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Arre re re dil kho gaya

Posted on: November 30, 2020

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2010-2020) – Song No. 97

‘Jab Se Tumhe Dekha Hai-1963’ is an eligible movie under the ‘Blog Ten Year Challenge’ today (30 november 2020) as one of its songs was posted on 30.11.2010.

Though one song of this movie was also posted on 18.11.2010, we missed the opportunity of discussing its song on that day ten years later. Our dear Prakash ji had already sent lyrics for two songs to cover these two occasions. Today gives us another opportunity of covering a song from this movie under the “Blog Ten Year Challenge” series.

Following six posts were published this day ten years ago on 30 november 2010:-

Song Movie title-Year Remarks
Jhoome re kali bhanwraa ulajh gayaa kaanton mein Naukri-1954 All songs covered
Hamko hanste dekh zamaanaa jalta hai Ham Sab Chor Hain- 1956 All songs covered
Aag lagaanaa kyaa mushkil hai Kangan-1959 All songs covered
Maane naa maane naa maane naa Saweraa-1958 All songs covered
Ye din din hain khushi ke Jabse Tumhe Dekha Hai-1963 03 songs posted
Hamse hoti muhabbat jo tumko Muhabbat Isko Kehte Hain-1965 All songs covered

Though the blog scored a ‘sixer’ on the last day of the month of that year 2010 it left ‘three balls’ without scoring a single run 😊 i.e. 27th, 28th & 29th November’2010 were the ‘dot’ days for the blog. Still it managed to hit a century with this ‘six’ on the last day of the month. Total score of posts of November’2010 is 105. (Things like this happen in Hindi movies or specially in ‘MKD’ movies 😊

Now, in the current month, the blog is still struggling at sixty-one posts till the time of writing of this post.

Let us just take a quick look at how the blog has so far been performing in the month of November in previous years since its ‘inception’;

S.No. Year No of posts
01 2008 126
02 2009 96
03 2010 105
04 2011 166
05 2012 173
06 2013 168
07 2014 120
08 2015 98
09 2016 131
10 2017 92
11 2018 45
12 2019 42

HFGK Vol-IV mentions the following seven songs in this movie, all written by Shailendra and composed by Datttram.

So far, only three songs from this movie ‘JAB SE TUMHE DEKHA HAI-1963’ have been posted on the blog; (highlighted with their links)

Song Posted On
Ye din din hain khushi ke 30.11.2010
Chaand taley jhoom jhoom thirak rahi hai ghoongharwaaliyaan
Arey re re re dil kho gaya, dhoondhoon kahaan Being covered today
Tumhe husn deke khudaa ne sitamgar banaaya (part-I) 27.07.2010
Muhammad Shaah rangeeley, gaavat aaj prem raag
Ham aapki mehfil mein bhoole se chale aaye 18.11.2010
Tumhe husn deke khudaa ne sitamgar banaaya (part-II)

Today’s song is the fourth song from this movie to be presented on the blog. It is sung by Mohd Rafi and Asha Bhonsle.

Let us enjoy today’s lovely nok jhonk song and close November’2020 on a happy note for the ‘Blog Ten Year Challenge’ and move on to December …

If we look at the statistics of the month of November over the years, this will be the first November where number of posts cross fifties and do not not enter nineties. 😊 Out of twelve Novembers so far, seven have scored centuries, two closed in the forties, and three in nineties. This, the thirteenth November for the blog seems to be ending in the sixties today …

over to the song now …

Lyrics of this song have been sent by Prakashchandra.


Song-Arre re re dil kho gaya (Jabse Tumhen Dekha Hai)(1963) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Dattaram

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

arrey rey rey rey rey
dil kho gayaa…aaa
dhoondhoon kahaan
dhoondhoon kahaan
ae dilruba
haaye haaye ye kya ho gayaa…aa
haaye haaye ye kya ho gayaa
dekho apni daayeen jeb mein
kya rakha hai is fareb mein
chhodo dhokha baar baar ka
kyon karte ho dhong pyaar ka

dil kho gayaa aa aa…aa aa…aa..hh

haaye haaye
mushkil ki raat mein
rehta tha saath mein
mera woh dil bholaabhala…aa
ho o o o o
chhootaa kis baat pe
nikla kyon haath se
hoga kahin kuchh ghotaalaa

dum bhar main sapnon mein kho gaya
itne mein dil paar ho gayaa
ye to duniya ka usool hai
chhoti si woh bhool bhool hai

dil kho gayaa
dhoondhoon kahaan
dhoondhoon kahaan
ae dilruba
haaye haaye ye kya ho gayaa

hoye hoye hoye hoye hoye hoye
gham hai din raat ka
itni si baat ka
mera woh dil thha tumhaara aa
ho ho o
mera khayaal hai
mere mizaaz se dar ke chhupa hai bechaaraa

mera bigdaa haal dekhiye
behki behki chaal dekhiye
sheeshaa leke shaql dekhiye
mil jaayein to akal dekhiye

dil kho gayaa aa
dhoondhoon kahaan
dhoondhoon kahaan
ae dilruba
haaye haaye ye kya ho gayaa

ho ho o
anjaani raah par
khud se wo bekhabar
phirta tha aksar aawaaraa

alley alley alley alley alley alley
woh to naadaan thha
jag se anjaan thha
jaataa kahaan besahaaraa aa
shaayad uss ko saath mil gaya
chhupke woh Bambai chal diya

Bambai woh kis liye jaayega
kaun usey actor banaayega
dil kho gayaa aa
dhoondhoon kahaan
dhoondhoon kahaan
ae dilruba
haaye haaye ye kya ho gayaa…aa aa
haaye haaye ye kya ho gayaa
dekho apni daayeen jeb mein
kya rakha hai is fareb mein
chhodo dhokha baar baar ka
kyon karte ho dhong pyaar ka

dil kho gayaa aa aa…aa aa…aaa..hh

2 Responses to "Arre re re dil kho gaya"

Thanks Avinash ji
for presenting the song along with your post,
(I guess this song must have been picturised on Agha and Tuntun/VijayaLaxmi)
The song video rights are with Zee 5 I guess, they are not uloading them properly, That`s why we the video links of the songs of the movies are not available

Vividhbharthi station used to broadcast this song very often through its various afternoon programmes……….,
This song is also quite popular in the programmes of AIR urdu radio Service station……

The producer of this movie is Surinder Kapoor(Amar Chhaya Banner), father of producer Boney Kapoor and Anil Kapoor


Its my pleasure Prakash ji. Thanks for sharing this song.
Thanks Atul ji for the post.


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