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Ek bewafa se pyaar kiyaa

Posted on: July 30, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Duniya Deewaani-1943. This film was made by Kamal Pictures and the director was K.L.Kahan-who made Debut with this film as a director. Later he directed 5 more films…..Qatil-44, Nishana-46, Khooni-46, Bahadur Naresh and Tilasmi Kangan-49. All these films were stunt films. The Music Director for today’s film was K.Narayan Rao. He composed 10 songs in this film written by another Debutante Arshad Gujarati. In this film he used 5 playback singers.

The cast of the film consisted of 16 actors as per HFGK. Out of these, I know only 5 actors, the rest 11 are unknown to me. The known 5 are the lead pair-Eddie Billimorea and Romila, W.M.Khan, Firoza and Anant Marathe. Of The 5 singers 3 are unknown to me. I could not get any information whatsoever about this film, anywhere. No wonder,because in India at least 60% films were of this type only during the period 1939 to 1946. The reason was simple. Consequent to the crumbling of the Studio system, the ” novo rich’ financers had crashed into the Film industry with bags of money. The action, stunt, costume and C grade social films were made in plenty, because these needed less investment and profits were assured.

Fortunately, even in this period many creative, excellent and musical films were also made by the veterans and genuine film experts. By the end of the year 1942 some ambitious and capable film personalities like V.Shantaram, Mehboob Khan, A.R.Kardar, Ashok kumar, Homi Wadia etc had established their own studio and film companies. Many new playback singers like Hemant kumar, jagmohan sursagar, Manna Dey, Noorjehan etc and new Music Directors like Kamal Dasgupta, C Ramchandra, Vasant Desai, Ninu Mujumdar etc debuted in Hindi films. Artistes from New Theatres, Calcutta, like Saigal, Prithviraj, Kidar Sharma, K.N.Singh etc came to Bombay and the film industry in Bombay started shining with these changes in and from 1943 onwards.

Due to all these new changes and activities, the “outsiders” with Moneybags soon lost interest in films and turned to other fields. This paved the way for the film industry to enter into the ” Golden Era ” by the end of the decade.

The Hero of the film Duniya Diwani-1943 was Eddie Billimorea. He was a case of ” Mistaken Identity” to enter into film acting. E.(Eddie or Adi) Billimoria ( 1900-1981) came into film acting by accident. Eddie Billimoria was born in 1900 in Kirkee, a cantonment town near Poona, where his father worked in the ordinance factory. At 13 he ran away to join the railways as a fireman, hoping as many boys do to become an engine driver. Unfortunately, he fell ill and for a change of climate his parents took him to Bombay. There for the first time he saw a film – a silent American film. And it was then as he says, “that my troubles started.”

In Kirkee he couldn’t see any films as the only cinema hall was meant exclusively for British soldiers. Indians were not allowed. Eddie got around this by becoming a gate-keeper. During his spare time he hung around the projectionist cabin, and one day when the projectionist walked off in a drunken fit, Eddie got his job. Soon he decided to try his luck as a projectionist in Bombay. At nights he slept in the Azad Maidan and during the day he hung around the Excelsior and Empire cinemas hoping for a job. One night his hat, shoes and coat were stolen and Eddie felt the world had come to an end. Seeing the shoeless, coatless, hatless boy “from a good family” a kindly projection equipment dealer offered him a job. After this Eddie demonstrated and installed projection equipment in almost a thousand cinemas all over the country.

One day, he went to meet his younger brother D.Billimoria ( Dinshaw Billimoria), who had joined the film industry as an actor, in a studio. Both brothers, being Parsis, looked similar. The make-up man of that studio mistook E. for D. Billimoria, without caring about his protests,did his make-up. What’s more, the director immediately gave him a role in that silent movie,”Punjab Mail”-1929 too. Eddie enjoyed this confusion and did what was told. Thus he entered the cinema world. His first film as a Hero was Raj Ramani. He did 7 silent films with Imperial and 10 with Ranjit studios. At Imperial, he met a young man Prithviraj Kapoor, who worked as an extra there. After the arrival of Talkie films, Eddie was Hero in 32 Ranjit films. With actress Madhuri alone he did 15 films. He was called Dev Anand of Stunt films.He was the first Cowboy Hero of India.

Then for some time he was with Paramount owned by Kikubhai Desai. Desai’s sudden death led to the end of Eddie’s career as a leading man. After this he started accepting character roles, but even these were few and far between. Finally, he had to resort to playing an extra in crowd scenes.

