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Bas itna yaad rahe ek saathi aur bhi thha

Posted on: July 30, 2021

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

Ideally I would have liked to send the song with this post, a few days back so as to be posted on 26th July which was ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’. A day, which commemorates India’s victory over Pakistan, and regaining control of the mountain tops in Northern Kargil of Ladakh in July 1999.

I am sure that we all are aware of the background that led to the 1999 war between India and Pakistan, inspite of the Lahore Declaration of February 1999, which was meant to provide a peaceful and bilateral solution to the Kashmir-issue.

Here is what I have gathered from various sources on the internet about the Kargil conflict:

“During the winter of 1998-1999, some elements of the Pakistani Armed Forces were covertly training and sending Pakistani troops and paramilitary forces, some allegedly in the guise of mujahideen, into territory on the Indian side of the line of control (LOC). The infiltration was code named “Operation Badr.” The aim of the Pakistani incursion was to sever the link between Kashmir and Ladakh and cause Indian forces to withdraw from the Siachen Glacier, thus forcing India to negotiate a settlement on the broader Kashmir dispute. Pakistan also believed that any tension in the region would internationalise the Kashmir issue, helping it to secure a speedy resolution. Yet another goal may have been to boost the morale of the decade-long rebellion in Indian Administered Kashmir by taking a proactive role.

Initially, with little knowledge of the nature or extent of the infiltration, the Indian troops in the area assumed that the infiltrators were jihadis and claimed that they would evict them within a few days. Subsequent discovery of infiltration elsewhere along the LOC, and the difference in tactics employed by the infiltrators, caused the Indian army to realize that the plan of attack was on a much bigger scale. The total area seized by the ingress is generally accepted to between 130 – 200

The Government of India responded with Operation Vijay, a mobilisation of 200,000 Indian troops. Finally, war came to an official end on July 26, 1999, thus marking it as Kargil Vijay Diwas.

527 soldiers from Indian Armed Forces sacrificed their lives during the war”

I have written a post to commemorate Kargil Divas once before too, where the song was from “Lakshya- 2004”. There was one movie that was made on the theme of Kargil-war in 2003 too. That was written and directed by J P Dutta. It had a huge star-cast and songs were penned by Javed Akhtar which were set to music by Anu Malik. The song tries to express the feeling of a martyr who wishes well for his fellow warriors and I don’t want to dilute it by expressing my opinions etc about it.

I had first thought of this song when the Pulwama suicide attack had happened. I had felt that it was not the first of its kind; I remembered the attack on the Indian Parliament on 13th December 2001 as well as the 26/11 terrorist attack of 2008, on various locations around Mumbai. I am sure all these unwanted tensions will keep popping up till the Kashmir issue is resolved. The least an Indian can do is pay respects to the departed heroes and show gratitude to the armed forces.

Today’s song is in the voice of Sonu Nigam. It has (in order of their appearance) – Akshaye Khanna, Ashutosh Rana, Manoj Bajpai, Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Puru Rajkumar, Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, Rohit Roy, Suneil Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Deepraj Rana, Sudesh Berry, Mukesh Tiwari, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, Esha Deol, Raveena Tandon, Namrata Shirodkar, Armaan Kohli, Preethi Jhangiani, Isha Koppikar, Mahima Chaudhry on-screen. “LOC Kargil” (2003) showed the war/ conflict almost as it had happened in the winter of 1999. Also, the names of the principal characters were also (almost) true-life as also the names of the various battalions.

Incidentally, 30th July is the birthdate of Sonu Nigam who was born in Haryana to Agham Kumar and Shobha Nigam in Faridabad. He began at singing at the age of four when he joined his father Agham Kumar on stage to sing ‘Kya Hua Tera Wada’- the Mohd. Rafi classic. He continued accompanying his father on various occasions before finally shifting to Mumbai at the age of 19 to try his luck in Bollywood. He has been singing in Bollywood from 1993 and has various hits to his credit. His voice is soft on the ear. Many of his songs are my personal favourites with ‘Sandese aate hain’ from ‘Border’ and ‘yeh dil deewaana’ from ‘Pardes’ topping my list. I don’t know if the followers of this blog have heard the song with this post but it is another one from my playlist.

Here is wishing this singer a healthy and happy future.



Song-Bas itna yaad rahe ek saathhi aur bhi thha (LOC Kargil)(2003) Singers-Sonu Nigam, Lyrics-Javed Akhtar, MD-Anu Malik


Khaamosh hai jo yeh woh sada hai
Woh jo nahin hai woh keh raha hai

(Bharat Mata Ki Jai
Bharat Mata Ki Jai)

Saathiyon tumko miley ae
jeet hi jeet sada aa
bas itna yaad rahe ae ae
ek saathi aur bhi thha
jaao jo laut ke tum m
ghar ho khushi se bhara
jaao jo laut ke tum m
ghar ho khushi se bhara
bas itna yaad rahe ae ae
ek saathi aur bhi thha
bas itna yaad rahe ae ae
ek saathi aur bhi thha

kal parbaton pe kahin een
barsi thhi jab goliyaan
hum log thhe saath mein aen
aur hausle thhe jawaan
ab tak chattaanon pe hai ae
apne lahoo ke nishaan aan
saathi mubaarak tumhen aen
ye jashn hai jeet ka
bas itna yaad rahe ae ae
ek saathi aur bhi thha

(Vande Matram
Vande Matram)

kal tumse bichhdi hui
mamta jo phir se miley
kal phool chehra koi
jab tumse milke khiley
kal tumse bichhdi hui ee
mamta jo phir se miley
kal phool chehra koi ee
jab tumse milke khiley
paao tum itni khushi ee
mit jaayen saare giley ae ae
hai pyaar jinse tumhen aen
saath rahen woh sada
bas itna yaad rahe ae ae
ek saathi aur bhi thha

(this part plays along with end titles)

jab aman ki baansuri ee
goonje gagan ke taley
jab dosti ka diya aa
inn sarhadon pe jaley
jab bhool ke dushmani ee
lag jaaye koi galey ae ae
jab saare insaanon ka aa
ho ek hi kaafila
bas itna yaad rahey ae ae
ek saathi aur bhi thha
jaao jo laut ke tum
ghar ho khushi se bhara aa aa
bas itna yaad rahe ae ae
ek saathi aur bhi thha
bas itna yaad rahe ae ae
ek saathi aur bhi thha

4 Responses to "Bas itna yaad rahe ek saathi aur bhi thha"

Nalini Ji,
Thanks for this post in commemoration of Kargil Vijay Din, an important day in the history of Independent India. I appreciate the capsule on what exactly happened.
Touching song


🙂 thank you for liking my selection


Nice post Peevesie’s Mom ji. Our tributes to the martyrs who laid down their lives for the nation, sacrificed their today for the tomorrow of their country.
Liked the song selection. I think I listened this song for the first time here.
Liked the song very much.
And happy birthday and our greetings to Sonu Nigam on his birthday today.

Liked by 1 person

🙂🙏🏻thank you. Very meaningful song


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