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Hamne dekha thha ek sapna

Posted on: January 30, 2022

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In Memory of Mahatma Gandhi – the father of the nation.

Eknath Easwaran writes in the preface of a book:

“In India, Mahatma Gandhi is officially Father of the Nation. Under his leadership India attained freedom from the British Empire through a 30-year campaign based on complete non-violence that ended with both sides allied in respect and friendship. That alone will secure his place in the history books, but not necessarily his place in a series of the world’s spiritual classics.”

He says further:
“One of the first lessons Gandhi learned in South Africa was to begin by bringing people together onto higher ground. India was exploitable because it exploited our own people. We were weak because we were divided into innumerable factions, each seeking its own gain, making it simple to play us against each other – an old Roman empire tactic practiced by the East India Company and made official imperial policy after the mutiny (1857). His analysis made perfect sense, once grasped, but it wasn’t a matter of politics to Gandhi. It was the obvious corollary of the unity of life, in which the welfare of all of us together was bound up with those whom the poet Rabindranath Tagore called “the lowest, the lowliest, and the lost.”

Those ideas sound conventional enough today, but to put them into proactive is always a shock. In India they caused an earthquake. By linking independence with the way, we treated one another, Gandhi shook the country from top to bottom. Gandhi made a cornerstone of his campaign for national freedom the freedom of those whom the rest of India called “untouchable”. He campaigned for them from the Himalayas to India’s southernmost tip.

Everywhere he told us that all of us were one and that we would never have the unity to throw off foreign rule, or even be worthy of self-government, until we ceased exploiting our own people……..It was an impossible appeal because it attacked ways of thinking ground deep into unconscious conditioning for countless generations. Yet people all over India responded……..The man had to walk! And with equal joy and amazement India rose too.

These are some of the quotes of Mahatma Gandhi’s various writings and editorials:
“For me patriotism is the same as humanity. I am patriot because I am human and humane. It is not exclusive. I will not hurt England or Germany to serve India……The law of the patriot is not different from the law of the patriarch. And a patriot is so much a patriot, if he is a lukewarm humanitarian. There is no conflict between private and political law. A non-cooperator, for instance, would act exactly in the same manner towards his father or brother as he is today acting towards the (British) Government.” – Young India, March 16, 1921.

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” – Young India, January 8, 1925.

“A man is but a product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” – Ethical religion.

This song I am presenting is from an unreleased movie titled “Bapu ka Sapna”. The song is not really talking about Mahatma Gandhi, but pays tribute to his philosophy in the beginning, with these lines:

Eeshwar Allah tero naam
Sab ko sanmati de bhagwaan

This is the only song recorded for this film, as per the list on There is an interesting story about how found this song. Today 30th January is also the 93rd birthday of an actor of repute in hindi and Marathi films, theatre and TV, Ramesh Deo. When I saw his name in the anniversary page, I remembered a video the a Rafi song filmed on Ramesh Deo in a black in a white film. I had seen it a few days ago and thought I had saved the details somewhere. I started looking for it but could not find it. I searched for the song on youtube, but found another song in colour, a duet of Rafi sahab and Usha Mangeshkar. Then I looked for the imdb page on him for his filmography ( , where I found this film “Bapu ka sapna”.
January 30 is also 74th anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, I decided to post this song from the film, that was starred Ramesh Deo, but never released. For Ramesh Deo, this birthday post had appeared in 2018.

(Kaun sachcha hai kaun jhoothha hai).
Ramesh Deo was commonly seen in movies of 70’s and 80’s with his wife Seema Deo, in character roles. Notable film I remember is ‘Anand’.

I found these posts which are posted in the blog on the occasion of his death anniversary:

Kahaa raam hey raam
Mohandas Karanchand Gandhi para pujaari ahinsa ke
Jai bolo Mahatma Gandhi ki
Suno suno ae duniyaawaalon

There are many more posts celebrating October 2nd as Gandhi ji’s birth anniversary, but I find that the death anniversary posts have ceased after 2015. No matter, this can soon be rectified.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. says, “Gandhi was inevitable. If humanity is to progress. Gandhi is inescapable…….we may ignore him at our own risk.”
Mahatma Gandhi returned to India in 1915, after having spent 20 years in South Africa, spearheading civil right movements there. Having gone to Britain to study law as a young man, returned to India to practice law and shifted to South Africa to practice law, but turned into a civil activist, fighting for the human rights of native Indians there, the experience and exposure to varied issues of humans was instrumental in shaping the man and his intellectual abilities.
What use is the higher education, or the study in the world’s best universities, if one is not able to make use of the advantages it gives, the broadening of mental horizons it entails, to have a true arial view of the issues at hand. Arial view, as in watching a scene, as not a part of the scene, but from the outside.
People of my generation can only imagine, those times, when Gandhi ji was assassinated, so soon after the independence and partition of the cohesive entity that the United State of India, was becoming. From all accounts Gandhi ji was opposed to the partition of the country, and surprisingly, he was not assassinated before 15th August 1947. He is said to have eventually agreed to the partition but his disillusionment with the other leaders is well known. And it is not surprising that he opposed the partition, as it is the very antithesis of his philosophy of unity of ‘highest with the lowest’. The have’s and the have not’s, in other words. I also think, that the visionary in him, is bound have expected this to happen. That a colonial power, having seen the dare-devilry and bravery of all those who opposed their colonisation, and made them struggle for 2 long years, in attaining control of the various kingdoms and states, the cultural and spiritual power of an ancient civilization, with rich natural and human resources, the intellectual power (that the visionaries of united India, could see as a future super power, not just a soft power), were never going to leave the sub-continent intact. They had vast experiences in destroying the united forces, and they toiled for full 5 years, to dismantle ‘the ottoman empire’ brick by brick, brick by brick. The writings were on the wall, and Gandhi could do nothing to stop it. But eventually, paid the price for his high ideals with his life.
And today, the same world powers are hunting for a new ‘theatre of war’, to sell their arms and ammunitions which can revive their fledging economies. Big economies, liberalised one’s are relatively safe, as they can’t be put to flames in a war. So, our visionary economists have done well to liberalise the Indian economy in the 90’s.
It is never the time to not remember and remind ourselves of the gandhian principles of non-violence and non-violent solutions. I had heard some predictions that 3rd world war is going to be for ‘water’ and 4th one will be fought for parking. This joke apart, the wars are still over power, money, money power and power money.
Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy and his preaching of non-violence methods of struggle, have gone on to be emulated in various freedom and civil rights movements the world over. I have seen Richard Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’(1982), where Ben Kingsley played the role of Mahatma Gandhi and won an Oscar for his efforts. I agree with those people, who thought that future generations, will be seeing Ben Kingsley’s movie stills and think that this is the real Gandhi.
In just over 30 years, of Mahatma Gandhi’s involvement in the freedom struggle, he has to his credit, many successful movements. Non-cooperation movement, the swadeshi movement, dandi march, the jail bharo movement are notable in this struggle. Sustaining such a movement for this long in a country full of poor people, is no small task. It required great leadership and mobilization of collective imagination. They imagined ‘swaraj’ and freedom, so they believed in it and achieved it. It is the full truth that every movement and revolutions start in the mind. That is exactly the reason he is hailed as among the greatest of leaders in human history.
I consider it prudent to repeat what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said about Gandhi:
“Gandhi was inevitable. If humanity is to progress. Gandhi is inescapable…….we may ignore him at our own risk.”

