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Ab to shamshaan ki maati hi meri maata hai

Posted on: January 9, 2022

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Today’s song is from the 1969 movie ‘Sambandh’. I was aware of this ‘title’ since my childhood and I mainly associated this movie with its song ‘Chal Akelaa Chal Akelaa Chal Akelaa, Tera Mela Peechhe Chhoota Raahi Chal Akelaa’. I have a big nostalgia of this song, and whenever I listen to it the song takes me to a different world altogether. This song brings back many memories of childhood for me.

Somehow, I didn’t get to watch this movie for many years, and later on when I started my music collection (1986-1988), I got to listen to another song from this movie i.e., ‘Andhere Mein Jo Baithhe Hain, Nazar Un Par Bhi Kuchh Daalo’ which I got in a compilation ‘Hits of Mahendra Kapoor’.

Then I came across one more song from this movie, this time sung by Hemant Kumar – ‘Apni Maata Ke Dulaare Bachche’ I like them all. And since the songs were penned by Kavi Pradeep my attraction towards this movie only increased further.

Secondly the music for this movie was composed by OP Nayyar Saab. And none of the songs composed by him for this movie sound like his characteristic music. That created a mystical ‘aura’ about this movie around me and that is still there (even I watched it once now I want to watch it more).

Then I became aware of one more song from this movie which was sung by Asha Bhonsle ‘Akeli Hoon Main Piya Aa’…

Years passed, and I carried the memory of the above songs. When I become associated with this blog, I was still interested to know about this movie and its songs. But it was only recently when for the ‘blog ten-year challenge’ our dear Prakash ji sent all the remaining songs from this movie that were still to be posted.

He sent us remaining four songs. Before that one more song ‘Tum Ko To Karodon Saal Huye Batlaao Gagan Gambhir’ got posted on the blog. Around the same time, I was browsing the HFGK Vol-IV (1961-1970) for the movies of 1969. Obviously, this movie ‘Sambandh’ features in that list too.

Finally I decided to watch this movie online. I liked the movie very much, but the print available online is not of a good quality both for the picture and the sound. Also, some parts and songs seemed to be edited from the available version of this movie.

Coming to today’s song from this movie, I can write something about it now as I have watched this movie. The song happens when Deb Mukherjee has lost his mother Sulochana. Deb had to perform his mother’s last rites without his father. He is aware that Pradeep Kumar is his father. But Pradeep Kumar is not aware that Deb Mukherji is his own son. Grief stricken Deb Mukherjee sings this song on the stage where Pradeep Kumar is also present. As Deb Mukherjee could not control his emotions while performing this song and stops singing, Pradeep Kumar who was listening in the spectator’s gallery come to the stage and sings a song consoling Deb Mukherjee. This second song is the song ‘Apni Maata Ke Dulaare Bachche’, or ‘Ab To Is Desh Ki Maati Hi Teri Maata Hai’.

The first song (or the first part) is the song we are going to listen to today. It is sung by Mahendra Kapoor.

Today also happens to be the eighty-eighth birth anniversary of Mahendra Kapoor (09.01.1934 – 27.09.2008), so this song also serves as a tribute to him.

Also seen in the picturisation of this song are Abhi Bhattacharya, Achala Sachdev, Nana Palsikar, Anjana Mumtaz, Vijaya Choudhury, Milon Mukerji, Sulochana Latkar, Ulhas and others.

Lyrics for today’s song were sent by Prakashchandra.

Let’s take a look on the list of songs of this movie and their status on the blog, as given below. We will further discuss about the movie in the concluding posts for the songs of this movie. For now I am skipping those details.

SNo Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Chal akelaa, chal akelaa, chal akelaa aa, tera mela peechhe chhoota raahi Mukesh 20.07.2009
02 Andhere mein jo baithhe hain Mahendra Kapoor 11.03.2011
03 Akeli hoon main piyaa aa Asha Bhonsle 23.07.2011
04 Apni maa ki qismat par mere bete tu mat ro Asha Bhonsle
05 Yah khushi leke main kya karoon Mahendra Kapoor
06 Dard ke gaaon se niklo Asha Bhonsle
07 Jo diya thha tumne ek din, mujhe phir wo pyaar de do/a> Mahendra Kapoor, Hemant Kumar 01.10.2011
08 Hey jagat pitaa parmaatmaa Asha Bhonsle, Hemant Kumar (19.07.2019
09 Tum ko to karodon saal huye batlaao gagan gambhir Asha Bhonsle (19.07.2019/td>
10 Main to kaanton mein rah loongi Asha Bhonsle
11 Ab to shamshaan ki maati hi meri maata hai Mahendra Kapoor
12 Ab to is desh ki maati hi teri maata hai Hemant Kumar 19.07.2009

Let us listen to today’s song now…



Song-Ab to shamshaan ki maati hi meri maata hai (Sambandh)(1969) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrcs-Kavi Pradeep, MD-O P Nayyar

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

mere paas hai aur naa kuchh logon
bas aankh mein aansoo laayaa hoon
main pitaa ke binaa apni maataa ki
chitaa jalaa kar aayaa hoon
jwaalaa se ghiri ee
jab meri maa
bhagwaan ke ghar ko o o jaati thhi
tab tadap tadap aatmaa uski
betaa betaa chillaati thhi
beta aa beta aa aa chillaati thhi

kisi se ab mera rishtaa na koyi naataa hai ae ae aen ae
kisi se ab mera rishtaa na koyi naataa hai
ab to shamshaan ki maati hi meri maataa hai
kisi se ab mera rishtaa na koyi naataa hai
ab to shamshaan ki maati hi meri maataa hai/em>

sun`ne waalon suno kahaani meri
ho gayee khatm zindgaani meri
dhool marghat ki leke haathon mein
ab to baithaa hoon main anaathon mein

dhool marghat ki leke haathon mein aen
ab to baithhaa hoon main anaathon mein
haaye maataa ko main bachaa na sakaa
apne baapoo se main milaa na sakaa
haaye maataa ko main bachaa na sakaa
apne baapoo se main milaa na sakaa
uski arthhi bhi woh uthhaa na sakey ae
uski arthhi bhi woh uthhaa na sakey ae
chaar aansoon bhi woh bahaa na sakey
samay ne kyaa ye din dikhaayaa mujhe
kaisi manzil pe waqt laayaa mujhe
ek taraf hain mere anjaan pitaa aa
ek taraf jal gayi maataa ki chitaa

ek taraf hain mere anjaan pitaa aa
ek taraf jal gayi maataa ki chitaa
achcha hotaa jo main bhi mar jaataa
is dukhi zindagi se tar jaataa
achchhaa hotaa jo main bhi mar jaataa
is dukhi zindagi se tar jaataa
meri maa chal dee
aur main zindaa hoon oon
meri maa chal dee
aur main zindaa hoon oon
main isi baat pe sharmindaa hoon
ae meri maut bulaa ley mujhko
aaj baahon mein uthhaa ley mujhko
aei meri maut bulaa ley mujhko
aaj baahon mein uthhaa ley mujhko



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