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Bujh gaya dil ka diyaa

Posted on: May 21, 2022

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My first introduction to the voice of Singer Subir Sen was the song ‘manzil wohi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye’ from ‘Kathputli-1957’, and ‘dil mera ek aas ka panchhi’ from the movie ‘Aas Ka Panchhi-1961’.

I consider them as popular songs or songs that I remember most. But then, the total number of songs he sang in Hindi movies is also less than three figures viz. only twenty-eight. And the songs other than the two mentioned above seems to be very less heard or less popular except ‘main rangeela pyaar ka raahi’ from ‘Chhoti Bahan-1959’.

I often used to get confused between ‘Maaya-1960’ song ‘ae dil kahaan teri manzil’ and ‘ae dil ab kahin le jaa’ from ‘Bluff Master-1963’ as sung by Subir Sen which is actually sung by Dwijen Mukherjee and Hemant Kumar respectively. But that is how his voice sounds.

Later on, when I got associated with this blog, I shared a song ‘chandaa salone itnaa bataa de’ from the movie ‘Sati Renuka-1961’ which is a very nice duet of Subir Sen and Suman Kalyanpur. I like it very much. However, this song was also shared by Khyatiben, and her contribution got posted on the blog 😊.

I also liked his ‘hamen un raahon par chalnaa hai’ from the ‘1960’ movie ‘Maasoom’, which I came across during sharing a Sahir Ludhianvi song from the same movie.

A detailed post on Subir Sen and his songs is already on the blog which is written by our Respected Sadanand ji and readers can read it with the song ‘chaand taley jhoom jhoom’ from the movie ‘Jab Se Tumhen Dekha Hai-1963’. The twenty-eight songs sung by Subir Sen in Hindi movies have also been listed therein in this article.

Today we add one more song sung by Subir Sen on the blog. In fact, this song is lying with us since 2015. It is from the movie ‘Jaadui Angoothhi-1964’.

This movie was new to me when I came across it in ‘2014-2015’, and I liked almost all its songs which I then promptly sent to Atul ji.

‘Jaadui Angoothhi-1964’ alias ‘Magic Ring’ was directed by A.M. Khan for ‘A.M. Khan Productions, Bombay’. It had Chitra, Manhar Desai, Sheri, Krishnakumari, S.K. Shyam, Anil Kashmiri, Jilani, Uma Khosla, Violet, Ameerbai Karnataki, Sujata, Saroj, Sabina, Balwant Sharma, Kallan, Bagla, Chaman, Deva Kumari, Kanta Kumari and Polsan and others.

This movie had five songs composed by Suresh Kumar. Lyrics were written by Anjaan and Zafar Rahi.

Here is the list of songs in this movie :-

SNo Song Title Lyricist Singer/s Posted On
01 O sanan nanana hawaa lehraaye Anjaan Asha Bhonsle 08.09.2020
02 Kahaan nazar takraayi Zafar Rahi Mahendra Kapoor 09.01.2014
03 Zamaane ke hazaaron gham…Bujh gaya dil ka diyaa Zafar Rahi Subir Sen Being discussed today
04 Ude nainon se gulaal Anjaan Kamal Barot, Mahendra Kapoor
05 Dam bhar hai judaa, to haal hai ye… dil toot gaya to … Anjaan Not mentioned

(HFGK mentions Anjaan and Zafar Rahi for one song each on the movie details’ page of this movie and adds in ‘addenda’ it further mentions Zafar Rahi as lyricist for song number three. I guess that all other songs are written by Anjaan, so it makes three songs by Anjaan and two by Zafar Rahi).

Story and screenplay of this movie was written by Munshi Nayaab, and dialogues were written by A.K. Khan.
Editing of this movie was done by G.G. Patil and he was assisted by Rohi Das.

Asha Bhonsle, Mahendra Kapoor, Minoo Purshottam, Sulochana Chawhan, Subir Sen and Kamal Barot have given their voices to the songs in this movie.
As mentioned in the above table two songs from this movie have been posted on the blog.

Today’s song is sung by Subir Sen and on screen it is lip synced by Manhar Desai. Also seen in the picturization of this song, I guess, is Chitra the heroine of this movie and others.

Today’s song is a sad song. It is a nice song to listen to. Lyrics of the song can be considered as the star attraction in this song.

Let us enjoy today’s song …



Song-Bujh gaya dil ka diya (Jaadui Angoothhi)(1964) Singer-Subir Sen, Lyrics-Zafar Raahi, MD-Suresh Kumar

Lyrics(According to video link)

Aa aa aa aa
Zamaane kar hazaaron o gham
Simat ke dil mein aaye hain
Kisi se dil lagaa kar
Ham badi mushkil mein aaye hain

Bujh gaya dil ka diya
To chaandni ko kya karoon
Lut gaya saaraa chaman to
Ik kali ko kya karoon
Bujh gaya dil ka diya

Jismein ho aansoo hi aansoo
Dukh jahaan ho beshumaar
Jismein ho aansoo hi aansoo
Dukh jahaan ho beshumaar
Jismein phoolon ko jalaane
Aaya karti ho bahaar
Mere maalik
Leke aisi zindagi ko Kya karoon
Kya karoon
Bujh gaya dil ka diya
To chaandni ko kya karoon
Lut gaya saaraa chaman to
Ik kali ko kya karoon oon
Bujh gaya dil ka diya

Kya pataa thha
Chaandni raaten dhuaan ban jaayengi
Kya pataa thha
Chaandni raaten dhuaan ban jaayengi
Bhoolnewaale ki yaaden
Dil ko yoon tadpaayegi
Bewafaa duniya ki is jhoothhi khushi ko
Kya karoon oon
Kya karoon
Bujh gaya dil ka diya
To chaandni ko kya karoon
Lut gaya saaraa chaman to
Ik kali ko kya karoon oon
Bujh gaya dil ka diya

Laut jaao ae bahaaron
Kyun jalaane aayi ho
Laut jaao ae bahaaron
Kyun jalaane aayi ho
Dil ke toote saaz par
Kyun gungunaane aayi ho
Gham ki shehnaai se nikli
Raagini ko kya karoon
Kya karoon
Bujh gaya dil ka diya
To chaandni ko kya karoon
Lut gaya saaraa chaman to
Ik kali ko kya karoon oon
Bujh gaya dil ka diya aa


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