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Tum hi sab kuchh ho meri maa

Posted on: May 8, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Devadasi-1945.

The custom of Devdasi has been in India since the 6th Century. Devdasi means- a female artiste dedicated to the worship and service of God in Temples or a Deity for life. She is said to be married to God. (sounds similar to Nuns in Christian Churches, who are also supposed to be married to God). These Devdasis learned the art of dance and music. Initially their status in the society was very high during the period from the 6th century to 13th century. Devdasis used to be quite rich too, due to large donations and gifts from the kings and the Royalties. However, later on Devdasis were used for personal purposes by the Nobles and the kings and their status became worse than prostitutes. They became poor and dependent on their patrons. They bore children too. Their daughters became traditionally Devdasis again.

The British brought the ” Devadasi protection Act” in 1934. However the Devdasis continued to be used unabated. The system continued like other social ills like Dowry system and Child marriage etc. After independence, all state governments made laws abolishing Devadasi custom, but even now – after 75 years of independence -this custom is followed in villages in some or the other form.

Unlike the other social ills, not many films were made on the plight of Devdasis. I found only 1 film -today’s film- on this subject. A film on similar subject was ” Jogan”-1950, but not on Devdasi custom. Pity that Indian filmmakers opted for several versions, in all Indian languages, to make films on Devdas, but none on Devdasis ! So much for Women’s Emancipation !

Film Devadasi-45 was made by New Maharashtra Productions. It was directed by C.S.Bose and the music was by the first blind composer-K.C.Dey. The 11 songs were written by Narottam Vyas. Except prithviraj Kapoor, majority of the cast and singers were Bangla artistes. The other cast members were Monica Desai, K C Dey, Vikram Kapoor, Suman, Kamla, Dar Kashmiri, Prasannat Kumar etc.etc.

The heroine Monica Desai (sister of actress Leela Desai) was talented and an interesting person. Her entry into Bombay’s Hindi films, courtesy Kidar Sharma, was sensational but strange enough to put the owners of Ranjit and her Mentor Kidar kapoor on the edge of anxiety !. It so happened that…..

For film Gauri-1943 Kidar Sharma insisted to Ranjit owners that the Hero’s role of Khumar- the Idol Maker be done only by his friend Prithviraj kapoor. His name was of course agreed upon. However, Goharbai queried as to who Sharma had in his mind to do the sensitive Heroine’s role. Sharma ji replied that he needed someone who looked fresh and innocent. He asked for some time. Actually he had thought of Monica Desai- the younger sister of famous actress Leela Desai. Monica worked as a school teacher in Calcutta. She had done a small role in his film ‘ Chitralekha’-41. In those days Sharma was impressed with her and had assured her that when he gets stabilised as a Director and has a suitable script, he will give Heroine’s role to Monica.

Next day, Sharma ji told Chandulal Shah about her selection. Chandulal had confidence in his judgement. The big hearted Shah gave Rs. 5000/- to Sharma to send to Monica for coming to Bombay comfortably in First Class. Kidar Sharma sent the money to her and asked her to travel only by First class to Bombay, to get down at Dadar, keep the luggage in Cloak room and freshen up in the waiting room. She was asked to wear a silk saree also. Sharma asked her if she understood all the instructions and she confirmed. She was to visit Ranjit Studios at 2.30pm, when Sharma would introduce her to Sethji.

On the afternoon of her arrival day, the Shah couple and others waited anxiously for Monica’s arrival. In the afternoon, Monica arrived at the gates of the studio looking tired and untidy, along with all her luggage. Seeing her, Chandulal became nervous, but asked Sharma ji to arrange for her stay and food etc. Chandulal Shah was not only upset with Monica’s looks but also annoyed. Still without commenting, he left the studio immediately with Goharbai. Sharma as well as Prithviraj felt humiliated with the foolish Monica who came to the studio, not following Sharma’s instructions. This she did to save some money, but put everyone in an awkward situation. Anyway, Sharma made her staying etc arrangements.

