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Kahaan Jayi Ho Najariya Churaaye Hum Se

Posted on: May 12, 2021

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in other sites without the knowledge and consent of the web administrator of, then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Blog Day:

4681 Post No. : 16362

Blog 10-Year Challenge (2011-2021) – Song No. 22
This Week, That Year – 5
09May – 15May, 2011

It has been a long gap. The previous post in this series had come on 23rd Sep, 2020. And the post number was 15911. About seven and a half month’s worth of waterflow has passed under all the bridges. That was 231 days ago. And 450 posts ago. The blog has clocked four more century milestones, and is close to a fifth now.

An understatement it is – that life has changed in these past months. A lot of ideas and motivation for writing has been numbed. Even with the time and inclination both pointing in the right directions, the flow of writing is simply not coming together. Every week for the past 5 or 6 weeks, I scrutinize the 10 year challenge lists. Ideas form in the mind, but somehow do not get on to paper. For this week’s analysis and this post, I have been checking on the week status from a decade ago, for past couple of days. And then today, just decided to start off with this inability to articulate. Let’s see where it will lead to.

Maybe start with numbers. The week that was – 9th to 15th May of 2011. We saw two dot days that week – 11th and 13th May. Something was in the air during those days. Between April and May of that year, we see 10 dot days, that do not seem customary. We had 28 songs posted in that week, and given two dot days, the average productivity would be approximately 5.6 posts per day.

The 28 songs belonged to 27 different films, and only one film made a repeat appearance that week – the film ‘Pugree’ of 1948.

Considering the decades – the thirties and seventies had just one song present. In between we had 8 songs for the 1940s, 11 songs for the 1950s and 7 songs for the 1960s.

The week saw 5 debut films come on board. And the film ‘Parasmani’ of 1963 completed its run and made the Yippeee status. Of the 27 films that got featured that week, a whopping 19 films have since been Yippeee’d over the past decade. And 8 films are still awaiting more songs to complete their run on our blog. All the films have between 2 to 5 songs pending, which means none of them is one song away from being Yippeee’d.

Coming to milestones, the week saw the century milestone for music director Anil Biswas. On 10th May, with the song “Paise Ka Mantar Paise Ka Jantar“, from the 1956 film ‘Paisa Hi Paisa’, Anil Biswas clocked his first 100 songs posted on our blog.

The day by day break up and details of posts on daily basis is given in the table below.

Blog Ten Year Challenge (2010-2020) Series
Sl.No. Movie Name Year HFGK NoS ASAD NoS Possible UT Deb/Yip Milestone Film Status Pending
1 Pardesi 1957 8 5 Pending 3
2 Jalti Nishaani 1957 8 6 Pending 2
3 Chaar Dil Chaar Raahen 1959 7 7 Yippeee’d
1 Kismat 1943 9 9 Yippeee’d
2 Milan 1946 8 5 Pending 3
3 Pugree 1948 9 9 Yippeee’d
4 Meena Baazaar 1950 12 12 Yippeee’d
5 Paarasmani 1963 6 6 Y Yippeee’d
6 Paisa Hi Paisa 1956 10 6 AC – 100
(Anil Biswas)
Pending 4
[No Posts]
1 Pugree 1948 9 9 Yippeee’d
2 Chaalis Din 1959 8 5 Pending 3
3 Faraar 1965 6 6 Yippeee’d
4 Namaste Jee 1965 8 4 D Pending 4
5 Uski Kahaani 1966 2 2 D Yippeee’d
6 Hindustan Ki Kasam 1973 4 4 D Yippeee’d
[No Posts]
1 Buzdil 1951 6 6 Yippeee’d
2 Lala Rukh 1958 7 7 Yippeee’d
3 Apna Haath Jagannaath 1960 8 8 Yippeee’d
4 Zindagi 1956 8 3 D Pending 5
5 Faisla 1965 7 4 D Pending 3
1 Chandidas 1934 9 9 Yippeee’d
2 Dil e Naadaan 1953 9 9 Yippeee’d
3 Mirza Saahiban 1947 10 10 Yippeee’d
4 Kaneez 1949 12 12 Yippeee’d
5 Zameendaar 1942 10 10 Yippeee’d
6 Kaaghaz Ke Phool 1959 7 7 Yippeee’d
7 Shama 1961 11 12 Yippeee’d
8 Bahaaren Phir Bhi Aayengi 1966 6 6 Yippeee’d

Ten years ago, this day six songs were posted from six films. Of the six films, the following four have since been Yippeee’d – ‘Pugree’ (1948), ‘Faraar’ (1965), ‘Uski Kahaani’ (1966) and ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’ (1973). The two pending films are ‘Chaalis Din’ (1959) and ‘Namaste Ji’ (1965). For today’s post, I have picked this fun wooing song in the voice of Rafi Sb from the film ‘Namaste Ji’.

