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Jagat hai sapna koi na apna

Posted on: October 21, 2021

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Today’s song is from a very old, i.e. 83 year old film, which was one of the popular films of Wadia Movietone. The film was Lutaru Lalna-1938 and the title role was done by then famous stunt queen The Fearless nadia. Yes, this was a C grade stunt film. In those years, when the Talkie itself had not even entered it’s Teens, these stunt films, especially featuring Nadia were very popular. C grade stunt films were not yet looked down upon by the elite. That categorisation started from the mid 40’s, when social and films of other Genres divided the audience and stunts became the choice of the lower class of the society.

When the Talkie films started, the audience was awestruck and went to the theatres to see and enjoy whatever the producers served them on the screen. Initially, the films were mostly Mythological and Costume dramas, but in due course, the film makers realised that making a stunt film was much more profitable than a Costume drama. Stunt films could be made in Rs. 30-50 thousand, whereas for other films, the investment was more. Further religious films catered to only a particular religion, i.e. Muslim and Christian audience would not see a Mythological film and Hindu and Christians will not see a Muslim religious film. But stunt films were for all and sundry. There was no restriction.

Due to all this, the pioneers of stunt/action films decided to concentrate on this Genre only. Wadia Movietone was the leading film maker of these C grade films. Other companies who made such films were, Imperial, Ranjit, Sharda, krishna, Saraswati, Saroj, Sagar, Bharat Royal, Ajanta, Madan etc. in 1933 Wadias entered with force in this market, and followed by others, in just 3 years i.e. from 1933 to 1935, a total of 138 films of Stunt/Action, Costume, Arabian Night stories and magic based Imaginary films ( all C grade) were made. Significantly, out of these 138 films, as many as 42 films were Stunt and Action films. This was mainly because of Wadia Movietone. They introduced Fearless Nadia in Hunterwali-35 and virtually ignited the flame of Stunt/Action films from 1935 to 1950. Thus the decade of the 40s could well be called “Stunt Film Decade” with 210 such films from 1941 to 1950.

Wadia Movietone was a noted Indian film production company and studio, based in Mumbai, established in 1933 by Wadia brothers J. B. H. Wadia and Homi Wadia. It was most known for stunt, fantasy and mythological films, including Hunterwali (1935).

Wadia brothers belonged to a Parsi family, and their ancestors came from the ship building Wadia family (Wadia Group), originally from Surat, which also built the British wartime ship HMS Trincomalee (1817). Their ancestors moved to Bombay in the 18th century. It was co-established in 1933, by producer and screenwriter J. B. H. Wadia, his younger brother director Homi Wadia, film distributor Manchersha B. Billimoria, and brothers Burjor and Nadirsha Tata.

However, the Tata brothers left the partnership within three years. The company then continued production of film, documentaries and newsreels from its studios near Lowjee Castle, Mumbai, the Wadia family mansion, owned by their great-grandfather Lovji Nusserwanjee Wadia, a noted shipbuilder, who founded the Wadia Group in 1736. The company even had its logo as a ship, honouring their family legacy. Their company made Hunterwali (1935) starring Fearless Nadia, Boman Shroff and John Cawas, which became a surprise hit and its first big success. Thereafter, they made several films based on the Arabian Nights.

However, by the end the 1930s, the genre of stunt, fantasy and mythology films which dominated the early films, was beginning to fail and the company ran into heavy losses, after they invested into ambitious projects which flopped. The last film made by the company was Raj Nartaki (1941) under the direction of Madhu Bose. Thereafter, the studio premises were up for sale; V. Shantaram bought the studio in 1942 and established Rajkamal Kalamandir on the premises. Homi Wadia, who worked as a director of the company, went on to establish Basant Pictures in the same year, though initially as a film production house. Subsequently, he established a film studio under the same banner in 1947, which functioned till 1981.

Riyad Vinci Wadia, grandson of J.B.H. Wadia inherited the studio in 1990. He is most known for his film, Bomgay (1996) and a documentary on Nadia, Fearless: The Hunterwali Story. He died in 2003. Wadia Movietone, besides making stunt films, had some FIRSTs to their credit like, they made India’s first songless movie ” Naujawan” in 1937. First English film “The Court Dancer’-1941 and the first Sindhi film ” Ekta”-1942. They also made a Telugu film “Nar Narayan”-37, two Tamil films ‘Vanraz Karsan’-38 and Bharat kesari-39, one Bangla film ” Raj Nartaki”-41 and one Gujrati film Valo Namori-73.

From 1933 to 1942(till the split) they made 43 films. From 43 to 73 only 24 films. Their last Hindi film was Saaz aur Sanam-71 and the overall last film was a Gujarati film in 1973. J.B.H.Wadia was born on 13-12-1901 and died on 4-1-1986. His brother Homi Wadia was born on 22-5-1911 and died on 10-12-2004.

Their Ace Actress for most films was Fearless Nadia.

Mary Evans (Fearless Nadia’s real name), a devout catholic was born on 8-1-1908 at Perth, Australia, to a Scottish father and a Greek mother. Father,a British Army soldier, was based in Elephanta caves in Bombay. She wanted to be a singer and a dancer. She learnt dancing from father and singing from mother. She sang in the local church choirs on Sundays. In 1915, when her father died in WW I action, they shifted to first Peshawar and then settled in Bombay. After working in an Army canteen for some time, She joined a dancing troupe. Here her name was changed to first NADA and then to NADIA.

