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Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hain

Posted on: January 17, 2021

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76th Birthday of Javed Akhtar

Gham-e-dil sunnane ko jee chaahtaa hai
Tumhen aazmaane ko jee chaahtaa hai

Sunaa hai ke jab se bohat door ho tum
Bohat door jaane ko jee chaahtaa hai

Unhen ham se koyi shikaayat nahin hai
Yunhi rootth jaane ko jee chaahtaa hai

Faqat hai yahi unn ki nazron ka dhokaa
Ke dhoke mein aane ko jee chaahtaa hai

Duaa hai ke ham se woh sau baar rootthen
Hamaara manaane ko jee chaahtaa hai

Nazar wo na aayen par unn ki gali mein
Yunhi aane jaane ko jee chaahtaa hai

I could not find whose ghazal is this is, but giving it here as it rhymes with the title of the movie ‘Dil Chahta hai” (2001).

The song is a duet by Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan. All the songs of this film are penned by Javed Akhtar and composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. At the turn of the century, the melodious songs, sufiana, fusion, newer music instruments were all the new fad. And the foreign location shoots were also back with a bang in mainstream hindi films. It was not only the Yash Chopra films that were shot in Switzerland etc. There is the whole world to explore and Hindi films have been shot at many locations.

The film ‘Dil chahta hai’(2001) was shot at Australia, when the character Akash played by Amir Khan, moves to Sydney to look after his father business operation in Australia. The character of Akash was the meaty one in the film, with all the jokes to crack, all the drama to enact. It was the role of Sameer played by Saif Ali Khan that was less complex, understated but full of contradictions. Akshaye Khanna’s character was Siddarth, the quite sensitive artist, who looks at the world through the artistic eye.

I saw the movie again recently after this last post and thought again, that it is hard to believe that it is a 20 year old movie. Obviously made at the turn of the century, it has those vintage mobile phones, which look like antiques to today’s generation. Our generation has seen the most sweeping changes in lifestyle, of all the previous generations. The earlier generations, had very less comforts than us but I dare say their happiness quotients was higher than us, as they had less expectations and desires. The more our generation has achieved, it wants more of it, the comforts and the excitement, and thus losing out on the contentment in life.

Moving to the film, it has a few one liner jokes that have become a part of lingo between friends in my generation, like “hum log cake khaane ke liye kahin bhi jaa sakte hain”, ‘Waise bhi perfection ko improve karna mushkil hotaa hai”, ‘Kitni ajeeb baat hai, ke ham teenon hi Sydney jaa rahe hain – tum, main aur yeh flight” wagera wagera !

The song of this post is a duet by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik, with composers producing unique musical sounds, using newly invented music instruments. The song is shot in and around Sydney, in parks showing ancient trees, with Amir and Priety take the arial tour in a helicopter, overlooking the famous Lotus shaped Opera house at the famous harbor, picnic in the garden near the marina, travel in the city bus etc. I am not sure if one of the parks shown is the Botanical garden or not. The characters are having food at the cafes, and roaming around down town or up town whichever way you want to look at it, walking the harbour bridge which has the railway, road and walkway on the same level, while singing this song. Literally a steel sheet re-enforced ghat is shown to emphasis the line ‘pyaar ke ghat jo utarte hain’, which is carpeted with Chinese grass :-).

After one such outing the couple is returning home by the metro train, when Priety misses it, and left alone at the platform, while the train moves away. While Priety is waiting, an old man looking like a poor street person is approaching her and she is scared. At the same time Aamir returns by the returning train, and seeing that the old man has scared Preity, goes and hugs the old man saying ‘did she scare you?” ‘she did? how mean of her”. This is a movie and hence the joke. The big city crime scene is not a joke anywhere in the world.

