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Gabbar Singh ye keh kar gayaa

Posted on: April 2, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

“100 Days” (1991) was produced by Jay Mehta (son of producer Pranlal Mehta), directed by Partho Ghosh. This was a first for both the producer and director. It starred Madhuri Dixit- Moon Moon Sen- Jackie Shroff- Javed Jaffrey- Laxmikant Berde – Sabeeha (daughter of yesteryear actress Ameeta of “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” fame) and a few others. It was a remake of a Tamil hit, a crime thriller with a twist. Madhuri played Moon Moon’s sister and Javed Jaffrey’s college friend. Jackie played a rich man and Laxmikant Berde his secretary.

Usually I like to give the synopsis of the movie with the song but not today. It will take away the fun of seeing the movie, just in case any follower of the blog feels like having a dekho of the movie, anytime. I have seen it in both languages and have loved it. Specially the climax and the various emotions that run through the movie. There is high drama, comedy, romance and a few entertaining songs. Partho Ghosh had an able cinematographer in the (late) Arvind Laad and the frames in the suspense scenes are well composed.

The music for the movie was by Vijay Patil better known as Raam Laxman. I remember that our in-house encyclopedia has mentioned somewhere on the blog that Raam -Laxman were brothers who were signed up for the 1977 movie ‘Agent Vinod’. Unfortunately, Raam the older brother passed away before the release of ‘Agent Vinod’ in 1976. But Vijay Patil continued his journey in the industry as Raam -Laxman and was very successful in the ’90s. He later changed his name to Raamlaxman post ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’.

“100 Days” had songs written by Dilip K Tahir, Dev Kohli and Ravinder Rawal. the singers used were Lata Mangeshkar, Alka Yagnik, S.P. Balasubramaniam, and Amit Kumar. Choreographers were Suresh Bhatt, Chinni Prakash, and Partho Ghosh himself. There are two songs that were filmed on the dancing duo Javed Jaffery and Madhuri of which one was a stage song.

Today we are not having the stage song but the other one, which is essentially keeping with the spirit of today i.e. April Fool’s day or All Fools day. Since morning there have been messages which are supposedly giving insight into why this day is celebrated and the last line of that message says, and I quote: “He used to read all fake stories, like you are doing now. It’s great idea fooling you”. Normally people play harmless pranks on their friends and dear ones on this day and I read somewhere that this is, generally, only till noon.

This is what I found on wikipedia:- “Some writers suggest that April Fools’ originated because in the Middle Ages, New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25 in most European towns, with a holiday that in some areas of France, specifically, ended on April 1, and those who celebrated New Year’s Eve on January 1 made fun of those who celebrated on other dates by the invention of April Fools’ Day. The use of January 1 as New Year’s Day became common in France only in the mid-16th century, and that date was not adopted officially until 1564, by the Edict of Roussillon”.

Before getting on to the song I would like to congratulate Atulji, Sudhirji and all his followers and contributors and commentors on the blog’s 16300th post. Even if the blog is moving as per the movement of the moon, we are reaching centuries at a constant pace.

Here is the song in Alka Yagnik and Amit Kumar’s voices Sabeeha is in Javed’s team in playing pranks on Madhuri though they are all close friends. This song is written by Ravinder Rawal.

I would like to point out a few things in this song:-
(1) Javed jaffery is holding a small potli in his hand at the start of the song, akin to what Gabbar Singh had in ‘Sholay’.
(2) Madhuri has a step where she is shown mixing tambaaku (tobacco) like Gabbar Singh (of course).
These are the reasons why the song has stayed with me in all these years.