Next day, Chandulal called him to his office and said that he will continue making film Gauri, as promised, but he will not participate in any shootings, recordings or other matters till the film is completed. He will, however, see the finished movie before it goes to Censors. It was too obvious that both the Shahs were upset about the ordinary looking and childish, immature Monica as Heroine.

Kidar Sharma gulped all this quietly and started work on the film quickly. The team went to Calcutta also and came back. When the film was completed, Sharma invited Chandulal and Goharbai to see it. Actually whenever such a preview was done all other Directors of Ranjit also attended it, but this time there were only the two of them-Chandulal and Goharbai. The entire team of the film was also present. Sharma had known that when Chandulal did not like the film, he usually abused loudly and sometimes even threw his chappals at the screen. With bated breath, Sharma showed him the film Gauri and waited for his reactions, expecting fireworks. Instead, Chandulal and Goharbai left the room and went to their office. Everyone,including Sharma was sure that Sharma has to leave the company now.

With great courage, Sharma went to their office to know their opinions. To his great surprise, Chandulal dug into his pocket and removed whatever money was there and gifted it to Sharma. He said,” this is my gift to you for making a sublime movie.” Gohar too appreciated it heartily. Both of them were spellbound with Monica’s performance. Shah offered Monica a 3 year contract, furnished house and a new car with a driver etc. Shah also increased Sharma’s salary to Rs.5500/pm.

Thus Monica Desai’s first film was a great success. ” GAURI” was a winner. Kidar Sharma was the winner.

One film old Heroine Monica Desai- was called from Calcutta by Kidar Sharma. He knew her well earlier,from Calcutta.
Monica Desai was a famous Indian actress during the 1930’s and 40’s. She was the daughter of Dr. Umedram Lalbhai Desai and Satyabhama Devi, a well-known musician of the early 20th Century. Her father was a Gujarati, and her mother hailed from Bihar. Her father who was a reputed Doctor of that period died in the year 1930.

Monica Desai first worked for Bangla movie ‘Nimai Sanyasi’ which was released in the year 1940. She was an actress who represented the era of upcoming character actresses like Leela Mishra, Ram Dulari, who made debut along with her and later ruled the Indian screen.

Monica Desai acted under the direction of Phani Majumdar and Kidar Nath Sharma. She did not concentrate much on acting as she got married to Phani Majumdar, a pioneering Indian film director, who worked in Hindi cinema. Phani Majumdar is known for Meena Kumari’s classic films ‘Aarti’ (1962) and ‘Oonche Log’ (1965). Monica Desai had a sister named Leela Desai, who was a renowned actress in Hindi and Bengali cinema. Leela Desai has even acted in the film ‘Kapal Kundala’ (1939) directed by Phani Majumdar. After completion of the venture, Phani Majumdar married Monica Desai.

Monica acted with Prithviraj Kapoor in her career, in the film Gauri. ‘Gauri’ was an Indian Bollywood film that was the seventh highest grossing Indian film of 1943 and this established Monica Desai as an actress. Later, she featured in a film ‘Devdasi’ as a heroine that was also among the top seven grossing films at the Indian box office in 1945. She appeared in the film ‘Chitralekha’ which was the second-highest grossing Indian film of 1941, in this movie, she portrayed the character of Yashodhara.

This film also was a debut film for actor Bharat Bhushan, who later achieved fame with ‘Baiju Bawra’ (1952). Monica Desai had also acted with a legendary actor and singer K. L Saigal.

Monica worked in only 9 Hindi films- Qaidi-40, Chitralekha-41, Bhakta Surdas-42, Gauri-43, Bhanwara-44, Lakharani-45, Devdasi-45, Rangeen Zamana-48 and Vikram Shashikala-49.

