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Dekho jee aaya khushi ka zamaana chale na jaana

Posted on: February 12, 2021

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Today’s song is from a very rare film-Zanjeer-47. The name of the film immediately reminds us about the same name film of 1973, which catapulted Amitabh Bachhan to dizzying heights thereafter ! However, this film of 1947 was probably made to facilitate Black money into white. Since a lot of Black money generated during the war years had flowed into film financing, this was a regular practice of such producers.

The director of this film was Kishore Sharma, for whom it was just his second movie as a Director. He directed only 5 films – Dr. Kumar-44, Zanjeer-47, Middle fail-48, Biwi-50 and Shisham-52. For the film’s Music Director Krishna Dayal, it was his First film as a Composer. He went on to give music to only 4 more films, namely Lekh-49,Bawra-50, Malika Saloini-53 ( a song ” wo aaye hai, dil ko karar aa gaya” by Sulochana kadam is an Evergreen song !) and Vijaygarh-54.

The cast of this film was Begum Para, Balwant Singh, Jagdish Sethi, K.N.Singh, Gope, Latika and others. Other than this, no information about this film is available anywhere.

Such experiences are not new to me. Since the day I started writing on old films, its music and the people connected with it, I have encountered dead ends many times. In the HFGK, one finds several films, whose only Titles are printed. No other details whatsoever. For example, film Tera Sahara-49, Shabash-49, Sansari-49, Ram pratigya-49, Payal-48, Gumrah-48, Zalim-47, Woh Dono-47, Prem ki Duniya-46, Kismet ka Dhani-46, Khiladi 45 etc. etc. In every year, few such films can be found. Their presence in the HFGK means they were Censored, but no other information.

This is one problem. Another problem is that the general public does not realise the importance of recording or documenting history of films and that we do our bit towards contributing to these collective efforts. Actually, this is a different world altogether. The world of old films and the people writing on them. In the first place, the definition of ” Old Film” is different to different people, depending on their age. Just see this…

For people between 20-30 films of 70s are Old Films
For people between 30-40 films of 60s are Old Films
For people between 40-50 films of 50s are Old Films
For people between 50-60 films of 40s are Old Films
For people between 60-80+ films of 30s are Old Films

When I tell someone that I write on old films,depending on his age he decides my work area. If he is say, 35 year old, he will think I write on films of the 60s era. So on and so forth.

Third problem is people don’t understand that we do this labour of love for self satisfaction, that we don’t earn anything from this and that many times spend a lot on computers and books etc. Some time back, one of my old friends, who has been happily settled in the USA for the last 40 years, came to India and we met one day at my place. After the usual casual talk, he asked me how do I spend my time, now that I am retired and do no job. He knew that after my wife’s demise, I lived alone for the last 7 years. Here is our conversation….

FriendSo Arun, how do you spend your time ?
MeI write on old films and my articles are published on the internet.
FriendOh, I see. You mean you write on films like Awara and Paying Guest etc ?
Me Sometimes, but mainly I write on films of the 30s and the 40s.
FriendDo you earn enough in this ?
Me Oh, no. I don’t get any money. I do it free and for my pleasure.
FriendAnd who reads them ? Why do you waste your time like this ? Forget this crap. If you want you can work from Home and earn plenty.
MeNo. I enjoy doing this. There are millions of people all over the world who read such articles.
FriendYou are a big Fool ! I can understand if you wrote on current films. Some people will read at least, but films of the 30s and 40s ! Oh my God !! You are a gone case !!!

That night I added this to my prayers… God, please pardon my friend. He did not understand what he was speaking !

Whatever is said by whosoever, as long as people like Atul ji are there, we will continue contributing to the preservation of old film documentation.

There are many artistes who contributed to the glory of old films to a great extent, unknown or less known. Not much is written about them and their true life stories are never available in books, magazines or such other chronicles. They appear, shine for a while in their own way and fade away.

Actress Latika was one such actress. She was neither very beautiful like Madhubala, nor had histrionic talents like Meena Kumari, but she had her own way of performance. Sometime in the year 2014, I came across the daughter of Latika, when she commented on my post in this Blog. I followed her up and she kindly sent me a mail describing the life story of Latika, who had settled in England that time. I do not know her present status as there is no reply from her daughter to my mails.

In the year 2014, I got in touch with Ms. Sindy Bell, daughter of Latika and a resident of London, U.K. Sindy was kind enough to provide me with a brief note on her Biography. Latika had acted only in 13 films from 1944 to 1948.( Dr.Kumar-44, Parakh-44, Laat Saheb-46, Inaam-46, Saathi-46, Chalte Chalte-47, Jungle mein mangal-47, Zanjeer-47, Jugnu-47, Shanti-47, Bahadur Jeevan-48 and Gopinath-48 ).

