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Ik ladki bholi bhaali si

Posted on: March 8, 2021

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It is difficult for me to tell what I was doing during various dates of years gone by, seeing that I do not keep any diary. Diary writing used to be a great hobby of people of past generations. Now a days even the habit of writing with pen on paper has largely gone into disuse, and therefore going back don memor lane and giving accurate personal reminiscences has become difficult.

However, there are some ways. For example, I can go back say ten years and see the posts that I hame that day. From those posts, I can sometimes tell what I as doing that day in distant past.

I thought of going down the memory lane by exactly ten years to see if I can get a Blog Ten Year Challenge article written today. I found that on this day ten years ago, I had posted four writeups from four different movies. I found that one movie was still unYIPPEED.

Elated, I began to prepare my writeup. But when I checked up the links of the songs posted ten years ago, I realised that I had erred and that all the movies whose songs were discussed ten years ago on this day ere already YIPPEED. Instead of looking at the posts of 10 years ago, I had looked at the posts of 11 years ago, viz 8 March 2010.

So be it. So this article is not a Blog ten year challenge. It is an eleven year challenge, though.

The movie is “Chowkidaar”(1974). “Chowkidaar”(1974) was directed by Shyam Ralhan for Namrata Movies, Bombay. This “social” movie had Sanjeev Kumar, Yogita Bali, Vinod Khanna, Om Prakash, Jeevan, Sulochana, Sapru, Randheer, Zeb Rehman, Jayshree T, Asit Sen, Lalita Kumari, Ram Mohan, Joginder, Amrita Patel, Narmada Shankar, Uma Dhawan, Daljeet, Vimla, Dhanraj, Tilakraj, Babu Bhai, Kapila Sharma, Zebunnissa, Rajrani, Maqbool, Master Pramod, Vaishali (guest appearance) etc in it.

The movie had six songs in it. Five of these songs have been covered in the past. The movie made its debut in the blog on this date ten years ago.
Here are the details of the songs covered so far:-

Blog post number Song Date of posting
2337 Ye duniya nahin jaagir kisi ki 8 March 2010
5738 Rehne do chanda badli mein 5 April 2012
5745 Thhoda sa aitbaar keejiye 6 April 2012
11235 Insaanon se kyun jhukte ho…zindagi zindagi 1 July 2015
14302 Chaloon main jidhar se 25 April 2018

The movie “Chowkidaar”(1974) had made its debut in the blog on this day eleven years ago.

When I think about this date 11 years ago, I cannot tell for sure what I was doing on this date. Did I attend any omen’s day function that day ? I cannot say for sure. Out of the four songs that were discussed that day, one song was penned by Sahir Ludhianvi. But there as no mention of his birth anniversary in that post. There was no mention of International women’s day either in this post or the other posts of that day. Those were simple days for the blog hen we lived simple lives not even aware of important days of HFM ! 🙂

THese days of course we are far more knolegeable on such matters. 🙂 Today the blog has already seen seven posts, and six of them have been Sahir Ludhianvi posts.

Here is the sixth and final song from “Chowkidaar”(1974), exactly eleven years after the movie made its debut.

This song is sung by Rafi. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan.

The song is picturised as an “expression of love” genre of song on Sanjeev Kumar and Yogita Bali.

A nice “expression of love” song it is. I suppose that this is a typical Woman’s day song as far as Hindi movies are concerned. Statistics bear me out because this song is the 3222nd song of this genre in the blog, which is easily one of the most common genre of songs in HFM. So this song can be described as a Woman’s day song too. Women’s need not just be subjected to dry preachy praises on this day, they need to be wooed romantically as well. 🙂 That is what this song does. 🙂

So a Happy International woman’s day to all.

With this song, all the six songs of “Chowkidaar”(1974) are covered in the blog and the movie thus gets YIPPEED in the blog.



Song-Ik ladki bholi bhaali si (Chowkidaar)(1974) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan


kahaan chali ho ye
sharma ke munh chhupaaye huye
kadam kadam pe
kayaamat si ek uthhaaye huye

ik ladki bholi bhaali si
ke jiska naam hai raadha
ke jiska roop hai saada
kuchh sharma ke
kuchh ghabra ke
kar gayi pyaar ka vaada
ik ladki bholi bhaali si
ke jiska naam hai raadha
ke jiska roop hai saada
kuchh sharma ke
kuchh ghabra ke
kar gayi pyaar ka vaada
ik ladki bholi bhaali si

shabnam jiska mukhda dhoye
sooraj rang nikhaare ae
shabnam jiska mukhda dhoye
sooraj rang nikhaare ae
mast pawan ka chanchal jhonka
jiske baal sanwaare
ankiyaan jiski badi badi
jiska badan phoolon ki ladi
aaj vo kaise dil de baithhi
soch rahi hai khadi khadi
ek ladki bholi bhaali si
ke jiska naam hai raadha
ke jiska roop hai saada
kuchh sharma ke
kuchh ghabra ke
kar gayi pyaar ka vaada
ik ladki bholi bhaali si

do bolon mein sab kuchh kah gayi
pyaar mein bebas ho kar rah gayi
do bolon mein sab kuchh kah gayi
pyaar mein bebas ho kar rah gayi
dil ki baat jubaan par laayi
thhokhar khaayi aur pachhtaayi
nikhri nikhri surat hai
ladki hai ya moorat hai
yahi to hai vo albeli
jiski humen zuroorat hai
ik ladki bholi bhaali si
ik ladki bholi bhaali si
ik ladki bholi bhaali si

3 Responses to "Ik ladki bholi bhaali si"

‘Happy Women’s Day to all’
Thanks for the post Atul ji and congratulations on covering all songs of ‘Chwokidaar-1974’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies – all songs covered’.

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Had shared this song for BTYC 08.03.2020 last year. I was wondering what was special in this song that it was looking like a familiar song 🙂 ever since posted on the blog.

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