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Khulaa hua hai dil ka ye darwaaza re

Posted on: November 18, 2020

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Today (18 November 2020) has got to be an important day in the calendar of Hindi Film Song lovers, especially those who are interested in the history of HFM and its artists. It was on this day 69 years ago that Harmandir Singh Hamraaz, the man behind Hindi Film Geet Kosh (HFGK) was born on 18 November 1951.

We in this blog are very familiar with Mr Harmandir Singh Hamraaz. The fact that we now have the details of almost all Hindi movies and their songs from 1931 till 1985 is something that we take for granted today. But that was not always the case. When we were growing up, there was no authentic record like HFGK those days. Hearsay ruled the roost. Artists claimed to have sung tens of thousands of songs. Their words were accepted and even included in publications such as Guinness Books of world records.

We lived in an era before internet and even TV. Information on any subject was difficult to obtain, so any information was like gold dust. Today we are upto date on informations pertaining to election results, sporting events results etc, but that was not the case till 1970s. I was a cricket enthusiast, but I often learnt about the results of cricket matches after several days, and sometimes even after weeks.

Information about Hindi movie songs was entirely dependent upon access to its record, or depended on the announcement made about the song on radio station. There were many Hindi movie music fans who were into noting down lyrics of songs. I was among them. I needed to listen to the lyrics of a song quite a few times on radio before I managed to get the lyrics correct. I would then note the lyrics down in a diary. Alongwith the lyrics, details about singers, lyricist and music director were also noted down, as announced on radio stations broadcasting these songs.

That diary had about 200 such lyrics. During those days (1970s), I had no idea how many songs of interest were there in Hindi movies. I was not alone, no one else was any wiser. In any case, I was only interested in new songs, recorded after 1970s. Older songs (any song prior to 1967) were “boring” to my mind. Singers like K L Saigal were objects of mirth for teenagers and pre teens like us, who wondered why these old timers could not sing like Kishore Kumar.

It was in 1980 that the first volume of HFGK (chronologically the third volume, namely volume III- dealing with songs of the third decade- 1951 to 1960) was published. It was published without any fanfare. It was followed by volume II (songs from 1941 to 1950)in 1984, volume IV (1961 to 1970) in 1986 and volume I (1931 to 1940)in 1988. Volume V (1971 to 1980) was released in 1991. All these were accompanied by functions graced by film personalities.

After a long wait of 18 years, volume VI (1980 to 1985) was published on 14 march 2018.

These compilations were authentic because the number of movies released were taken from authorised sources. Movies in India could only be released after obtaining censor certificate, and these censor offices had the list of movies censored by them. Number of songs available in these movies were taken from movie booklets, catalogues of record companies etc.

Collecting information contained in these volumes and presenting them in book form, and finally getting them printed and published had been a Herculean task. Harmandir Singh Hamraaz was doing something which was never done before. And he was doing it in a country where there is not much appreciation for this kind of work, no matter if it rewrote Hindi Film music history. In India, people do not buy even normal books and magazines, so it was not very likely that most “music lovers” would buy such volumimous books on a topic that is clearly a non best seller. Forget selling these books, there were no takers for publishing these books either. Finally Harmandir Singh Hamraaz had to publish these volumes himself. The responsibility of publishing Volume III in 1980 was taken up my Mr Harmandir Singh Hamraaz’s father.

Harmandir Singh Hamraaz got married only after he had seen the publication of volume III in 1980. His wife has been the publisher of the subsequent volumes of HFGK.

People today cannot imagine the influence of HFGK on our knowledge of HFM. When people went through the contents of the HFGK, they realised that only about 44,000 songs were created in Hindi movies from 1931 to 1980. Only around 25000 songs were created between 1945 and 1975. And we had two playback legends claiming to have sung 25000 and 28000 songs respectively during this period ! On counting their songs, it turned out that their actual count was in the region of 5000 songs each.

Even less prolific singers were supposed to have sung thousands of songs in the pre HFGK days. Influenced by HFGK, Mukesh Geet Kosh was published and it turned out that Mukesh had sung less than 1000 songs in Hindi movies. Mukesh fans were quite unhappy with Harish Raghuvanshi jee, a major contributor of HFGK and the author of Mukesh Geet kosh. 🙂

A blog like ours cannot be imagined in its present form if we did not have HFGK available to us. Thanks of HFGK, we can accurately gauge the progress of the blog on a regular basis. For instance, HFGK volume III tells us that the decade of 1950s (1951 to 1960) had 1160 movies and about 9000 songs. The blog today has 5099 songs from 1007 movies from this decade. Based on information from HFGK, we know when we cover all the songs of a movie. We know for sure that 384 of these 1007 movies have been YIPPEED. So we only need to look at the songs of 1007-348= 659 movies plus the 153 missing movies. So we know for sure that a little under 4000 songs from this decade are yet to be covered. Not every song will be available. yet that gives us an idea which movies and which songs to search for.