This film has an interesting background, from a collector’s perspective. For almost two decades, this film has been on the fringe of becoming available in public domain. There are collectors who have been declaring the availability of this film with tantalizing promises of making it available ‘shortly’. But that shortly has never really materialized. To the extent that there are folks who have uploaded doctored videos, i.e. songs of this film overlaid on a video sequence of another film with the same lead actors. Ah yes, we do see many an example of such shady presentations. And to tell you – the world is so full of believers, that the comment sections of such uploads contains profuse thanks for being able to see the video clip of the song. There are rare comments that point out this insidious jugglery, but such statements of accusatory truth are lost in the bevy of praises.

One of my very close and dear friends, has shown me photographs of the library shelves of another collector in Bombay, where the Betamax tape of this film, ‘Namaste Ji’ is very much visible. But no, we have had no success in being able to view or acquire this film. And so we are also not 100% certain that the titles that are sitting in the library of this other collector, whether these just blanks, to impress others. Do not know. This, and actually many other titles, have been doing rounds of collector circles and communications – that they are imminent to be released to public domain shortly.

Another very interesting variation to this scenario is the case where the original film has been dubbed into another language. Case in point is the film ‘Qaidi’ from 1957, very well known for its musical score by OP Nayyar. Now this film, as many others, was later dubbed into Tamil and other south Indian languages. The current scenario with this film is that the Hindi original of this film is not available (yet) in public domain. However the Tamil version is very much available in public domain. Some technically astute and enterprising collector has picked the video sequence from the Tamil version and has overlaid the audio of the song in Hindi. He has posted a couple of such ‘manufactured’ videos with the claim that they are the original and that he has the full film in original Hindi. After much explorations and discussions, it has been determined that the claim is spurious.

A very enticing and also tormenting situation is when actually we have real and true clips of songs and short video sequences posted online, but the entire film is simply not surfacing anywhere. Years have passed in waiting but simply no word of real existence has surfaced. Maybe I shall take this up in another post – it is getting very lengthy.

So back to ‘Namaste Ji’. The film has been produced under the banner of DM Films, Bombay (now Mumbai) and is directed by Daljeet Krishan. Is Daljeet the ‘D’ in the banner name? Not sure. The star cast as per the Geet Kosh is Ameeta, Mehmood, IS Johar, Nalini Chonkar, Ulhas, Manorama, Mridula, Rajan Haksar, Kundan, Baij Sharma, Brahmdutt, Helen, Sumita, Arti, Manjula, Vinod, Ramesh, Ajeet, Meena, Baijnath, and Nazeer.

The film has 8 songs listed. The music boasts of such all time favorites as “Mere Do Naina Matwaale Kis Ke Liye“, “Bahaaron Thaam Lo Ab Dil Mera Mehboob Aata Hai“, and “Hamen Kya Jo Har Su Ujaale Huyen Hain”. Interesting to note that so far 4 songs of this film have made their appearance on the blog. Three of them appeared in 2011, the fourth came on board in 2014. And then, a long radio silence. Yes, the fifth song makes its appearance today, after a gap of seven years.

The music composition is by GS Kohli and the song writing is shared between Anjaan and Anand Bakshi. However sadly, the song being presented today has no lyricist identified for it. Could this be a traditional or a folk song that has been reused? Yes, quite possible, from the sound of it. The language of the song sounds like Awadhi or Bhojpuri, and so it could be folk song that has been brought into this film. I request other knowledgeable friends and readers to please comment on this observation.

From the rendering of this song, it may be not wrong to surmise that this song is picturized on Mehmood. It sounds similar in rural tones, to some other songs that Mehmood had performed on screen, e.g. the song “Pipra Ke Patwa Sareekhe Doley Manwa” from the 1963 film ‘Godaan’.

So, wrapping up today’s write up, with a forlorn hope that this film shall make its appearance in the public domain, sooner than later.

Let us see.

