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Ye jo des hai tera

Posted on: April 9, 2021

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Every few years or so, we have people proudly posting the photographs of their fingers with indelible ink in it, as proof of having voted in a parliament election or an assembly election. 🙂

These days, we have a non recurring once in a century occurrence taking place, namely Covid 19 vaccination. The process of this covid vaccination in India is very much comparable to the process of parliamentary general election. People are getting themslves vaccinated, and posting photos of their vaccination on their social media accounts. 🙂

India has two kinds of vaccines that are approved for vaccination. One is covishield (manufactured by Serum Institute of India Pune) and another is Covaxin (manufactured by Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad)

Both vaccines got the approval of India’s Central Drugs and Standards Committee (CDSCO) for emergency use on 3 january 2021 after they completed their various phases of trials.

Serum Institute of India has the largest capacity in the entire world for producing vaccines. Its vaccine Covishield was based on the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine developed in UK whereas Covaxin of Bharat Biotec was an indigenously developed vaccine. The capacity of Serum Institute of India is much higher than that of Bharat Biotech. Covishield vaccine was even offered by Government of India to some friendly countries. As on date, more than 80 countries have received consignments of Covishield vaccine, in a Government of India initiative dubbed as “Vaccine Maitri”. This initiative has won India tremendous goodwill worldwide. Some countries offered profuse thanks to India and Indian government for this gesture.

SII was manufacturing 65-70 million doses in a month but that was not enough to meet the demands of India and other countries. It plans to enhance its capacity to 100 million doses in a month and for that it has sought Government help of Rs 3000 crores($453 millions).

Till today, 90% of all vaccination done in India is of Covishield. Other 10 % is of covaxin. As of now (8 april 2021), 8 crore 29 lakh Covishield vaccine doses and 82 lakh covaxin doses have been administered in India. In addition, 6 crore 45 lakh doses of Covishield have also been supplied to 85 different countries as grant, on commercial basis, and also under CEPI, GAVI, WHO and UNICEFs COVAX programme.

These vaccines have much less stringent low temperature requirement for storage compared to some other vaccines developed abroad. So These vaccines can be transported and stored in India using the existing cold chain logistical infrastructure. That way they are suitable for other less developed countries of the world as well.

Coming to Indian vaccination programme, Just like all adult (18 plus) Indian citizens are eligible to vote, all citizens of certain age group are eligible for free vaccination. Initially people in 60 plus age group were eligible. Certain category of people, like doctors, frontline workers etc, who were in the forefront of fighting this pandemic were also eligible irrespective of their age. Beginning from 1 april 2021, all Indian citizens above the age of 45 are eligible. This will cover about 40 crore Indian citizens (out of 130 crore population).

My wife and daughter belonged to the category of medical personnel and so both of them were eligible for their doses of vaccination. Both of them got their two doses of vaccination before the end of march 2021.

I was not eligible. Some 45 to 59 years age group people who had comorbidities (viz serious health conditions) too were eligible before 1 april 2021 for vaccination on production of doctor’s report and many people of this age group got themselves vaccinated making use of this provision even when some of them had no comorbidities. My wife asked me to get myself vaccinated, as did our daughter, but I insisted that I was not eligible. I rejected my wife’s insinuation that I had hypertension and therefore comorbidity. 🙂

However, from 1 april 2021, I too became eligible for vaccination. My wife and daughter were in any case pestering me for that. The nearest hospital where vaccination was being administered was at NE Railway main hospital located near my workplace. I found out that the vaccination time was from 9:30 to 10 AM or so. I arrived at the place. I was under the impression (based on erroneous media reports) that there would be very small number of people and the medical staff would be sitting idle waiting for people to come. I was mistaken. There was a big crowd of people. So there were so many people interesting in vaccination, unlike what some media houses were trying to portray. I collected the form and filled it up. Though there was a good crowd, it thinned out by the time it was 10:30. I came to know that a limited number of doses are brought from the local state government cold storage that had to be consumed on the same day. There is no method of getting the supply replenished on the same day. 68 number of doses were allotted to the hospital on that day and they got used up within one hour.

