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Chhum chhananananan chhum chhananananan bichhua boley

Posted on: March 17, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Do Behnen-1959.

The film was made by Brij kala Mandir, Bombay. Produced by J P Sehgal and Kailash Kapoor, it was directed by Kedar Kapoor. Music was composed by Vasant Desai and all the 7 songs were written by Kavi Pradeep. The cast of the film was Shyama, Rajendra Kumar, Chand Usmani, Radha Kishen, Tiwari, Ram Mohan, Leela Mishra and many more.

The director Kedar Kapoor (2.9.1927-5.6.1987) directed 35 films from 1954 to 1983. In his career he was branded as Dara Singh Specialist, because he directed as many as 19 films of Dara Singh. His daughter Madhu kapoor was also an actress, in those days. The pair of composer Vasant Desai and Kavi Pradeep was unusual. They came together only in 2 films of 1959, namely south made School master and Do Behnen. Kavi pradeep was not acceptable to many well known Music Directors of those times, because Pradeep insisted on singing at least one song in every film and he used to force the composer to use the tunes he made for his songs. Due to this, MDs who were famous, could afford to deny working with him, like Naushad for example. Even Vasant Desai had to give one song from both his films to Pradeep to sing.

The story of Do behnen-59 was a story of twin sisters who were poles apart in nature. Shyama did a double role for both sisters. Earlier K.A.Abbas’ story in film ” Anhonee’-1952 had handled such a story. But that too was not the first one. In 1942, the film “Muqabala” depicted 2 sisters having different natures. In that film the Stunt Queen Fearless Nadia did the double role of sisters.

Having a double role in films was not a new thing. Let us take a brief look at the history of Double roles in films. As far back as into the initial era of making silent films, a male actor, Anna Salunke, had done the double role of Shri Ram and Seeta in film ” Lanka Dahan”-1917, made by Dadasaheb Phalke. Later on actress Patience Cooper did double roles of Twin sisters in silent film “Patni Pratap”-1923 and then again as Mother and daughter in silent film “Kashmiri Sundari”-1925. Master Vithal did a double role in the film Raj Tarang-1927.

When Talkie films started, the first film to have a double role was “Awara Shehzada”-1933.The Hero was Shahu Modak. The film was based on Mark Twain’s popular novel “The prince and the pauper’ in 1881. With this film India had beaten Hollywood in this race, because the first Talkie film on this novel was made in Hollywood only in 1937, with the same title of novel. The film featured the handsome Erol Flynn. Another popular film was ” The prisoner of Zenda’ based on the novel of same name by Anthony Hope in 1894 in 1937 and 1952.

In Hindi, a major hit film on double roles was Geeta-1940. In this film the hero-Chandramohan did a role of Father and son and the Heroine Durga Khote did the double role of Mother and wife. The film advocated the principle for the first time in films that ” Crime never pays”. This theme was later used in many films like “Kismat”-43 and “Sangram”-50. Film Geeta became so popular that it was remade as “Ustad’-1957 and “Karmayogi”-1978. Ashok kumar and Raaj Kumar did double roles in these films.

In the south made film “Chandralekha’-1948, the Hero Ranjan had a double role as twin brothers. The trend of making films with double roles went on increasing steadily. I have the statistics of such films from 1931 to 2014. As per this, the double role films were 3 in the 40’s, 11 in 50’s, 37 in 60’s, 63 in 70’s, 62 in 80’s, 81 in 90’s, 45 in 2000 and 17 till 2014.

Leading actors did double roles in films thus –

Amitabh-15 films
Rajesh K. – 11 films
Mithun Ch. -11
Govinda -10
Jeetendra -9
6 films each by Akshay kr., Hema M., Rishi K., Sanjeev kr.,and Shri Devi
5 films by Anupam K., Dilip kr., Mehmood and SRKhan
4 films by Ajay D, Anil k., J.Shroff, KK, Rekha, Sadhana, Salman Khan, Shashi K.
3 films by 15 actors. 2 and 1 by many actors. I have all the names but it will be too long a list.

So much for films with double roles.