Song-Gabbar Singh ye keh kar gaya (100 days)(1991) Singers-Amit Kumar, Alka Yagnik, Lyrics-Ravindra Raval, MD-Ram Laxman
Male chorus
Female chorus


darr gayi
ha ha ha ha ha

ik thi ladki bholi bhali
har aahat se darne waali
baat baat mein ro deti thi woh
ik din ek chhota sa bacha
umar mein jo tha bilkul kachcha
paas mein aake ye bola usko
gabbal ching
ye kah kal gaya
jo dal gaya woh mal gaya

haan gabbar singh yeh kah kar gaya
jo darr gaya woh mar gaya
haaye gabbar singh yeh kah kar gaya
jo darr gaya woh mar gaya

nadaan bachcha hansi khel mein
kaudi ghazab ki dekar gaya
arre naadaan bachcha hansi khel mein
kaudi ghazab ki dekar gaya

haaye re
gabbar singh yeh kah kar gaya
jo darr gaya woh mar gaya
haaye gabbar singh yeh kah kar gaya
jo darr gaya woh mar gaya

la la la la laa laa laa
la la la la laa laa laa la

dilwaalon ki hai yeh adaa
dilwaalon ki hai yeh adaa
jeene ka lete hain mazaa
jeene ka lete hain mazaa
arre un baaton se kya darna
jin par zor nahin apna
haaye haaye haaye
ga ga ga ga gabbar singh yeh kah kar gaya
jo darr gaya woh mar gaya
haaye gabbar singh yeh kah kar gaya
jo darr gaya woh mar gaya

kya hua
ha ha ha ha ha

nakli khaal pehan kar aaye
geedad sher agar ban jaaye
pal bhar dhaak jama leta hai woh

par logon ke pathar khaake
bhaage jab woh dum dabake
koi bachche kahe agar usko

gabbal ching ye kah kal gaya
jo dal gaya woh mal gaya
haaye gabbar singh yeh kah kar gaya
jo darr gaya woh mar gaya

arre gabbar singh yeh kah kar gaya
jo darr gaya woh mar gaya

kehte hain geedad ki aaye jo maut
toh bhaag kar woh shehar gaya

kehte hain geedad ki aaye jo maut
toh bhaag kar woh shehar gaya

gabbal ching kya kah kal gaya
jo dal gaya wo mal gaya

6 Responses to "Gabbar Singh ye keh kar gayaa"

Lovely song selection Nalini Ji. I remember this movie for a very special reason!!!

This was a movie I had seen with my wife and my 3 year old son. During most of the movie, I had to stand outside so as to pacify Rutwik, who was bawling for some stupid reason. Imagine me, who was so fond of seeing movies undisturbed, had to miss 80% of the movie!!’

Then, on a rebound, I went with my friends and saw the movie again.

It sounds so funny now but that time I was real angry that I couldn’t see Moon Moon Sen’s movie!!!

Thank you for refreshing that memory!!!

Liked by 1 person

My husband has had similar experiences when we were seeing movies in that period. They used to be screened in our colonys’ open air theatre. And my little son who had just learnt to run, never sat in one place and my husband used to be running after him.
My son keeps commenting, whenever we see a Roja or Bombay : I have not seen this before”


Nice reminder of the cable TV days movie. I dont remember much of the actual movie, only that it was a suspense-thriller or murder mystery. I was wondering who was the girl with Javed Jaffery, she looked familiar and similar to Khushboo. But I remember now that she is ‘Sabeeha’ after reading your post.

This was the time when choregrapher would incharge of the entire songs shoot, and director of the movie was involved only at the editing stage. At least it was like that in some of the cases.


This the first time I am reading about Ameeta’s daughter. Did she fade away without making any impact or getting noticed?
The song is much like one from ‘Tezaab’


Sabeeha started her career in I V Sasi directed “Anokha Rishta” in 1986 where Rajesh Khanna played a rich man who is the sponsor of the orphan played by Sabeeha. She acted in 11 films upto 1995 the most successful being “Khiladi” where Akshay Kumar and Ayesha Jhulka were the lead; she is the girl who gets murdered.
Sabeeha, according to some sites on the internet, is a Half sister to Sajid And Farha Khan. Of course, I think our in-house encyclopedia will confirm whether what i have stated is right or wrong.


Nice post Peevesie’s Mom ji. I had watched this movie during my stay at Kota. And I watched it twice then. I like the movie and its songs too.
Thanks and regards,

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