Australia is a unique country, in a sense second only to USA. USA has a lot more mixture of different races. But Australia is something, which never sought independence from the colonial powers, because by the time the British empire was done with the continent, the aboriginals were extinct and the survivors were the one who had come to serve the British interests. So, no nativity and no going back to the past and not much history recorded of the pre-colonial era. Only to look towards the future, which is not a bad state to be in, all things considering. No wonder, it has been the land of opportunities for European, Asians, chinese, afrikans and Polynesians alike in the 20th century. It thrives in its solitary splendor in the southern hemisphere with jewel like cities dotting its coast line. The Chinese might have been the neighbors of long forgotten aboriginal races of the continent, as the continent is a snug fit into the south china sea. When the continents were a single land mass, of course.

Today is the 76th Birthday of Javed Akhtar, so to celebrate, here is this new age song penned by him. A poet is a champion who plays with words, and Javed Akhtar is a champion of champions in this regard.

Song-Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hain (Dil Chaahta Hai)(2001) Singers-Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Lyrics-Javed Akhtar, MD-Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy


Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hain
jaane kyun wo kisi pe marte hain
jaane kyun log pyar karte hain
jaane kyun wo kisi pe marte hain
jaane kyun u u
jaane kyun
jaane kyun
jaane kyun
jaane kyun

pyaar mein
sochiye to bas gham hain
pyar mein
jo sitam bhi hon kam hain
pyaar mein
sar jhukaana padtaa hai
dard mein
muskuraana padtaa hai
zehar kyun zindagi mein bharte hain
jaane kyun log pyaar karte hain
jaane kyun uun
jaane kyun
jaane kyun
jaane kyun
jaane kyun

pyar bin jeene mein
rakkhaa kya hai
pyaar jis ko nahin wo
tanhaa hai
pyaar bin jeene mein
rakkhaa kya hai
pyaar jis ko nahin wo
tanhaa hai
pyar sau rang le ke aata hai
pyar hi zindagi sajaata hai
log chhup chhup ke pyaar karte hain
jaane kyun saaf kehte darte hain
jaane kyun oon
jaane kyun
o jaane kyun
jaane kyun
jaane kyun

pyaar bekaar ki museebat hai
pyaar har tarah khoobsoorat hai
ho pyar se ham dur hi achchhe
arre pyaar ke sab roop hain sachche
ho ooo
pyar ke ghaat jo utarte hain
doobte hain na wo ubharte hain
jaane kyun
jaane kyun
pyaar to khair sabhi karte hain
jaane kyun aap hi mukarte hain
jaane kyun
jaane kyun

jaane kyun
jaane kyun
jaane kyun

3 Responses to "Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hain"

Atul ji
Tags mein by mistake “Dil chaahta hai” ke badley “Jee Chaahta hai” likha gaya hai, Please correct kar deejiye


Dear Nahm ji,

This YouTube upload

gives the writer of the Ghazal as
Qutubuddin Muhammad Muazzam Bahadur Shah Awwal (1643-1712), aka BAHADUR ZAFAR I, which, to a layman like me, appears highly unlikely, considering that as the Seventh Mughal Ruler of India (after his father Aurangzeb), he would have had his hands full of Palace intrigues and military campaigns. Perhaps you can throw some light on this.

As you are aware, there are many songs with the words “Jee Chahta Hai”, beginning with Rafi Saab in the Film “PARAI AAG” (1948). One of the most popular will be the one from “DIL HI TO HAI” (1963) :

[ as one viewer has commented, a very young SAROJ KHAN can be seen behind NUTAN @ 1:00 ]

But IMHO, this song by Lata ji from the Film LAADLI (1949) with words by BEHZAD LAKHNAVI, must surely be there right at the top of all the “Jee Chahta Hai” songs :

With warm regards




Thank you for your detailed informative comment.

The rendition link given by you says it is by Bahadur Shah Zafar. If the rendition is from the TV drama and is credited as such, we can believe it. But this is not the complete ghazal, that much I can say. At least one more sha’ir will be there, as classical ghazal formation is odd no. of couplets.

All the songs mentioned by you of ‘jee chahta hai’ genre are posted in the blog, plus one more song with the same mukhdaa of ‘nigaahe milaane ko”, whose link I can’t find. That post is written by Sadanand Kamath Sir.



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