The story of Do Behnen-59 was written by eminent writer Pt. Mukhram Sharma ( 29-5-1909 to 25-4-2000): The most famous writer of stories with social themes in the fifties, Pandit Mukhram Sharma had a long association with B. R. Chopra. He had written stories for many of his hit films. Some of his notable films are Ek Hi Raasta, Aulad, Sadhna and Dhool Ka Phool. Pt. Sharma had also won Filmfare awards for Sadhna, Vachan and Aulad. His other hit films include Santaan, Do Kalian, Jeene Ki Raah, Raja Aur Rank, Dadi Maa, Gharana and Talaq. Pt. Mukhram Sharma won Sangeet Natak Academy Award (1961).

Before coming to Bombay, he was a teacher in Meerut. In 1939, he came to Bombay, but could not get any job. He moved to Poona and joined Prabhat films as a Tutor for Marathi and Hindi. In Poona, he married a Marathi actress Shanta Mujumdar.He was with Marathi films till 1952, then he came to Bombay and got the first Filmfare award for Best story for his film Aulad-54.

Then there was no looking back. After winning Filmfare awards 3 times, Academy Award and Lifetime achievement Zee award, Sharma retired in 1980 and went back to Meerut.

The story of Do Behnen-59 was……….

Bombay-based look-alike twin sisters, Vasanti and Malti ( Shyama ), live a wealthy lifestyle with their parents. Their father, Raghunath ( S.K.Prem), arranges devout Vasanti’s marriage with Ramesh ( Rajendra Kumar), who lives with his widower father, a doctor ( Tiwari), and a sister, Rekha ( Chand Usmani). After the wedding, Raghunath is shocked to find Malti singing and dancing with a male named Anokhey( Ram Mohan) in a nightclub.

He brings her home, admonishes her severely and forbids her to leave the home. In response, she elopes with Anokhey, travels to Poona and books a room in Paramount Hotel. Shortly thereafter Anokhey shows his true colors, squanders her money, starts drinking, and frequenting prostitutes. He then takes her jewelry and walks out of her life. In order to recover the rent, the Hotel Manager contacts the Mathurs, and Vasanti and her mom ( Mumtaz Begum) attend to take Malti back home.

While traveling home, the train meets with an accident and Vasanti passes away. Her mother tells everyone that it is Malti who has passed away, and compels Malti to take over as Vasanti, which she does reluctantly.

After going to her house, she finds it very difficult to adjust to the sati savitri type behaviour. However, slowly she starts loving the new house and also her husband. Ramesh many times gets puzzled with her behaviour, but ignores it.

Finally the truth is out one day, but by that time Ramesh starts liking her and so a New Malti takes over her dead sister’s place officially.

Today’s song is the 7th and the final song of this film. It makes the film ” YIPPIED ” ! It is a good song too. Enjoy….

Song-Chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan bichhua bole (Do Behnen)(1959) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kavi Pradeep, MD-Vasant Desai
Lata + Chorus


ho ho ho

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
sa re sa re ma ha ma dha pa
pa ma ga re ma ga re sa
sa sa sa
ma pa dha
dha ni re sa
sa sa

chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan
bichhuwa bole re
tan dole
man dole
chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan
bichhuwa bole re
tan dole
man dole

sakhi dekho jawaani aayi ban thhan ke
aayi ban thhan ke/font>
jeevan mein madhu ras ghole
tan dole
man dole

chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan
bichhuwa bole re
tan dole
man dole

o o
kis manzil pe aaj hum aaye
aaj hum aaye
dekho naazuk badan lahraaye
ho lahraye balkhaye
dekho nas nas mein hai bijli tadapti
nas nas mein hai bijli tadapti
ang mein bhadke shole
tan dole
man dole

chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan
bichhuwa bole re
tan dole
man dole

badal gaya sab roop rang
sakhi badal gayi hai chaal ree
chaal ree
dhak dhak dhak mere dil ki dhadkan
dene lagi hai taal re
taal re
o o
nain nachaa le gori teer chala le
nain nachaa le gori teer chala le
aaye khushi ke jhakole ae
tan dole
man dole

chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan
bichhuwa bole re tan dole man dole
chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan chhum chananan nanan

2 Responses to "Chhum chhananananan chhum chhananananan bichhua boley"

Very informative as usual. You said, message of ‘Kismet’ was ‘crime never pays’. I think the predominant message was a kind-hearted crook falling in love, and works to pay for the treatment of the heroine. Charlie Chaplin’s ‘City Lights’ had this message.


AK ji,
Thanks for your appreciation and also for your views on film Kismat.


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