I wondered how I was going to be able to get myself vaccinated if this was the state of affairs. The problem was, I was trying to avail the vaccination facility like a common man, standing in a queue, whereas I should have done it like a VIP, which I was for the Railway hospital, seeing that I headed the Railway workshop that employed 60% of all Railway employees based in Gorakhpur. My workplace was easily the biggest industrial workplace in Gorakhpur.

The next day of vaccination in the hospital was 5 april 2021, viz the next monday. This time I took no chances and asked my steno to phone up the doctor incharge of vaccination informing him that I would like to get vaccinated on that day. I went there, through the doctor’s entrance rather than the public entrance, which I was told was jampacked. My workplace has a small health unit headed by a lady doctor and she too was available there to make fuss over me-“hato hato saahab aaye hain”, getting the doctor incharge of vaccination to come and greet me etc. and in general to get my vaccination fast tracked. I had already filled up my form the previous day itself. As ID proof, I had attached my Aadhaar Card. That data gets filled in a computer, which verifies the Aadhaar card from UIDAI site. That done, the lady doctor made sure that I was the first person of the day to get vaccinated. 🙂

The vaccinated people are supposed to stay there for half an hour under observation to see that no adverse effect takes place on them. I did not feel any adverse effect, so I informed the lady doctor and left for the workplace. From there I informed my wife and daughter that I had taken my first dose. My daughter asked me to immediately take one tablet of paracetomol then and another tablet in the evening. But I am not feeling any ill effects, I protested. Still my daughter ordered me to take one tablet immediately which I duly did.

I realised after some time that I did not get the vaccination certificate that my wife and daughter had got. I thought that I would be able to get it using my Aadhaar Card number and registered mobile number. I was not far off in my guess but I also needed another information, viz Beneficiary Reference ID, which gets generated during registration at the vaccination centre. I asked my steno to find out this Beneficiary Reference ID. The steno found it out and even downloaded my Vaccination certificate on a nice photographic paper and presented in to me. So I had my vaccination certificate at hand. Later I downloaded a pdf copy on my mobile too and shared it with my wife and daughter.

This certificate is a miracle of Digital India initiative.It gives everyone a clearcut and foolproof, fully traceable, six sigma quality documentation of the progress of vaccination in the country. The details of all vaccination get updated in real time and they then figure in the live figures of vaccination at the site named

The vaccination certificate has all the relevant details one can think of namely beneficiary details (name, age, gender, ID verification details, residence) and also vaccination details (name of vaccine, date of dose, next due date, vaccinated by, and place of vaccination). The certificate also had a machine readable bar code.


When one looks at the vaccine certificate of USA (left in the picture above), technologically the most advanced nation on earth, one finds that their vaccine certificate is quite amateurish and that can be easily manipulated and forged. Their certificate will not pass muster as a legally valid document as it hardly contains any details, just name, vaccine name and date, and an illegible signature. That is all. There is no unique ID (say Social security number) mentioned in the certificate. Israeli certificate (right on the picture above)on the other hand is professionally made, as is expected of them.

I have mentioned earlier that many media houses, and also political parties are trying disinformation campaigns about the vaccines. There are many less informed people who fall prey to such malicious disinformation campaign. One school friend of my daughter phoned her. Her father had fallen prey to one such youtube video and he was refusing to listen to anyone and he would not get himself vaccinated. Would my daughter try to convince him ? How could I, if you and your mother couldnot, but let me try- my daughter replied. So my daughter was connected on phone to her old friend’s father. He stated that this youtube uploader has given such gory details about the process of vaccine manufacture that no one with a conscious could ever get these vaccines. My daughter asked him to get the credentials of this video uploader verified on wikipedia etc. Was he a qualified medical practitioner or belonged to pharma industry ? If not then his facts were imaginary, she informed him. But the Indian vaccines have been develoed in just two months, so these vaccines are fake as informed by this uploader- he stated. My daughter advised him about the vaccine development stages, that there are five stages, each stage is stringent. Initally tests are conducted on animals, then on humans, then the vaccines get certified by a regulatory agency. All this has taken nearly a year. The covishield vaccine has been certified fit for use in several countries, and not just India. In any case, this vaccine is developed not in India, but in UK, and India is only producing it under license, my daughter informed him.

