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Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani

Posted on: November 17, 2020

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On our blog we have as many as eleven movies containing the word ‘Doctor’ in their titles.

Three of these eleven movies have already been YIPPEED. 😊

Here are the status of these movies in the blog:-

Movie Name Year Songs covered/status of the movie on the blog
Naqli Doctor 1933 1 of 14 songs posted
Dr Madhurika 1935 1 of 9 songs posted
Doctor 1941 All Songs covered (Yippeeee’ed)
Dr Kumar 1944 1 of 8 songs posted
Lady Doctor 1944 1 of 10 songs posted
Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahaani 1946 3 of 7 songs posted
Dhobi Doctor 1954 2 of 7 songs posted
Dr Z 1959 3 of 8 songs posted
Dr Shaitaan 1960 All Songs covered (Yippeeee’ed)
Dr Vidya 1962 All Songs covered (Yippeeee’ed)
Doctor X 1972 1 of 6 songs posted

Today we are going to listen to a song from the movie ‘Doctor-Z’ of the year 1959.

I had come across a song of this movie sung by Rafi Saab long back (in 2014) when I was contributing lyrics on daily basis 😊 However this song missed out from being covered on the blog.

When I came across this song for the first time I was wondering if there was a movie with such title? But then, why not? we already have a ‘Doctor-X’. Then we have a ‘Dhobi Doctor’, a pure ‘Doctor’ and even a ‘Naqli Doctor’ 😊 (I mean in the list of movies) on the blog.

And one Doctor is ‘shaitaan’ too 😊 (wrong person in the ‘noble’ people’s company. 😊

The company of ‘Lady Doctor (s) -1944’ seems to be genuine with the support of Dr Madhurika, Dr Vidya and Dr Kumar. And I can see one ‘Doctor Ramesh-1949’ yet to join this company and need to check more in details. But I certainly remember ‘Ek Doctor Ki Maut-1990’ and that stirs my heart too.

I do not remember to have watched any of the above movies except ‘Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahaani’ which I watched on ‘Doordarshan’, If my memory serves me right.

As per information available in HFGK Vol-III (1951-1960) today’s movie ‘Doctor-Z’ had Shakeela, Mahipal, Heeralal, Helen, Vinod Diwani, Krishnakumari, Sundar, Mirza Musharraf, Dalpat, Tun Tun, Nasreen, Shetty, Bhudo Advani, Homi, Roosi, Bismillah, Baburao Pahalwan, Radheshyam, Rafiq, Hanuman, Balaram, Dhondu, M.K. Hasan, Karandikar, Sheetal Kumar and others.

This movie was directed by Jaal for ‘Baaliwala Films’ Bombay. Jaal was also the producer of this movie.

This movie had eights songs composed by Manohar and lyrics were penned by Akhtar Romani- fives songs and Jafar Rahi- one song. HFGK is silent on the lyricists for the remaining two songs.

S. No. Song Title Lyricist Posted on
01 Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani Zafar Rahi Being covered now
02 Jaan bhi le jo kahe zamaanaa, maan bhi le…
03 Tere gore rang pe mar gaye… sanam teri chaahat mein
04 Main hoon bhaiyya dim timkar Akhtar Romani 01.03.2019
05 Ye bheegi bheegi raat gagan par taaron ki baraat Akhtar Romani 31.10.2018
06 Dil ko lagaa ke bhool se dil ka nishaan mitaa diya Akhtar Romani
07 Sitaaron tum chamakte ho… aasmaan pe hai Akhtar Romani
08 Hello sweety seventeen, kaisi hai tabiyat Akhtar Romani 09.11.2011

Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Geeta Dutt, Talat Mahmood, Uma Devi and Balbir had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 19.10.1959.

From the above table we can see that the first song of this movie was posted on 09.11.2011 and after that second song was posted almost a gap of seven years, but the third song from this movie was posted the next year. Today’s song is being posted after another year, so the last three songs from the movie have been covered at the rate of one song every year. 😊

Today’s song is written by Zafar Rahi and it is sung by Mohd Rafi. Music is composed by Manohar.

I have not yet listened to other songs of this movie but many seems to be already available and I am sure they must be interesting songs to listen and enjoy.

