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Kabhi tumko hum se bhi pyaar thhaa

Posted on: January 24, 2022

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Today’s song is from an early period costume film-His Highness-1937.

The film was made by Prakash Pictures, who were into making C grade stunt, action and Costume films, before they became famous for Religious and Mythological films in the early 40’s. There was nothing new in the film story, except that in addition to several villains, it had some animals opposing them along with good people. The film was directed by Balwant Bhatt, the elder brother of Nanubhai Bhatt-father of Mahesh Bhatt. The cast of the film was jayant, Sardar Akhtar, Shiriun bano, Umakant, Ismail, Radha, M.Zahoor and many others. There were 2 MDs. The usual MD of Prakash- Shankar Rao Vyas and Lalloobhai Naik. All the 12 songs of the film were written by Sampatlal Shrivastav ‘ Anuj’.

Today’s song is a Parody song. What is a Parody / ” Humorous imitation of a serious composition” is a simple definition. Like Comedy songs, Romantic songs, Childrens songs, Loris, etc, parody songs are also an important segment of poetry. Parody has a very long history. Actually one can say that a Parody is a type of comedy poem. In early Sanskrit Literature also we find Parody, which was called ” Vidamban Kavya” (विडंबन काव्य ).

When the Talkie films started, songs became an integral part of films. Once the set of film making became stable in initial 5-6 years, the films started having Parody songs in it. I remember, I had done a series on “Parody songs in Hindi films” from 16-3-2013 to 2-4-2013, on this Blog, featuring 10 Parody songs from films. In the first post of that series 9 years ago, I had given information on the first few Parody songs in Hindi films. I reproduce here a small relevant portion of that post, for the benefit of our new readers….

” The very FIRST Parody song in Hindi films came as early as 1936. It came from a film called ” Sunehra Sansaar”-1936. It was a Parody of a famous patriotic song by Dr.Iqbal-” Saare jahan se achha Hindosta hamara…” The parody song was ‘ Saare jahan se achha saabun bana hamara,hum kishtiyan hai iski…’

The lyricist was Vijay Kumar, B.A. and the Music Director was K C Dey. When the song was released, instead of becoming popular, it drew people’s ire for distorting a patriotic song. There was criticism and several protests.

Another Music Director Master Mohd. (who was well known for composing many patriotic songs in those days, in his films) decided to make a Parody of K C Dey’s famous song, ‘Jao jao aye mere sadhu…’ from Pooran Bhagat-1933.

He included this parody song in the same year in his film ‘ Miss Frontier Mail ‘-1936. The lyrics for this song were- gaao gaao aye mere aye mere sadhu…’.It was sung by Minu,the Mystique in the film. This Minu was actually Minoo Cooper, a regular singer in Bombay city Parsi circles. He used to sing in many Hotels in those days. He has also sung a few more songs in Hindi films later.

This retaliatory Parody song was well received by the audience and it became popular too.

So, parody songs entered Hindi films with an interesting History behind them ! ”

In addition to the above, there is an example of a famous Parody song which became popular in its time. The story is, when singer actor Surendra was discovered by Sagar Movietone, they decided to project him as Bombay’s answer to Calcutta’s K L Saigal. Impressed with Surendra’s singing capabilities, Sagar made him a hero in his first film ” Deccan Queen ”-1936. In this film Surendra was given a Parody song for saigal’s famous song ” Balam aaye baso mere mann mein” from film Devdas-1935. In this film the song was ” Birha ki aag lagi mere mann mein”.

Thus one finds that parody songs became instant hits in their first appearance in the initial years 1936-1937 itself. In the subsequent years many such Parody songs featured in films. The most important condition for a Parody song is that the Original song must be so popular that people will recognise it from the tune of the parody song itself. For presenting my series on parody songs, I had searched and collected about 250 parody film songs. A big list was available on the then popular group “Hamara Forum”, on the internet.

Coming to today’s parody song “Kabhi tum ko bhi hum se pyaar tha”, from film His Highness-37, it was a Parody of the famous Ghazal “wo jo hum mein tum mein qarar tha, tumhe yaad ho ke na ho” written by the famous Urdu poet Momin Khan Momin (1800-14-5-1852). he was also known as Hakeem Khan, due to his ancestral profession. He died from an accidental fall from his terrace.

The Hero of the film was Jayant. Jayant was born as Zakaria Khan,on 15-10-1912 at Alwar, Rajasthan. His father Syed Ahmed Khan was originally from Peshawar, but was working as a Sports Coach in the court of the Maharaja of Alwar,Rajasthan. Along with his elder brother Jahangir Khan, Jayant used to sell ‘Makka-Bhutta’ (Maize) on a roadside thela and thus earned his pocket money, with which he used to see films. When he grew up, he was taken by his father to the Maharaja, who recruited him as Second Lieutenant in his Army. Jayant soon got bored with this life, left the job and came to Bombay in search of a job in films. When he met Vijay Bhatt of Prakash pictures, this 6’1″ tall,handsome and young man was liked by him. Jayant also knew Horse riding and swimming. He was named JAYANT by Vijay Bhatt and offered a role in their film Nayi Duniya-1934. Rajkumari Banaraswali also debuted in this film.

Excellent Urdu delivery and handsome personality earned Jayant Hero’s roles in Bambai ki Sethani,Bombay Mail, Lal chithi, Shamsheer-e-Arab, Azadveer, Passing show, Snehlata, Top ka gola, Challenge, His Highness, Khwab ki duniya, Mr.X, State Express, Hero no.1, Sardar and Mala. By now his salary was 3700 per month. He was more at ease in Costume and stunt films than social flicks.