Okay, I have said enough. So, we move on to the rare song from ‘Bapu ka Sapna’. The singers are Mukesh, Hemlata accompanied by chorus. Lyrics are by Taajdar Taj and Ratandeep-Hemraj are the composers.


Song-Ham ne dekha thha ek sapna (Bapu Ka Sapna)(1970)(UR) Singers-Mukesh, Hemlata, Lyrics-Taajdar Taj, Music director-Ratandeep-Hemraj
both together,
male chorus,
female chorus


(church bells)
Allah o akbar
Allah o akbar
Allah o akbar
Allah o akbar

Aaa aaaaaaaa
Aaaa aaaaaaa

Vande maataram
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Vande maataram
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Eeshwar Allah tero naam
Vande maataram
Sab ko sanmati de bhagwaan
Vande maataram
Aaaaa aaaaaaaa
Ham ne dekha thha ek sapnaa
Ham ne dekha thha ek sapnaa
Raat andheri pal do pal ki
Apni hongi khushiyaan kal ki
Aane waali nayi pehar ka
Suraj hai apnaa aaa
Ham ne dekha thha ek sapnaa
Ham ne dekha thha ek sapnaa
Aaa aaaaaa
Aaaaaa aaaaaaa
Aaaaaa aaaaaaa
Aaaaa aaaaaaa

Toot gayi zanjeer e ghulaami
Jaage sab ke bhaag yehaan
Waqt ne lekin chhod diye thhe
Jung ke kaale naag yehaan
Jung ki baazi jeetne waalon
Aur bhi hai ek aag yehaan
Aag mein jis ki jal jaate hain
Jeewan ke sab raag yehaan
Jeewan ke sab raag yehaan
Jeewan ke sab raag yehaan
Aaa aaaaaa
Aaaaaa aaaaaaa
Aaaaaa aaaaaaa
Aaaaa aaaaaaa

Ham ne dekha thha ek sapnaa

Ooo oooooo oooo
Kheton ki yeh paawan mitti
Mehki aur gulzar hui

Oye Mehki aur gulzar hui
Jaal milon ka aisa phaila
Kapde ki bharmaar hui

Oye Kapde ki bharmaar hui

Aaaaa aaaaaaa
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Aaaaa aaaaaa

Log hain phir bhi bhooke nanage
Mehnat sab bekaar hui
Kuchh to socho
Desh ki janta aa aaa
Kuchh to socho
Desh ki janta aa
Itni kyun laachaar hui

Itni kyun laachaar hui
Itni kyun laachaar hui

6 Responses to "Hamne dekha thha ek sapna"

Our tributes to Mahatma Gandhi ji on his Remembrance Day.
Thanks Nahm ji for this post. I wish I could have shared a post but it was too late when I realized it today. Also I need to search a song (presently I do not have any song noted for the occasion.).
Grateful Nation remembers Bapu and pay tributes to him today.
Thanks for remembering the anniversary of Ramesh Deo too.
Nice post Nahm ji and thanks again. Liked the post very much.


Thank you for reading the post Avinash ji.



Thank you Nahmji for mentioning Ramesh Deo in the post. He turned 93 yesterday. The last movie of his that I saw was “Ghayal”- I think the movie had a tag line “Once again” where he played Sunny Deol’s father in law.


I didn’t know that Sunny Deol made a sequel to ‘Ghaayal’. The title is Ghayal-once again.


Atul ji,

Some corrections in figures mentioned in the big paragraph(7th from last):

1. “That a colonial power, having seen the dare-devilry and bravery of all those who opposed their colonisation, and made them struggle for 2 long years, in attaining control of the various kingdoms and states, the cultural and spiritual power of an ancient civilization, with rich natural and human resources, the intellectual power …….. ……… ”
It should be “200 long years”.

2. “They had vast experiences in destroying the united forces, and they toiled for full 5 years, to dismantle ‘the ottoman empire’ brick by brick, brick by brick.”
It is “almost 500 years”.

Kindly make this corrections in the post.

Thanks and regards.


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