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Mehfil mein aaye ho aao muqaabil jaan jaayenge

Posted on: April 10, 2021

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#The Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 131 # Qawwalis – 9

Welcome all to another post presenting a song from the ‘decade of seventies-1971-1980’. The years when I was growing, and as a ‘child’ I have many memories and nostalgia especially related with the only popular entertainment medium available those days i.e., ‘Hindi Cinema’, ‘Radio’ and ‘Hindi Film Music’.

Today I am once again taking you to back to the ‘seventies’. Today we will listen to a ‘qawwali’ composed by Raam Laxman. His first on the blog in this category. Today’s song in not a ‘pure’ ‘qawwali’ but can be termed a ‘fusion-qawwali’ if I am not wrong. Today’s song can also remind readers of the famous ‘raaz ki baat kah doon to’ from the movie ‘Dharma-1973’.

Well, the today’s song or ‘qawwali’ is from the movie ‘Agent Vinod-1977’.

‘Agent Vinod-1977’ was directed by Deepak Bahri for ‘Sargam Pictures Pvt. Ltd., Bombay’.
It had Mahendra Sandhu, Asha Sachdev, Rehana Sultana, Iftekhar, Pinchoo Kapoor, Nazir Hussain, Ravindra Kapoor, K.N. Singh, V. Gopal, Vishwa Mehra, Viju Khote, Rajan Kapoor, Sunder, Bhagwan, Sharat Saksena, Kamal Deep, Master Romi, Shail Chaturvedi, Ranvir Raj, Gurbachan, Brujendra Mohan, Jagdeep, Helen, Jayshree T., Leena Das, Sheetal, Asha Potdar, Geeta Khanna, Shobhna Shah and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 23.07.1977.

I vaguely remember to have watched this movie with my Father, I had forgotten about this movie except its one song ‘Lovelina aa gaya main’. And later on, when I started my music collection, I was always looking for this movies’ song. The other thing that had made to my ‘impressionable mind’ was its dashing hero Mahendra Sandhu. However, I do not remember if I watched his other movies too (they are not so many I think).
But like many other stars from the ‘seventies’, I always remember Mahendra Sandhu’s name whenever movies or related stories about movies were discussed among friends or in the family with elders.

This movie had six songs which were penned by Ravindra Rawal and composed to music by Raam-Laxman.

Following is the list of songs of this movie (as given in HFGK Vol-V-1971-1980);

S.No. Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Zu zu … main jhonka matwaala Kishore Kumar, chorus
02 Lovelina main aa gaya Asha Bhonsle, Shailendra Singh 21.10.2013
03 Band kamre mein ek ladki akeli Asha Bhonsle, Mahendra Sandhu
04 Mehfil mein aaye ho aao muqaabil Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey Being discussed today
05 Yaara dildaara, tera ye ishaara Usha Mangeshkar, Dilraj Kaur
06 Ham to nikle ram bharose Mahendra Kapoor, Jaspal Singh, chorus

We can see that as many as nine singers were used for the six songs in this movie. This easily give us hint about the variety of the songs this movie had.

Only one song from this movie has been posted on the blog on 21.10.2013. Around the same time, I had noted the today’s song which is being presented today.

Today’s song happens in a party and is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Manna Dey. On screen it is Leena Das and Mahendra Sandhu lip-syncing in the voices of Asha Bhonsle and Manna Dey respectively.
Also seen in the picturization is Asha Sachdev who accompanies Mahendra Sandhu in the party which I guess is hosted by Pinchoo Kapoor who seems to have planned to trap Mahendra Sandhu – a secret agent. And for this purpose, Leena Das sings the song to woo Mahendra Sandhu. Mahendra Sandhu who is already aware of their intentions joins the song. Not just that , he even cautions them ‘hamse na uljho aye jaan e mehfil jaan jaaoge,
pehchaan jaaoge, phir maan jaaoge’ 😊

I hope readers will like today’s song as much as I do. 😊

let us now enjoy today’s song …



Song-Mehfil mein aaye ho aao muqaabil jaan jaayenge (Agent Vinod)(1977) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Ravindra Rawal, MD-Ram Laxman


Aa aa aa
Aa aa aa
Aa aa aa
aa aa aa
Jo roshani hai
aaftaab chaand taaron mein
Jo dilkashi hai
chaman ke haseen nazaaron mein
Mere shabaab mein
aise samaa gaye ae donon
Ke jaise pyaar ke nagme
jawaan bahaaron mein

Mehfil mein aaye ho
Aao muqaabil jaan jaayenge
Pehchaan jaayenge
Phir maan jaayenge
Mehfil mein aaye ho
Aao muqaabil jaan jaayenge
Pehchaan jaayenge
Phir maan jaayenge

Aji hamse na uljho
Ae jaan e mehfil jaan jaaoge
Pehchaan jaaoge
Phir maan jaaoge

Surkh zanjeer nazar teer
Adaayein khanjar
Hain tabassum mein bijliyaan
Mera shabaab kehar
Aa aa
Inmein uljhaana mujhe
Koi aasaan nahin
Maut ka darr ho jise
Main wo naadaan nahin
Kabhi nishaana
Kabhi waar chook jaata hai
Mera qaatil har ek baar
Jhhuk jaata hai
Iss ghadi bhi hoon nishaane pe
Waar kar jaao
Ya meri maut ka phir aitbaar kar jaao

Hmm bahut dekhe
Hamse na uljho
Ae jaan e mehfil jaan jaaoge
Pehchaan jaaoge
Phir maan jaaoge

Waqt ke saath main har rang mein
Dhal saktaa hoon
Zidd pe aaoon to rukh hawaa ka
Badal saktaa hoon

Josh mein yoon naa machal
Naaz itna bhi naa kar
Tujhko behkaa gayi hai
Ye jawaani ki lehar
Ye mera kaam thha
Aagaah tujhe kar dena
Koi mushkil nahin
Gumraah tujhe kar dena
zulfein kar doon jo pareshaan to
Aise ghir jaao
Inn andheron mein
Umr bhar bhatakte reh jaao
Mehfil mein aaye ho
Aao muqaabil jaan jaayenge
Pehchaan jaayenge
Phir maan jaayenge

Jahaan mein dekhe hi nahin hai
Toone zindaa dil

Tu bhi samjhaa nahin nadaan
Adaayein qaatil
Aa aa
Aaj maukaa hai milaa

Phir na karnaa tu gilaa
Main hoon tayyar khadaa
Jhoothi zidd pe hai adaa
Jaane kyon teri jawaani pe
Reham aata hai
Haath aaya shikaar bhi
Koi ganwaata hai

Nainon se teer chale
Meri aahon se chale

Neechi nazron ki hayaa
Khaali ye waar gayaa
Tabassum ki ye bijlee
Naa meri jaan nikli
Ye meri shokh adaa
Kuchh asar hi naa hua
Dekh meri angdaayee
Ye bhi mujh tak na aayi

Mere liye koi nayaa sitam
Ijaad karo
Ya jo jawaab diya hai maine
Use yaad karo
Kyon yaad aaya ke nahin

Aji hamse na uljho
Ae jaan e mehfil jaan jaaoge
Pehchaan jaaoge
Phir maan jaaoge

Hamse na uljho
Ae jaan e mehfil jaan jaaoge
Pehchaan jaaoge
Phir maan jaaoge

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Thanks for this link Prakash ji.


@Atul ji – kindly add the tag for ‘qawwali’

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