Khwaab ki Duniya-37 was based on the story of Invisible Man and this was the first film as a Director for Vijay Bhatt. Babubhai Mistry from Surat used Trick photography in this film,by using Black Thread on black background.

Jayant was married to 13 year old Kamarbano Sultan. His first son,Imtiaz khan was born on 15-10-42 and second son was born on 21-10-43. He was Amjad Khan (Gabbar singh of Sholay). As a child, Amjad khan was very frail and weak till his second year. Later in his youth, of course he expanded out of proportion. Jayant’s elder brother Jahangir Khan died suddenly in an accident. Jayant was very much attached to him. To forget the sorrow, Jayant started smoking and drinking. After he was out of Prakash Pictures, he was taken by Minerva for Sikander’s role. When Sohrab Modi saw him smoking and drinking on sets, he was summarily thrown out and the role went to Prithwiraj Kapoor, for whom it was a Milestone in his career.

Jayant worked in Aladdin, Laila, Bulbul e Baghdad, Mere saajan, Zewar and Dawat. He even went to Lahore to act in “Poonji” and “Shirin Farhad”. When Shirin Farhad became a resounding flop, Jayant stopped getting roles, but he never went to anyone to ask for roles. P N Arora went to Jayant’s house to sign him for Doli. After Partition, his finances became critical and he had to sell even family jewelry for his drinks. He acted in character roles in Amar ,Insaniyat, Madhumati, Maya, Memdidi, Son of India, Kabli Khan, Hakikat, Leader, Himalay ki God mein, Sangharsh, Do Raaste, Heer Ranjha, Mera Gaon Mera Desh etc. He worked in 105 films. Can you imagine Jayant singing ? Yes, he had sung a song in the film State Express-1938, along with Sardar Akhtar.

Jayant was a family man. Till the end he had only one wife and he followed the rule to partake the dinner at home with all family members daily. He contracted Cancer, lost his voice in 1970. His last film was ‘Love and God’,which was released 11 years after his death.

Jayant died on 2-6-1975. ( Thanks to shri Harish Raghuvanshi ji, for Jayant’s profile in his Gujarati book ,Inhe na Bhulana ).

The story of film His Highness was…….

When the king of Rajnagar dies, the Queen (Gulab) discovers that he had bequeathed the throne not to her mad son Pratap (Umakant), but to their nephew, the young Prince Kirit (Madhav). This made the queen very angry.

Captain Dilip (Jayant), Kirit’s bodyguard, takes the boy and his animal pals, Tiger (Dog Tiger) and Bahadur (Horse Bahadur), on an outing along with servants Ram (Lekhraj) and Rahim (Chhotejan). A group of ruffians surround Dilip and Kirit and attack them, knocking Dilip unconscious, and kidnapping Kirit. Bahadur gallops away to inform Ram and Rahim while Tiger takes off after the goons. Meanwhile, back at the palace, the aged prime minister (Jal Writer), Princess Asha (Sardar Akhtar), and Asha’s maid Kala (Shirin), are told of the kidnapping. Kala then overhears the queen planning to place the blame on Dilip for the kidnapping, thus doing away with him. Kala finds and informs Dilip that it is safest if he stays away from the kingdom for the time being.

Tiger finds Kirit but is unable to free him. However, the dog is able to lead Dilip, on horseback, to the cabin where the prince is being held. Dilip, Tiger and Bahadur put up a good fight against the ruffians, but the crooked Jalim Singh has Dilip arrested. Jalim attempts to take off with Kirit, but Ram and Rahim are able to rescue him.

The queen learns that the prince has been saved by some unknown persons and arranges that the boy should be found and killed, and that the killer will be appointed Prime Minister. Her plan is foiled by a masked man and eventually Kirit is returned safely to the palace.

But with Dilip having vanished, the minister must find someone else to play bodyguard. The Queen suggests her loyal follower Captain Ajaya (M. Zahoor), but the minister disapproves of that choice. When the Queen starts to form another dastardly plan, the mysterious masked man makes an appearance and cautions her to take no actions against Kirit. But the Queen soon ignores the warning and arranges a plot to frame the minister for some crime, thus leaving Kirit with no protection. But she didn’t count on the involvement of Asha, Kala, Tiger, Bahadur and Tommy (Dog Tommy) in trying to save the life of the child prince. (Thanks to .

let us now enjoy the Parody song,a Triad, sung by Rajkumari, Lallobhai and Ismail.

Song- Kabhi tum ko hum se bhi pyaar thha (His Highness)(1937) Singers- Rajkumari Dubey, Lallubhai, E.Ismail, Lyricist- Sampatlal Shrivastav ‘Anuj’, MD- Not known


Kabhi tum ko hum se bhi pyaar thha
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
Kabhi tum ko hum se bhi pyaar thha
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
wo wafa ki kasmein jo khaayin thhin
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
wo wafa ki kasmein jo khaayin thhin
kabhi chaandni mein jo khol kar
maine zulfen shaanon pe daal deen
kabhi chaandni mein jo khol kar
maine zulfen shaanon pe daal deen
mujhe tum ne dil se laga liyaa
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
mujhe tum ne dil se laga liyaa
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

kabhi ham bhi tum bhi thhe o sanam
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

na taka thha aapki jeb mein
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho

wo anarkali ke baazaar mein
maine girvi rakkhi thhi chappalen
wo jo tumko lassi pilaayi thhi
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
tujhe yaad ho ke na yaad ho
na machine gun se na tope se
mujhe maara nakhron ke teer se
na machine gun se na tope se
mujhe maara nakhron ke teer se
main ?? ka jawaan thha
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho o o

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