Two days later, my daughter’s friend phoned again, and thanked my daughter profusely. After my daughter’s talk, her father had checked up on the credentials of the youtube uploader and had realised that he was unqualified to discuss this matter. He also realised that the vaccines had passed all the stages that vaccines are required to pass. So he had gone to the nearest vaccine center and had got himself vaccinated. That way, my daughter may have helped bring peace and harmony to the disturbed household of her old school friend. I felt quite proud of my daughter. It means she has the ability to convince others, which is a good ability to have for anyone.

The fact that India is self reliant in covid vaccines and is even in a position to export it to half the countries of the world is a matter of great pride for all Indians. This has been made possible by those Indians ho have lived in India and have tried to make a difference in the country. For instance, Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotec are doing cutting edge work in their field. On this occasion of natinal and international emergency they have risen to the challenge and are helping the country fight this pandemic with confidence.

On this occasion, here is a song that catches the same feeling of national pride. This song is from “Swades”(2004). The song is sung and composed by A R Rahman. Javed Akhtar is the lyricist. This song plays in the background, hich the picturisation shows Shahrukh Khan, playing an NRI working in NASA dying to come back to India and give back to the nation. A very moving and inspirational song indeed !



Song-Ye jo des hai tera (Swades)(2004) Singer-A R Rahman, Lyrics-Javed Akhtar, MD-A R Rahman


ye jo des hai tera
swades hai tera
tujhe hai pukaara aa aa aa
ye woh bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahin sakta aa

mitti ki hai jo khushbu, tu kaise bhulaayega
tu chaahe kahin jaaye
tu laut ke aayega
nayi-nayi raahon mein
dabi-dabi aaho mein
khoye-khoye dil se tere koyi ye kahega
ye jo des hai tera
swades hai tera
tujhe hai pukaara aa aa
ye woh bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahin sakta

hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm

tujhse zindagi hai ye keh rahi
sab toh paa liya
ab hai kya kami
yoon toh saare sukh hain barse
par door tu hai apne ghar se
aa laut chal tu ab deewaane
jahaan koyi toh tujhe apna maane
awaaz de tujhe bulaane wahi des
ye jo des hai tera
swades hai tera
tujhe hai pukaara aa aa
ye woh bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahin sakta aa

hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm

ye pal hai wahi
jis mein hai chhupi
poori ek sadi,
saari zindagi
tu na poochh raaste mein kaahe
aaye hai is tarha do raahe
tu hi toh hai raah jo sujhaaye
tu hi toh hai ab jo ye bataaye
chaahe toh kis disha mein jaaye wahi des
ye jo des hai tera
swades hai tera
tujhe hai pukaara aa aa
ye woh bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahin sakta aa
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm

7 Responses to "Ye jo des hai tera"

Atul-ji, Awesome post and appropriate song too. Proud to be an Indian. KS

Liked by 1 person

Thanks a lot for your appreciation.


Wow Atul ji!,

This one is for keeps, as the Americans like to say. There is a lot of controversy and false news all over the place re: Vaccines. I have recently crossed swords with a Schoolfriend in the USA re that Country stopping supply of Raw Materials to India.

With your kind permission, I would like to use some extracts from your Post to knock some sense into him.

Pl do keep us informed as the situation develops.

With warm regards



Your praise on my writeup means a lot to me. Please go ahead and use its extract as needed.


Atul Ji,
Very engrossing read. Thanks. You have captured a topical subject very well. It is necessary to dig deep into available media to look for truth. Only today I received a video claiming to be of west Bengal , which actually was of Bangla Desh.
Appropriate song to accompany the text. Very inspiring, sentimental one.
Yes, proud to be an Indian AND living in India, with all its ‘short comings’

Liked by 1 person

Excellent post Atul ji. Like it very much. I also like this song very much. And as is your wont you have presented the current topic with statistics of how our country has contributed to the world in this hour of crisis. Reading your article make us feel proud as a Indian.
Thank you very much,

Liked by 2 people

Agree with you about the post content, and appropriate song 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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