Let us now enjoy this soulful rendition by Rafi Saab and some great heart touching lyrics by Zafar Rahi …

bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani
ashqon ki zubaani hain
kuchh aahon ki zubaani
ashqon ki zubaani hai
kuchh aahon ki zubaani

Song-Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani (Dr Z)(1959) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Zafar Rahi, MD-Manohar Arora


Aa aa aa
Aa aa aa
Aa aa aa aa aa
Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani
Ashqon ki zabaani hai
Kuchh aahon ki zubaani
Ashqon ki zabaani hai
Kuchh aahon ki zubaani

Kitni hi ummeedon se sajaai hai ye duniya
Main khush thha ke khud
Maine banaayi hai ye duniya
Lekin teri duniya ne jalaa di meri duniya
Yaad aate hain wo din to
Sulagtaa hai kalejaa
Thhamta nahin aahon ka dhuaan
Seene ke andar
Rukti nahin roke se
In ashqon ki rawaani
Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani

Ujadi huyi basti ka nishaan tak nahin milta
wo aag lagaayi ke dhuaan tak nahin milta
Har geet khushi ka hai
Sisakti huyi fariyaad
Seene se lagaaye huye
Phirta hoon bas ek yaad
Honthon pe kuchh aahen hai
To aankhon me kuchh aansoo
Le de ke yahi reh gayi
ik saari nishaani
Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani

Bhagwaan mujhe dekh ke main
Haq pe ladaa hoon
Sachchaai ka deepak liye
Aandhi mein khadaa hoon
Andhiyaaron se imaan ki
Baaten na chhupengi ee
Thhak jayegaa raahi
Kabhi raahen na thhakengi ee
Sach bol kahin dil tera
Patthhar to nahin hai ae ae ae
Chup chaap jo suntaa hain tu
Insaan ki kahaani
Ashqon ki zabaani hai
Kuchh aahon ki zabaani
Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani
Ashqon ki zubaani hai
Kuchh aahon ki zubaani

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

आ आ आ
आ आ आ
आ आ आ आ आ

भगवान् इक इंसान की सुनाता हूँ कहानी
अश्कों की जुबानी है
कुछ आहों की जुबानी
अश्कों की जुबानी है
कुछ आहों की जुबानी

कितनी ही उम्मीदों से सजाई है ये दुनिया
मैं खुश था के खुद
मैंने बनायीं है ये दुनिया
लेकिन तेरी दुनिया ने जला दी मेरी दुनिया
याद आते है वो दिन तो
सुलगता हा कलेजा
थमता नहीं आहों का धुंआ
सीने के अन्दर
रूकती नहीं रोके से
इन अश्कों की रवानी
भगवान् इक इंसान की सुनाता हूँ कहानी

उजड़ी हुयी बस्ती का निशाँ तक नहीं मिलता
ओ आग लगाई के धुंआ तक नहीं मिलता
हर गीत ख़ुशी का है
सिसकती हुयी फ़रियाद
सीने से लगाए हुए
फिरता हूँ बस एक याद
होंठों पे कुछ आहें है
तो आँखों में कुछ आँसू
ले दे के यही रह गयी
इक सारी निशानी
भगवान् इक इंसान की सुनाता हूँ कहानी

भगवान् मुझे देख के मैं
हक पे लड़ा हूँ
सच्चाई का दीपक लिए
आंधी में खडा हूँ
अंधियारों से ईमान की
बातें न छुपेंगी ई
थक जाएगा राही
कभी राहे न थकेंगी ई
सच बोल कहीं दिल तेरा
पत्थर तो नहीं है ए ए ए
चुप चाप जो सुनता हैं तू
इंसान की कहानी
अश्कों की जुबानी है
कुछ आहों की जुबानी
भगवान् इक इंसान की सुनाता हूँ कहानी
अश्कों की जुबानी है
कुछ आहों की जुबानी

3 Responses to "Bhagwaan ik insaan ki sunaata hoon kahaani"

Hindi film titles are so amusing to ridiculous and ludicrous. The details added to subject has really enhanced the post as also handy details.
My thanks to you for such painstaking work.


Avinash ji,

An interesting article. Specially so for a doctor.
One Naqli Doctor that escaped your attention is MUNNA BHAI MBBS.

While we do have some good movies where a medical professional is the central or vital to the story, they are few and far between. Some that come immediately to the mind are..

Some English movies one remembers instantly, are..

And, my favorite ‘ Doctor ‘ song ?
Without any doubt, Hum ban gaye sab bade doctor…DO DEEWANE, 1936. I became aware of the absolutely funny song for the first time here by Arun ji’s post.

Thanks for a good read.




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