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Kiska chehraa ab main dekhoon

Posted on: February 8, 2021

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Today, February 8th is the 5th Remembrance Day of the poet and lyricist, Nida Fazli (12/10/1938 – 08/02/2016) who left for the heavenly abode on this date 5 years back. 80 years ago, Ghazal singer, Jagjit Singh (08/02/1841 – 10/10/2011) was born on this date. More than a co-incidental connection between the two, they had a special connection through their collaborations. Nida Fazli was the master of expressing the romance, realities and the philosophy of life by way of ghazals and nazms while Jagjit Singh added soul to Nida Fazli’s words through his emotive voice.

There was another co-incidence about Nida Fazli and Jagjit Singh. Both came to Mumbai around the same time, 1964 and 1965 respectively, for pursuing their career. It was Jagjit Singh’s first LP album with his wife, Chitra Singh titled ‘Unforgettable’ (1976) which made him popular as a ghazal singer. Almost at the same point of time, Nida Fazli had also become one of the most sought-after poets in mushairas all over India.

Both Jagjit Singh and Nida Fazli used very simplistic approach in making their ghazals popular among the masses. Jagjit Singh rendered ghazals in his emotive voice with simple music using only 3-4 musical instruments. He mostly avoided the use of semi-classical genre such as thumri and dadra as was the convention at that time. Nida Fazli, by and large, avoided the use of Persianised Urdu words in his ghazal. He used the mix of simple words from Hindi and Urdu to make them understandable to the masses. He moved away from the convention of ghazal writing as an expression of the unrequited love and the piognant mood associated with such love. Instead, he expressed through his poems the human relationships, socio-economic and political situations as also on realities of life. His poem depicted the humanist approach.

I have selected a few of couplets from his ghazals, some of which have been sung by Jagjit Singh, as examples of his non-conventional way of putting his thoughts in simple words with deep meanings:

uss ke dushman hain bahut aadmī achchha hoga
wo bhi meri hi tarah shahar mein tanha hoga

safar mein dhoop to hogi jo chal sako to chalo
sabhi hain bheed mein tum bhi nikal sako to chalo

[Note: This entire ghazal was recited by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi during a Rajya Sabha debate on March 8, 2016 in the context of Government’s difficulties for the smooth passage of bills in Rajya Sabha]

dhoop mein niklo ghataaon mein nahaa kar dekho
zindagi kyaa hai kitaabon ko hataa kar dekho

duniya jise kahte hain jaadoo kaa khilauna hai
mil jaaye to mittī hai kho jaaye to sona hai

hukoomaton ko badalne to kuchh muhaal nahin
hukoomaten jo badalta hai wo samaaj bhī ho

Muhaal= difficult

kabhi kabhi youn bhi ham ne apne jee ko bahlaaya hai
jin baaton ko ḳhud nahin samjhe auron ko samjhaaya hai

ghar se masjid hai bahut dur chalo youn kar le
kisi rote huye bachche ko hansaaya jaaye

hoshwaalon ko khabar kya bekhudi kya cheez hai
ishq keejiye phir samjhiye zindagi kya cheez hai

Both Nida Fazli and Jagjit Singh got associated with Hindi film industry almost at the same time. Nida Fazli wrote his first lyrics for ‘Satranj Ke Mohre’ (1974). Jagjit Singh rendered his first full-pledge song as a playback singer in Hindi film, ‘Aavishkaar’ (1973) with his wife Chitra Singh.

Despite both Nida Fazli and Jagjit Singh being in Mumbai since 1965 and both having the inter-related careers, it took almost 25 years for both of them to collaborate for the first time when Nida Fazli wrote the lyrics for the film ‘Billoo Baadshah’ (1989) for which Jagjit Singh was the music director and also the playback singer for one song. It took another four years when their first non-film album, ‘Insight’ was released in 1993. for which all the songs were written by Nida Fazli. Thereafter their collaborations continued until Jagjit Singh’s death kept them apart.

Nida Fazli entered the Hindi film industry as a lyricist at a time when the quality of song writing had the initial sign of deterioration. In the post-1980’s scenarios, his filmy songs stand apart from most of the songs written during that period. And when he joined with Jagjit Singh, their collaborative as well as individual efforts took us back to the golden period of Hindi film music for few moments.

On the occasion of the 5th Rememberance Day of Nida Fazli and 80th birth anniversary of Jagjit Singh, I have selected one of those Hindi film songs where Jagjit Singh has sung the song written by Nida Fazli. The song is ‘meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar’ from ‘Tarkieb’ (2000) with Alka Yagnik joining Jagjit Singh in rendition. The song was set to music by Aadesh Srivastav.

‘Tarkieb’ (2000) failed miserably at the box office and faded into oblivion. But the song under discussion has ensured that the name of the film is not forgotten. Such is the power of Jagjit Singh-Nida Fazli combination.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Kiska chehraa ab main dekhoon(Tarkieb)(2000) Singers-Jagjit Singh, Alka Yagnik, Lyrics-Nida Fazli, MD-Aadesh Srivastav


chaand bhi dekha
phool bhi dekha
baadal bijli titli jugnu
koi nahin hai aisa
tera husn hai jaisa
tera husn hai jaisa

meri nigaah ne ye kaisa khwaab dekha hai
zameen pe chalta huwa mahtaab dekha hai

meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar
meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar
kiska chehara
kiska chehara
ab main dekhoo….n
tera chehara dekh kar
meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar

hu hu hu hu
ta ta ra ta ra ra ta ra

neend bhi dekhi
khwaab bhi dekha
neend bhi dekhi ee
khwaab bhi dekha aa
choodi bindiya darpan khushboo
koi nahin hai aisa
tera pyaar hai jaisa
haan tera pyaar hai jaisa aa
meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar
meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar
kiska chehra
kiska chehra..aa
ab main dekhoo…n oon oon
tera chehra dekh kar
meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar

ru ru ru

rang bhi dekhaa aa
roop bhi dekhaa aa aa
rang bhi dekhaa aa
roop bhi dekhaa aa
rasta manzil saahil mehfil
koi nahin hai aisa
tera saath hai jaisa
ho tera saath hai jaisa aa
meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar

meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar
kiska chehra..aa
kiska chehra abb main dekhoo..n oon
tera chehra dekh kar
meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekh kar

bahut khubsoorat hai aankhen tumhaari
(aaaaaa aaaaaaaa)
bana dijiye inko kismat hamaari
(aaaaaa aaaaaa )
usse aur kya chaahiye zindagi mein
(hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm)
jise mil gayi mohabbat tumhaari
(hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm)

2 Responses to "Kiska chehraa ab main dekhoon"

picturised on Milind Soman and Tabu, This film has got good Murder mystery story, I have seen the movie, Tabu and Shilpa Shetty play sisters, one of them get killed and Nana Patekar plays the role of Investigating Officer`s role, I like this Masala movie,……….


saw the video for the first time. Though it is a song i love, this was not a hero on whom i expected it. It is like Suneil Shetty getting many beautiful songs. Kya karein that is how things work.
Of course I don’t have an answer to “If not Milind Soman, then who?” 🙂


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