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Baalam se munh mod maad ke

Posted on: March 27, 2022

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When one looks at the songs of Hindi movies, there are lots and lots of songs of the genre of feelings of heart” and “expression of love”. Going by the statistics of the blog, 46 % songs are “feelings of heart” and 25 % of all Hindi movie songs are “expression of love”.

An interesting and spicy version of the above mentioned genre of songs is “nok jhonk” songs or. They may be fewer in number, but they are great fun songs to listen to.

Another variation of such songs is “roothhna-manaana” aka “sulking-appeasing” song.

The blog so far has 61 “nok jhonk” songs that often take place between the lovers, who are often spouses. I had done some research in these songs and I had come to the conclusion that all the roothhna (on the past of the lady) lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds in a 3 minutes song, and the lady then relents in the slog overs of the match and then all is well. 🙂

Here is another “nok jhonk”cum “sulking appeasing” song. This song is from “Guru Dakshina”(1950).

“Guru Dakshina”(1950) was produced by Rajasthan Studios, Bombay. This is all the detail that is mentioned about this movie in HFGK.

The movie had eight songs in it. Two songs have been covered in the past.

This third song from the movie is sung by Trilok Kapoor (singer) and Prempal. Prempal is a female singer unlike what the name suggests. Sarshar Sailaani is the lyricist according to the uploader (Mr Girdharilal Vishwakarma, a renowned collector of records). Music is composed by Pt Lachchiram.

This is an interesting song. after the roothna-manaana on the part of the lady, it is the gentleman that sulks, and then quicky gets appeased just in the nick of time as the record time is coming to an end. 🙂

Song-Baalam se munh mod maad ke (Guru Dakshina)(1950) Singers-Trilok Kapoor, Prempal, Lyrics-Sarshar Sailaani, MD-Pt Lachchiram


O baalam se mukh mod maad ke
prem ka naata tod taad ke
gehne kapde chhod chhaad ke
kaahe roothh chali ho gori
kaahe roothh chali
main chali shahar ke thhaane
rapat likhaane
mulzim ko saza dilaane

ho kaisa mulzim
ik Rajput ka bachccha
baat ka kachcha
jo kare mera dil chori
dikhlaaye seena jori
ab bhanwra ban ke kali kali ka
ghoome gali gali

o gori kaahe roothh chali

o o
kisne bhar diye tere kaan
kaun hai aisa beimaan
naam uska batlaao gori
yoonhi kaam na khaa
kyun batlaaun
kyun batlaaun ke nandu naai
usko batlaawe harjaai
sach kehta hai ?? baniya
tera baalam bada ??
teri aankh mein dhool daal ke
ghoome gali gali

o gori kaahe roothh chali

o rajput ki bachchi
kaan ki kachchi
?? se mera mair puraana
nandu ko mera karz chukaana
isi liye karte hain donon
baaten bhali buri
o gori kaahe roothh chali
chhod bhi do taqraar ki baaten
aao karen kuchh pyaar ki baaten
sun le chaukidaar ki baaten
aadhi aadhi raat gaye tu
ghoome gali gali

chaukidaar se mera pehra
gaaon ka numberdaar jo thhehra
chaukidaar ki dekh bhaal ko
ghoomoon gali gali
ho gori kaahe roothh chali
sach kehta hai
teri qasam main sach kehta hoon
pooch ?? jaaye
jo aur ko chaahoon
aao karen phir pyaar ki baaten
chhod ke sab taqraar ki baaten

roz roz tu kare ladaai
roz kare meri ruswaai
ab main roothh chala
tumse roothhe meri bala
sach kehti hai
teri qasam main sach kehti hoon
tujhse mil ke khush rehti hoon

aao karen phir pyaar ki baaten
chhod ke sab taqraar ki baaten
aao karen phir pyaar ki baaten
chhod ke sab taqraar ki baaten


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