” Latika was born 13th October, 1924 in Darjeeling. Her Tibetan name was Hungu-Lamou. Her mother was Tibetan. Her father was an Australian who adopted Buddhism, living in India as a race horse trainer for the Maharajas. He died when Latika was still very young leaving her with a newly born brother. As a child, Latika was sent to the Kalimpong girl’s orphanage also called ‘The Homes’ for her education by her mother and new step-father until she was 16. Her mother had four more children, her half-brothers and sisters.

The Homes (one for girls, one for boys) were founded by a Scottish missionary, so as a child, Latika was christened Agnes and this is the name she uses in England. Her mother was Buddhist, her step-father, an Anglo-Indian by the name of Webber, was a Protestant but Buddhism was the prevalent faith among her surrounding family of aunties and uncles in Darjeeling.

Latika’s step-father was an engineer who built bridges and due to his work, when she was a teenager, they moved to Mumbai. It was there that Latika made friends with a neighbour who was a kathak dancer and actress. She was invited to visit the Minerva film studios and was there spotted by the director Sohrab Modi and offered the opportunity to act. This was where she was given the stage name Latika, which she is still called by friends and family in India to this day.

In those days, all the scripts were in Urdu which she read beautifully and also learnt kathak dancing. I’m sure you already know the 12 films Latika acted in from the mid 1940’s to early 1950’s, in particular the film Gopinath with Raj Kapoor (1948), where she played the ‘femme fatale’ and her lovely dance sequence in Jugnu (1947).

Latika had always had a respect and interest in holy writings. It was during this period that she met a Jehovah’s Witness who was able to explain the bible, not as a church book, but as holy writings, it’s answers to the ‘big’ questions we all ask and it’s promised blessings. It satisfied all of Latika’s questions about life, so she became a Jehovah’s Witness.

It was while as an actress she met and eventually became friends with Gope at the studios. To this day, Latika says he was the kindest, most compassionate man she ever met. They married and, at Gope’s request, Latika retired from the film industry.

Latika did introduce Gope to the bible. He would read by himself (or as my mother would say, ‘exclaim in delight!’), passages from it, early mornings on the verandah before work. She said he was particularly taken with the accounts of Jesus and how tenderly he treated people. To her surprise, of his own volition, he too became a Jehovah’s Witness.

Gope had a large house in Juhu which also came to house all Latika’s family. When we saw it, it had become a hotel but I’m not sure what has happened to it now.

Before Gope’s death, they had two sons, Gope Jr, and Lalith. When Gope suddenly and unexpectedly died, when the boys were three and five, mum decided to join her siblings who had earlier migrated to the UK. I came from her second marriage.

Latika is still alive and very well and living in the UK. She is in her 90th year, still beautiful. My niece’s second name is Latika and Gope Jr’s two sons bear the (second) name of Gope also. Latika has a big family with grand-children and great grand-children, all from Gope’s lineage. ”

Let us now listen to this song sung by Shamshad Begum and Chorus. With this song, film Zanjeer-47 makes its Debut on this Blog.

Song-Dekho ji aaya khushi ka zamaana chale na jaana (Zanjeer)(1947) Singer- Shamshad begum, Lyrics-Unknown, MD-Krishn Dayal


Dekho ji aaya khushi ka zamaana
chale na jaana
ho chale na jaana
dekho jee aaya khushi ka zamaana
dekho jee aaya khushi ka zamaana
chale na jaana
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee

jungle mein mangal manaane ke din hain
jungle mein
haan haan ji jungle mein
jungle mein mangal manaane ke din hain
baaghon mein
haan haan jee baaghon mein jhoola jhulaane ke din hain
?? jhoola jhulaana
chale na jaana
o chale na jaana
dekho jee aaya khushi ka zamaana
chale na jaana
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee

o oar
kaale kaale baadal chahoon oar chhaaye
o o
kaale kaale baadal chahoon oar chhaaye
dekho jee manzil ?? le ke aaye
dekho jee manzil ?? le ke aaye
dekho jee karlo haan haan jee mauj kar lo
dekho jee karlo haan haan jee mauj kar lo
mauj karne ka hai ye zamaana
chale na jaana
o chale na jaana
dekho jee aaya khushi ka zamaana
chale na jaana
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee
o jee o jee

2 Responses to "Dekho jee aaya khushi ka zamaana chale na jaana"

Dear Arun ji,

Very nice article about Mrs. Gope aka Latika. We are not interested in history whether it is about Films or Arts or even political! It’s quite laudable that you are painstakingly collecting information on lesser known artists & sharing with us!

Warm Regards,



Umesh ji,
Thanks for your kind words and recognition of efforts.


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