One name Dar Kashmiri appears in the cast. He was the eldest brother of actor Jeevan (Narad roles and later on comic villain roles). When Jeevan came to Bombay he was called O.K.Dar. Since some confusion arose between these names, here is the explanation to clarify. Om Prakash Dar was born into a large family, he had 23 siblings. His grandfather was the Governor of Gilgit in Gilgit-Baltistan. He lost his father when the youngest- Jeevan- was 3 years old and his mother died at childbirth. Being the eldest,he came to Bombay in search of jobs and entered films. Instead of his original long name,he was called Dar Kashmiri.

Actually, When Jeevan came to Bombay in search of film roles, Om Prakash Dar aka Dar kashmiri, his elder brother, was already working in films. Jeevan appeared for the first time in Fashionable India-35. Since his name was Onkar nath, he was billed as O.K.Dar (and not Dar kashmiri-please note).
His elder brother Dar Kashmiri worked in some films like –

Noor Mahal-34, Watan parast-34, yaad rahe-40, Abla-41, Saugandh-42, Angoori-43, Naya Tarana-43, Devdasi-45, Room No.9-46, Hua savera-48, Kundan-55 and Ayodhyapati-56. and many other films. Every film, he was billed as Dar Kashmiri only.

Jeevan was billed as O.K.Dar (Jeevan) from film Romantic India-36 onwards and then on as Jeevan only-except still a few films where he was billed as O.K.Dar(Jeevan).

In the film Patit pawan-1955, both brothers acted and they were individually billed as Jeewan and Dar Kashmiri. This settles their name issue completely.

Here is the second song from the film Devadasi-45, sung by Parul Ghosh.

Song- Tum hi sab kuchh ho meri maa Main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon (Devdasi)(1945) Singer- Parul Ghosh, Lyricist- Narottam Vyas, MD- K C Dey


Tum hi sab kuchh ho
meri maa
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon
meri maa
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon
tum hi sab kuchh ho
bin rain magan man tum mein
bin rain magan man tum mein
main aur na koi sukh maanoon
meri maa
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon

ek tumhi to ?? mein hamne
ek tumhi jag ke rab ne
sone mein sab mein(?)
ek tumhi jab ?? rab ne to ?? mein
jidhar dekhti udhar tumhi ho
jidhar dekhti udhar tumhi ho
aur kya gun main bakhaanoon
meri maa
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon

?? aankhon ke anjan
?? ke bol tum
kaanon ke kundal
?? gahne aankhon ke anjan
baani ke bol sun kaanon ke gunjan
tumhen chhod sab saare jagat mein
main nahin kise pahchaanoon
tumhen chhod sab saare jagat mein
main nahin kise pahchaanoon
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon
meri maa
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon
tum hi sab kuchh ho
meri maa
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon
meri maa
main aur kisi ko nahin jaanoon
tum hi sab kuchh ho

7 Responses to "Tum hi sab kuchh ho meri maa"

Thanks for the post Sir ji.
Listen to the song two three times to get the missing words. Like the song very much.
bin rain magan man tum mein — din rain magan man tum mein (bin seems to be a typo, it should be ‘din’)
?? aankhon ke anjan
?? ke bol tum
– baani ke bol tum
(still trying for other missing words and song is like ‘ kitni baar bhi suno dil nahin bharta) 🙂

Thanks and regards,


Today is International Mother’s Day, and song presented today is perfect for today’s occassion.
Happy Mother’s Day to all, and respect and gratitude to all Mothers on this planet.


Thanks for your comments, Avinash ji.
It was by coincidence that this song came up today. I was not aware of Mothers’ Day, when I wrote the post.

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I guess a small sub plot of nanda, padmini kolhapure starrer Ahista ahista movie is dedicated to the devdasi tradition

Liked by 1 person

Thanks for this information,but no full movies on Devdasi custom, except today’s film.

Liked by 1 person

Arun ji,
‘Pranali – The Tradition’ (2008) seems to be a full length film on the Devdasi system. The film was made and released simultaneously in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and Telugu. The Hindi version of the film is available for viewing,
The link:

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Sadanand ji.
Thanks for this information.
But a score of just 2 films in 91 years is ‘below the poverty line’ !

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