That is not all. HFGK also tells us about our progress in covering songs of a particular year, a particular artist etc. Thanks to the information contained in various volumes of HFGK, now we can say with confidence that we have less than 100 songs each to be covered for artists like S D Burman, Naushad, O P Nayyar, Roshan, Shailendra etc. We can confidently state that the year 1968 saw 458 songs created in 72 movies and that the blog has 313 of these songs (from 68 movies). So we are just 145 songs short of covering all the songs of the year 1968.

One can say that HGFK has opened an entirely new dimension for Hindi Film music lovers to explore and savour. With advent of time, Internet has happened which has made it very easy for people to collaborate online. Harmandir Singh jee left us the treasure of HFGK. Now we can go through its contents and seek to search for songs and movies that we may not otherwise be aware of.

He compiled HFGK in an era before computers and internet. Today, equipped with them, we can use the data contained in HFGK and gain valuable insight into HFM. In a way, we and others like us are reaping the rewards of HFGK. We in this blog are in a way trying to take the next step, namely trying and locating all the songs mentioned in HFGK, and gaining information that was not available at the time HFGK got compiled.

While Harmandir Singh Hamraaz is well known among hardcore HFM historians, he is not known among casual music lovers and definitely not in government circles. He deserves government recognition for his Herculean task. He should have been awarded Padmshree for his contributions. As fas as I know, these awards are accorded only if someone gives nomination. In most cases, the persons themselves send their own nominations. Knowing important persons in the Government also helps. It is clear that a self respecting person like Har Mandir Singh jee will not send his own nomination. I think some hardcore HFM lovers should take the lead and send his name for Padmshree. He richly deserves this honour.

On this occasion, here is a song from “Laadli”(1949). This movie, HFGK part II tells us, is directed by J P Advani for Variety Pictures, Bombay. This “social” movie had Sulochana Chatterjee, Jairaj, Kuldeep, Sulochana (senior), Ramesh Sinha, Shivnath Seth, Pt Iqbal, Narbada Shankar, Urvashi, Shivji, Randheer etc in it.

The movie had eleven songs in it. Six of these songs have been covered in the past.

Lata Mangeshkar’s voice figured in seven songs. Four out of these seven songs have been covered in the past.

The song under discussion is sung by Lata. Nazim Panipati is the lyricist. Music is composed by Anil Biswas.

What a fun song it is ! I am sure that most of us would not have become aware of it without consulting HFGK.

I take this opportunity to wish Shree Harmandir Singh Hamraaz a very happy birhday. Let there be many more happy returns of the day.

Song-Khula hua hai dil ka ye darwaazaa re(Laadli)(1949) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Nazim Panipati, MD-Anil Biswas


intzari mein teri saara sitamber beeta
rote rote teri furkat mein november beeta
aahen bhar bhar ke ye kehta hai calendar mujhse
hichkiyaan lete huye saara december beeta aa aa aa aa aa

khula hua hai dil ka ye darwaaja re ae
aathh roz ki chutti lekar aaja re
aaja re
khula hua hai dil ka ye darwaaja re ae
o baabu mere
aath roz ki chutti lekar aaja re
aaja re

dil tere hizr mein deewaana bana jaata hai
thandi aaho se barf khaana bana jaata hai
thandi aaho se barf khaana bana jaata hai
do hi ashkon se hua aa aa aa aa aa
do hi ashkon se hua unki gali mein keechad
meri afsaani bhi afsaana bana jaata hai
arre aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa dil ka rog mita ja re
mita ja re
mita ja re
aathh roz ki chutti lekar aaja re
aaja re
khula hua hai dil ka ye darwaaja re
o ainak waale
aath roz ki chutti lekar aaja re
aaja re

ho gaye qaid mere dil ko churaane waale
haspatalon mein gaye aankh milaane waale ae
haspatalon me gaye aankh milaane waale
aa tujhe dil ki main aen aen aen aen
aa tujhe dil ki main ik lori suna du jaalim
o mujhe hizr ke choolhe mein jalaane waale
mere dil ki ee ee ee
mere dil ki lagi bujha ja re
bujha ja re
bujha ja re
aathh roz ki chutti lekar aaja re
aaja re
khula hua hai dil ka ye darwaaja re
o baabu mere
aathh roz ki chutti lekar aaja re
aaja re

7 Responses to "Khulaa hua hai dil ka ye darwaaza re"

Yes, Harmandir Singh Hamraaz ji has accomplished such a herculean task that we are reaping the benefits. It is really a befitting tributes from such a blog. I wish for his long and healthy life.




Wishing Harmandir Singh Hamrazji a very Happy birthday. Thank you for compiling the HFGK for the lovers of HFM


We can’t thank enough Hamrazji for his enormous contribution. I remember the launch function of one of the volumes – I think it was Vol 1 – was graced by vintage personalities like Madhulal Damodar Master. Hamrazji must have felt his efforts rewarded.




Harmandir Singh Hamraaz ji,

Music lovers all over the globe will forever be indebted to you for your selfless monumental work.

Happy Birthday Sir.



Harmandir Singh Hamraz Ji, (Belated) Greetings, wishing you a happy birthday Thank you for the monumental work done on HFM.
Atul Ji, thanks for the post narrating the contribution by Harmandir Singh Hamraz Ji.


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