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Ye raat ye jawaani ye botal sharaab ki

Posted on: June 9, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

Let me begin with a confession. I am very bad at buying gifts. As a youngster, dependent on pocket money, I used to make do with buying greeting cards and either posting it to my near and dear or hand-delivery (which was cheaper). Things were kind of simple. Things were simpler if I could find someone to share expenses. Oh yes, those days people used to share or go-dutch (I am sure that is not the correct expression in the scenario of buying greeting cards, but for want of a better word), at least in my circle, then I used to buy some fancier cards. There was a category of people for whom the gifting used to be a card accompanied by some memorabilia or chocolates etc. It was similar at the time of my birthdays too and I have almost all the cards I received saved up and I access them occasionally and remember those days. In fact I have even saved up the cards which my kids received in the first few years of their life. But things have changed with the turn of the millennium, decade etc.

These days people are into wishing through the social media. We see the closest relative post a message on some public forum and all friends, relatives – close ones and not so close ones- follow the leader. The person who is being wished is overwhelmed with the deluge of messages. The youngsters, who began the practice of using social media, have again changed there methodology- they call the birthday boy/girl at the stroke of midnight. That is really sweet of these people. And in this last year when it has been impossible to wish anyone on a one-to-one basis, people have discovered a way out. These days there are ‘Zoom Parties’ and that is a different feel altogether. My sisters, brothers and kids – nieces and nephews- introduced me to this form of party last year on our wedding anniversary.

Personally I still like to call the person concerned and wish. I did that two days back when my Kaaki (aunt) turned 80 and yesterday when my dear mom-in-law went a year closer to 90.

And for today I have decided to wish my dear friend of Atuldom with this post. He is a person who is my inspiration in the sense that he learnt so many skills after retirement meaning there is no age-limit to learn anything new. He has no prejudices as regards the age of music he listens to- meaning he is of the opinion there are good and bad songs/ music in all ages and times. He may not go out of his way seeking songs of new movies but appreciates good work when he sees it. He is generous in sharing his knowledge. He is among the few persons who I am comfortable in chatting with and can pick up the phone and start talking as if there is no gap in communication. The mornings of the WhatsApp group associated with the blog begin with his “GOOD MORNING” messages and we treasure the beautiful thoughts that come with it. (I am sorry if I don’t respond to each one of them but I do wait for them)

We in Atuldom like to think of him as our IN-HOUSE ENCYCLOPEDIA and I prefer addressing him as Guruji or Arunji. Yes today is our dear Arunkumar Deshmukhji’s birthday. All his posts are so well-researched that I am sure it is a big time consuming activity for him considering that he also has his responsibilities of being a doting father and proud grandfather. May God give you all the energy needed to keep the posts coming in at a steady pace and we see your 1000th post soon.

For today I have not chosen any “Happy Birthday” but the song with this post has a very young, baby-face Aruna Irani trying to get a middle-aged Madan Puri drunk. I don’t remember much of the movie so I will not be able to tell why Aruna Irani is doing so. The song is from a movie called “Ek Paheli” (1971) which was produced by Kuldip Talwar, directed by Naresh Kumar who had made a few movies with Rajendra Kumar as hero. If this was a post by our today’s birthday boy he would have given a brief about Naresh Kumar too I can only make the statement that possibly he was Rajendra Kumar’s family.

“Ek Paheli” had Feroz Khan and Tanuja leading a cast of Sanjeev Kumar, Madan Puri, Aruna Irani, Rajendranath, Tun Tun, Jeevan etc. Usha Khanna was the music director and song were written by Asad Bhopali. Suman Kalyanpur, Mohd Rafi and Usha Khanna were the playback singers.

Asad Bhopali has given songs which have been popular and can be heard on the radio and music systems regularly. Songs like ‘woh jab yaad aaye’; ‘kismat bigadi duniya badali’; ‘sau baar janam lenge’; the fun song in the late ’70s ‘ram dulaari maike gayi’. Today’s generation or those in their 30s currently will remember Asaduallah Khan (Asad Bhopali) for the songs of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ (1989) which was among the last movies that he wrote songs for. He passed away in 1990 at Bhopal. Thanking Asad Bhopali for today’s song and numerous others that he wrote for movies since his debut in 1949.



Song-Ye raat ye jawaani ye botal sharaab ki (Ek Paheli)(1971) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Usha Khanna


ye raat ye jawaani
ye botal sharaab ki
ye raat ye jawaani
ye botal sharaab ki
ho jaaye iss taraf bhi
inaayat janaab ki
kahiye gilaas bhar doon
kahiye gilaas bhar doon

masti bhari nigaahon se chhalki hui sharaab
masti bhari nigaahon se chhalki hui sharaab
pi leeje behisaab
pila deeje behisaab
kahiye gilaas bhar doon
kahiye gilaas bhar doon

behke bhi dagmagaaye bhi hum donon saath saath
behke bhi dagmagaaye bhi hum donon saath saath
itni piye ko hosh na aaye tamaam raat
kahiye gilaas bhar doon
kahiye gilaas bhar doon

ye daur yoonhi aur abhi chalne deejiye
ye daur yoonhi aur abhi chalne deejiye
jaldi na keeje raat zara dhhalne deejiye
kahiye gilaas bhar doon
kahiye gilaas bhar doon
ye raat ye jawaani
ye botal sharaab ki
ho jaaye iss taraf bhi
inaayat janaab ki
kahiye gilaas bhar doon
kahiye gilaas bhar doon

7 Responses to "Ye raat ye jawaani ye botal sharaab ki"

Pevesie’s Mom ji,
Thank you very much for your kind wishes. Your ways of doing things are unique and accordingly your wishing me through your post here is the result of this only.
Thanks again.


Arunji many many happy returns of the day, and Madam ji thanks for the post….


Thank you,Prakash ji.


audio link:


small correction Atul ji
“itni piye ko hosh na aaye tamaam raat” should be corrected as
“itni piye KI/KE hosh na aaye tamaam raat”

Naresh Kumar is the real life brother of Jubilee Rajendra Kumar(who also produced many movies like Do Jasoos,
Gopichand Jasoos,Ganwar,Tangewala,Mazdoor zindabad,Gaaon hamara shehar tumhara etc…………


thank you for giving info on Naresh Kumar.


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