After 1938, he did character roles and after 1953,as an extra in any film to survive. In old age he did service in a Fridge and A.C. shop. E.Billimoria died on 18-2-1981 in his own flat in Kemps corner, Bombay. He has worked in 73 Talkie films, directed 1 film,-Sone ki chidiya-48. He even sang 4 songs in 4 films,as per HFGK. His first Talkie film was Radha Rani or Divine lady-1932 and the last film was Honeymoon-73.( Thanks for some information taken from Cineplot and from book,”Inhe na bhulana” by Shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji )

There is one actress in the cast, who is not known to many – FIROZA. Firoza (real name Susan Soloman) was born in a village in Konkan, Maharashtra on 30-7-1905, into a Bene Isareli Jew community. By the time she finished her education, she was proficient in Hebrew, Marathi, Hindi and English. In spite of opposition from family, she started working in silent films and soon became popular. Some of her films also became famous and hits. She continued working in silent films till 1934, when Silent films stopped being made. Due to family’s opposition, she had to leave her house. She stayed in Bombay.

With the advent of Talkie films, she naturally entered Talkie films, with Noor E Yaman-1935, in a small role. She acted in films like Bhikaran-35, Aansuon ki duniya-36,Bharat ke laal-36, Jeevan Jyoti- 37, Dukhiyari-37, Veerbala-38 etc.etc. Due to her success in films,m she fell a prey to false promises and dreamt of working in Hollywood films.She wasted 3 years in this and dejected, started working in films again here with Ek Raat-42, Circus girl-43, Duniya diwani-43, Bhagta bhoot-43, Andhi duniya-43, Din Raat-45, Lal Batti-47, Daulat ke liye-47, Haatimtai-47, Dilwale-48 etc.

She became an alcoholic and a chain smoker. She made the mistake of refusing offers from Bombay Talkies and other big banners. Meanwhile she fell in love with actor Chandra Mohan and wished to marry him, but he became a drunkard and died in 1949. Her financial condition became worse. She did small roles in Marathi and Hindi films. Yasmin -54 was her last film.

She lost her parents and lived alone in a single room, where she died unnoticed one day in early 70s. She was one of the top 5 Jew actresses, included in the Documentary ” Shalom Bollywood’ made by Danny Ben-Moshe in 2003. Thus ended a talented artiste !.

NOTE – There was another FIROZA BEGUM- wife of Music Director Kamal Dasgupta of Calcutta. She is different. She was Bangla Deshi singer. Never acted in any film.

(Ack: Information culled from Beete kal ke sitare by S.Tamrakar,” The untold story of Jews in Indian Cinema”-Sunday Guardian, Women in Hindi Cinema by Bhavna, Jigna and Supriya, and my notes.)

The song presented today is sung by K.Sundaramma. She was Music Director K.Narayan Rao’s wife. She was a trained classical singer by hobby. Narayan Rao gave her a break in this film. However, she did not pursue singing in films as a Playback singer, hence film Duniya Diwani became the first and last film for her career. Narayan Rao had also given a break to Lyricist Indivar in his film Jagriti-1949. He also introduced 3 playback singers in that film -Sanjivani Pai, Lalita Rao and Freni Shroff.

With today’s song, the singer K Sundaramma and the film Duniya Deewaani-1943 are making their Debuts on this Blog.

Song- Ek bewafa se pyaar kiya (Duniya Deewaani)(1943) Singer- K Sundaramma, Lyricist- Arshad Gujarati, MD- K Narayan Rao


Ek bewafa se pyaar kiya aa aa aa
aa aa aa
pyaar kiya hai pyaar kiya
Ek bewafa se pyaar kiya
pyaar kiya hai pyaar kiya
har waqt dil ne waar kiya
waar kiya hai pyaar kiya
Ek bewafa

aa aa aa aa
ae intahaaye ?? ye deewaangi teri ae ae ae ae
kyon unpe aitbaar kiya aa aa
aitbaar kiya hai pyaar kiya
kyon unpe aitbaar kiya
aitbaar kiya hai pyaar kiya
Ek bewafa

aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
?? hai ?? koshishen
naakaam ho gayin
bekaar unse pyaar kiyaa
aa aa aa
pyaar kiya hai pyaar kiya
bekaar unse pyaar kiyaa
pyaar kiya hai pyaar kiya
Ek bewafa

?? dil ka ??
aur sar chhupa saki ee ee ee ee
ro ro ke ashkaar kiya
aa aa
ashkaar kiya hai pyaar kiya
ro ro ke ashkaar kiya
ashkaar kiya hai pyaar kiya
Ek bewafa

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