Song – Kahaan Jayi Ho Najariya Churaaye Hum Se  (Namaste Ji) (1965) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics – [Unattributed], MD – GS Kohli

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

kahaan jayi ho  o o o
kahaan jayi ho
najariya churaaye
hum mmmm mm mm mm
hum mmm mm mm se..e

o kahaan jayi ho oo oo
kahan jayi ho o o
o kahan jayi ho najariya churaaye hamse
kahan jayi ho o o

gori gussey mein ho
gori gussey mein haayye
gori gussey mein
daaman chhudaaye hamse ae
oye oye oye
kahan jayi ho o
kahan jayi ho
najariya churaaye hamse
kahan jayi ho

naagan si goriyaa chalai chaal aisey ae ae
lotey karejwaa pe haaye saanp jaise
lotey karejwaa pe haaye saanp jaisse
qaabu karee hum jeeyara pe kaise
kauno jatan to batai ho batai ho batai ho re
kahaan jayi ho
o kahan jayi ho
najariya churaaye hamse
kahan jayi ho o
oo ooo ooo
aaaa aaa aaa aaa
ooo ooo oooo ooo ooo
haaye haaye
haaye haaye

tohre basai deen o duniya bhulai bey ae
tohri duwaaree pe dhooni ramayi bey
tohri duwaaree pe dhooni ramayi bey ae
jab ban ke jogi
o jab ban ke jogi
alakh hum jagayi bey
phir kaisey bas mein
na ayi ho
na ayi ho
na ayi ho rey
kahaan jayi ho o
o kahaan jayi ho
najariya churaaye hamse
kahaan jayi ho o o

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)

कहाँ जई हो ओ ओ ओ
कहाँ जई हो
नजरिया चुराये
हम्म म्ममम म्म म्म म्म
हम्म म्ममम म्म म्म से॰॰ए

ओ कहाँ जई हो ओ ओ

कहाँ जई हो ओ ओ
ओ कहाँ जई हो नजरिया चुराये हमसे
कहाँ जई हो ओ ओ

गोरी गुस्से में हो
गोरी गुस्से में हा॰॰य
गोरी गुस्से में
दामन छुड़ाए हमसे॰॰ए
ओय ओय ओय
कहाँ जई हो ओ
कहाँ जई हो
नजरिया चुराये हमसे
कहाँ जई हो

नागन सी गोरिया चलै अइसे॰॰ए॰॰ए
लोटे करेजवा पे हाय साँप जइसे
लोटे करेजवा पे हाय साँप जईस्से
क़ाबू करी हम जियरा पे कइसे
कौनौ जतन तो बतई हो
बतई हो
बतई हो रे
कहाँ जई हो
ओ कहाँ जई हो
नजरिया चुराये हमसे
कहाँ जई हो ओ
ओ ओss ओss
आsss आss आss आss
ओs ओss ओsss ओss
हाय हाय
हाय हाय

तोहरे बसइ दीन ओ दुनिया भुलई बे॰॰ए
तोहरी दुवारी पे धूनी रमइ बे
तोहरी दुवारी पे धूनी रमइ बे॰॰ए
जब बन के जोगी
ओ जब बन के जोगी
अलख हम जगइ बे
फिर कइसे बस में
न अइ हो
न अइ हो
न अइ हो रे
कहाँ जई हो॰॰ओ
ओ कहाँ जई हो
नजरिया चुराये हमसे
कहाँ जई हो ओ ओ ओ

3 Responses to "Kahaan Jayi Ho Najariya Churaaye Hum Se"

Sudhir Ji,
Never heard it before. Pleasing to listen to. Charming song. Yes it has a rural feel ( like ‘nain lad jain hai…’ from Gunga Jamuna)


Sudhir ji,

Many Thanks for this post and the song.

The issue of the film not being available in public domain is not discussed in any of the 4 posts. (Incidentally, this 5th post is not reflecting on the “List of songs-movie wise page)

Arunkumar ji has written the synopsis of the film. So he must have seen the film. Readers obviously will be more interested to know how and why it vanished.


Thanks Sudhir ji
for information about Namaste jee,
I guess ANJAAN may be the lyricist of this song, as Anjaan himself written bhopuri like lyrics in Godaan(1963),Don, Just a fertile imagination,……….I may be wrong
(Anjaan has written other few songs in the movie alongwith Anand Bakshi)


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