One Mr. Eruch Kanga, owner of Lahore cinema saw her performance in the troupe and told the Wadia Brothers, who were looking for a Heroine. They called her for an interview. After seeing her, the brothers realised the difficulty in making a white woman a Heroine in Hindi films. In the interview JBH wadia said, “I have never heard about you before. ” she sprightly retorted,” I too had not heard your names till this morning”. The brothers were impressed and she was appointed in Wadia Movietone. To test her, she was given small roles in films which were in the making, like Lal e yaman and Noor e yaman, while she studied speaking Hindi.

She was launched with ” HUNTERWALI-1935″ ,a dramatic story of a Princess trying to rescue her kidnapped father and salvage his Empire. It was an unconventional role and a new subject for the Indian audience.

The film opened in Super cinema on Lamington road, Bombay and instantly became a great Hit. It was like a revolution. Audience was thrilled to see a white woman, donning a mask and cracking whip at her tormentors. They were awed, happy and mesmerised, wanting more of it .She was named NADIA. They added FEARLESS for her in the ads.

HUNTERWALI was only a prelude to a remarkable career. Encouraged by the success of Hunterwali, films were made on the cause of social injustice, women’s emancipation, corruption, Land grabbing and Exploitation of the poor. She always played roles like King Arthur and Robin Hood.

Her films had a set of characters. There was her pet Horse-Punjab ka Beta, Gunboat the Dog and her jalopy was called Rolls Royce ki beti (later when Homi Bhabha started Basant Pictures with her, there was Horse Rajpoot, Dog Moti and the car- Austin ki Bachhi). In her films, usually the villain was Sayani (his stock line was ” Dekha Jaayega”), John Cawas and Boman Shroff- the heavyweight Bodybuilders.

Her stunts became more dangerous and death defying with every film. She did all her stunts herself, breaking bones many times in this.

From 1933 to 1968 she did 43 films. herv first film was Lal-E-Yaman-33 and the last film was Khiladi-68. She also sang 3 songs in 3 films, namely Noor-E-yaman-35, Hunterwali-35 and Pahadi kanya-36. Her name in many films (starting with Hunterwali) was Madhuri.

She had married and divorced early and also had a son. Later she was in love with Homi Wadia, but could not marry him due to the opposition of his mother. They married in 1961 after his mother died. She was 53 years old by then.

In her last days she was frequently seen in the lanes of Colaba in Bombay ,taking her dogs for walks.

In 1993, her great grand nephew Riyad Vinci Wadia made a documentary on her, in which she had appeared.

She died peacefully on 9-1-1996.

Nadia has a special place in my memories. Sometime in 1972, one of my friends, Mahesh Sharma, who lived in Colaba, Bombay, told me that he frequently sees Nadia in a Garden where he went for his morning walks. She lived near his apartments. Anxious to meet her and talk to her, I stayed with Sharma ji overnight. Next day morning, we both went to that garden. Sure enough, after some time Nadia entered the garden with two of her dogs. She sat on a bench and her servant took the dogs for their walks. Mahesh had a casual acquaintance with her. He greeted her and said ” this is my friend Mr. Deshmukh. He is your great fan “. I greeted her and recited names of her 10-15 films which I had seen. She looked suitably impressed . She smiled and we talked for a few minutes and left. Alas ! In those days, there was no Mobile phone, otherwise I would have had my photos with her as a prize possession. Anyway, I will never forget my meeting with her- the great Stunt Queen, The Fearless Nadia !

Today’s song is sung by Sarita, Master Muhammed and chorus. It is a typical 30’s decade song. The story of this film was almost the same as any other film of Nadia. Kind and simple king, cruel and wicked Senapati, a Masked person to fight against him , a love affair and happy ending after the audience was given a full dose of stunts by Nadia.

Song- Jagat hai sapna koi na apna (Lutaru Lalna)(1938) Singers- Sarita, Master Muhammad, Lyricist- Pt. Gyan, MD- Master Muhammad


Jagat hai sapna
koi na apna
jaag uthha ae bande
Jagat hai sapna
koi na apna
jaag uthha ae ?? bande

is boodhhe musalmaan ki ??
isi ne hindu ladki se bheekh mangwaai hai
haan haan ye sach baat hai

dharm bhrasht kar raha hai

ye jurm mera nahin
jab tum hindu hokar
ek yateem kanya ko
ann aur paani na doge
to kya
ek sachha
?? musalmaan bhi apna farz poora na karega

ye wo buzurg hain
jinhone dharm sankat mein mujhe aasra diya thha
?? muslim se mili taaleem
ye quraan ki
Hindu hi rakkha mujhe
na fikr ki jaan ki
apni jaati ne suna na jab meri fariyaad ko
Hindu beti aa gayi godi mein musalmaan ki

?? baba


kya ek musalmaan ek hindu ke liye itni qurbaani kar sakta hai
kyun nahin baba

jab ??ji ka upnishad ?? ek hai
Kashi Kaba mandir masjid ??
sab ka imaan ek hai

?? ka parda ?? ka tum uthha kar dekh lo
fark kuchh mein nahin
hindu musalmaan ek hai


jagat hai sapna
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa

jaag uthha hai ?? bande
jagat hai sapna koi na apna
jaag uthha ?? bande

??? ek hai ??
??? ek hai ??
ye kahin ??
ye kahin ??
ye kahin ??
ye kahin ??

jaag uthha ?? bande
jaag uthha ?? bande
jagat hai sapna koi na apna
jaag uthha ?? bande

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