoolon ke mat haar bana
kaanton se talwaar bana
o tu jab yudh par jayega
jeet ke jab tu aayega
tu jab yudh par jayega
jeet ke jab tu aayega
yeh phoolon ke haar pehan
gali se tujhe guzarna hai

yahin pe humko jeena hai,
yahin pe humko marna hai
yahin pe humko jeena hai
yahin pe humko marna hai (oooooo)
yahin pe humko jeena hai,
yahin pe humko marna hai
yahin pe humko jeena hai
yahin pe humko marna hai

2 Responses to "Sabne des ka naam liyaa"

Thanks Peevesie’s Mom ji for this post. I enjoyed reading it , nice post. I had listened to this song earlier and like it very much too. (I have not yet watched the movie though).
Our tributes to Vinod Khanna on his birth anniversary.

Congratulations Atul ji- Peevesie’s Mom ji- Prakash ji on covering all songs of ‘Raajput-1982’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies- all songs covered’ 🙂

@Atul ji – ‘Tags’ below the post – the tag ‘1972’ needs to be replaced with ‘1982’ please.

Thanking all,


Congratulations for watching “Rajput” again after 38 years 🙂 . Must be almost 3 hours, with the elaborate star cast and their requisite footages. Thanks for the story recap.

I saw the doli song just now. Both Rafi solos and Kishore solo of this movie are quality songs, but the best is ‘kahaaniya sunaati hai”.


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