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Arre ghar ko mat godaam banaa

Posted on: April 7, 2022

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# Superstar Child Artist – Junior Mehmood # 12

Welcome all to today’s post which covers a song from the ‘1971’ movie ‘Chhoti Bahu’.

This song, as mentioned above, is picturised on actor Junior Mehmood.

My earlier post in this series, shared on 28.07.2021 ‘final post’ was described as the final song in the series. However, we are now adding this song to the series. One more song wil be covered in future in this series. These additional songs were discovered after my previous post, supposedly the last post of the series, had appeared here.

Today’s song is from “Chhoti Bahu”(1971). Lyrics for today’s song were sent by Prakash ji. He also sent the lyrics for another song of the movie (the last remaining one fro the movie). So, we can expect this movie to finish its run on the ‘blog’ and joining the ‘Yippeee-land’ soon 😊

“Chhoti Bahu-1971” was directed by K. B. Tilak for ‘Delux Productions, Bombay’. M.V. Rajan was the associate director of this movie.

It was produced by Darius Gotla and Seeroo Daryani.

It had Sharmila Tagore, Rajesh Khanna, Nirupa Roy, Shashikala, I.S. Johar, Master Sooraj, Junior Mehmood, Tarun Bose, Shivraj, Jairaj, Satyan Kumar, Radhika Rani, Irshad Panjtan, Chandrima Bhaduri, Master Ratan, Babalal, Rashid (Jackpot), Rangnath Yadav, C.N. Reddi, Chamki, V. Jhulan Babu, Madhumati, Jayshree T., and others.

Screenplay and dialogues of this movie was written by Vishwamitra Adil.

Editing of this movie was done by Venkateshwar Rao.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 25.05.1971.

‘Chhoti Bahu-1971’ had six songs written by Indeevar (four songs), Kafi Azmi (one song) and Uddhav Kumar (one song).
Music for this movie was composed by Kalyanji-Anandji.

Here is the list of songs this movie had with details of the Singers, Lyricists and date of songs already posted on the blog.

SNo Song Title Singer/s Lyricist Posted On
01 Koyal boli daali se Usha Mangeshkar Indeevar 09.12.2019
02 Dulhaniya bataa de ree Asha Bhonsle, Usha Khanna, chorus Uddhav Kumar 24.11.2011
03 Hey re kanhaiyya, kisko kahega tu maiyya Kishore Kumar Indeevar 27.10.2008
04 Ye raat hai pyaasi pyaasi Mohd Rafi Kaifi Afzmi 13.04.2011
05 O motumal, maal akele akele… Hemlata, Chorus Indeevar Being presented today
06 O maa meri maa tujhko dekhna hai Lata Mangeshkar Indeevar

It can be seen from the above table that four songs from this movie have been posted on the blog. Today’s song is the penultimate song of ‘Chhoti Bahu-1971’ to appear on the blog.

Today’s song is sung by Hemlata.Junior Mehmood lip-syncs the song on screen. Satyen Kappu and Baby Sarika (Master Sooraj) are also visible in the picturisation. The kid, playing the spoilt son of Raja sahab is Master Ratan (I guess).

Junior Mehmood plays ‘Robinhood’ for his ‘children gang’ and tries to advice Raja Saab’s son, his Munshi (Satyen Kappu) and another accomplice not to hoard the stock of eatables (in this case fruits 😊). Junior Mehmood is seen performing in his characteristic style as was his wont in those years.

Let us now enjoy today’s song. Lyrics for this song are written by Indeevar and music is composed by Kalyanji-Anandji.

Lyrics for this song were sent by Prakashchandra.



Song-Arre ghar ko mat godaam bana (Chhoti Bahu)(1971) Singer-Hemlata, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji
Satyen Kappu

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

o motumal
maal akeley akeley jo khaayega
kalejaa kat jaayegaa
soch le o seth teraa pet phat jaayegaa

arrey ghar ko mat godaam banaanaa
samjhey ae ae
arrey ghar ko mat godaam banaanaa
tu na akeley akeley khaanaa
auron kaa haque chheen chheen
tablaa baajegaa
tablaa baajegaa
dheen dheen
tab hongey ek pe teen teen
tabla baajegaa ..aaaa

chup …
chhotaa munh aur baat badi

chhotaa munh aur baat badi
baat badi kehni hi padi
bura na maano yaarr…

jo ghar ko godaam banaaye
woh to hai gaddaar
arrey woh to hai gaddaar
jamaa na kar utnaa le ley
tujhe jitnaa ho darkaar
tujhe jitnaa ho darkaar
daulat ko tu qaid na karnaa
tu apni hi jeb na bharna
auron ka haque chheen chheen
tablaa baajegaa
tablaa baajegaa
dheen dheen
tab hongey ek pe teen teen
tabla baajegaa ..aaaa

raja saab se kahoonga to
bhookhe mar jaaoge
saaraa gaaon bhookhaa mar jaayegaa

bhookh bhagaawat kar degi
arrey teri hajaamat kar degi

jo kuchh hai woh sabkaa hai
kyon ek karey adhikaar
kyon ek karey adhikaar
arrey maalik bann kar baithh gayaa kyon
tu hai pehredaar
arrey tu hai pehredaar
kaamchor ko sirf bhookh se
mar jaane ka haque hai
mar jaane ka haque hai
jo mehnat kartaa hai usko hi
khaane ka haque hai
uss ko hi khaane ka haque hai
jantaa ko kamzor na tu ginn
aane waalaa hai aisaa din
maaregi jantaa been been
tablaa baajegaa
tablaa baajegaa dheen dheen
tab hongey ek pe teen teen
tablaa baajegaa

dekho yaaron laalach dekar
koyi tod na daaley
alag alag phuslaakar hamko
phoot se phod na daaley

mehnat koyi aur karey
koyi aur hadap le jaaye
koyi aur hadap le jaaye
dekho cheentiyaan bill jo banaayein
saanp ka bill kehlaaye
arrey saanp ka bill kehlaaye
saari cheentiyaan chimat jaayein to
saanp ko zindaa khaa jaayein
saanp ko zindaa khaa jaayein
arrey kyon na yaaron hum sab milkar
zaalim se takraa jaayein
zaalim se takraa jaayein
koyi hamein chhotaa na maaney
koyi hamein moorakh na jaaney
maarenge hum been been
tablaa bajney do o o o

aahhaaa hhaaa haa
tablaa bajney do dheen dheen
maaro zaalim ko been been
tablaa bajne do o o
maaro zaalim ko o o o
tablaa bajne do o o
maaro zaalim ko o


3 Responses to "Arre ghar ko mat godaam banaa"

What a coincidence!!!
Saw this movie a few days back and thought I should mention the song to you, Avinashji; after I found it was yet to be posted. 🙂


If you remember you had already mentioned this song to me earlier long back 🙂
Thanks for reading the post and your comments thereof.
I hope you enjoyed the song and the post.


Of course the post is good


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