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Maine jo dil diya

Posted on: August 4, 2022

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Hullo Atuldom

A few songs are playing in my head since morning.
1) Rimjhim gire saawan(Manzil)(1979)
2) Bheegi bheegi raaton mein (Ajnabi)
3) Tere mere pyaar ki jo baat chali (Aankh Michauli)
4) Aaj rapat jaayen to hamen na uthhaiyyo (Namak Halal)
5) Ab ke saawan mein jee darey (Jaise Ko Taisa)

No prizes for guessing the connection between these songs- they are all Rain songs. And why was I thinking of these songs? Giving the answer as “Rainy Season or Monsoon” (and India is having a fairly good monsoon I must say) doesn’t bring out the romance associated with these songs. But if we say that it is the month of “Saawan or Shravan” then the rains and the ‘jhoolas’ and all traditionally romantic Indian aspects play in our mind’s eye. As I set out to hear and see the above listed songs I also ended up hearing this less heard (unheard should be the correct word here) song “Jhoom jhoom naach rahi barkha bahaar hai (Duniya Kya Jaane)“. Then I went on to listen to a few ‘post Rain’ songs like ‘Ek ladki bheegee bhaagee si (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi)‘, ‘Roop tera mastaana (Aradhana)‘.

The trigger for the listening session was the program on Radio Ceylon this morning which gave me this rimjhim-gire-saawan-sulag-sulag-jaaye-man/ (in its one and half hour program). Of course radio Ceylon didn’t play the song as a ‘Rain Song’ but as a Kishore Kumar song. Why? Because today is KISHORE KUMAR’s birth anniversary. He would have been 93.

Almost all online HFM sharing portals and apps are putting out playlists which promise the listener hours of song listening pleasure. We at ASAD are a lot that is not satisfied with the regular lists, correct? No, NO. Don’t get me wrong. We are not upset when someone plays a song from ‘Jhumroo’, ‘Jewel Thief’, Blackmail’, ‘Manzil’, ‘Amar Prem’, ‘Rampur Ka Laxman’, ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’. ‘Lal Patthar’, etc. etc. Atulites don’t complain at the content present in the preset playlists anyone offers, we just go and make our own lists and from these we post songs that are great on the ears and not yet present on the blog.
Of course today I did hear a FUN- Kishore Kumar song which I haven’t heard before. It was from the 1968 release ‘Shrimaanji’ and it had lot of fun elements in it- the lyrics, the tune and accompanying sounds that Kishoreda excelled in. This is the song Iss duniyaa mein pyaare do kaam karnaa (Shrimaanji) .
I also heard one song that I had forgotten, Aansuon ko thhaam le (Chhotaa Baap).

What I am trying to show by posting the links to the songs which I heard today is that this blog has covered songs by Kishoreda in all his moods – many rare songs which were popular once upon a time but now forgotten are also there in this blog.

I was looking at the statistics page of the blog and found that the blog has 1283 songs of Kishoreda as singer, 33 as music director and 6 as lyricist. Looking up the stats is a fun job and here are some more numbers:-

144 songs of Kishoreda for Rajesh Khanna.
590 solo songs
21 duets with Shamshad Begum
13 duets with Geeta Dutt
19 duets with Mohd Rafi
only 1 duet with Mukesh
7 duets with Mannada songs
6 duets with Mahendra Kapoor songs

Here are some expected numbers:- 218 duets with Lata Mangeshkar and 263 with Asha Bhonsle.

The above are the numbers present on the blog and not what Kishoreda accomplished in his career. I would have loved to do a similar exercise of Kishoreda’s collaboration with lyricists and music directors to see the numbers that we have on the blog, maybe next time.

I have a whole set of songs in my mind across various genres and moods. I am settling for a song from a fun movie. The movie had Kishore Kumar as the producer, director, actor, music director, and singer. The cast had Amit Kumar, Yogita Bali, Mehmood, S.N. Banerjee, Jayshree T., Madan Puri, Bhagwan, and a host of supporting actors. It could possibly have been a launch vehicle for Amit Kumar as an actor and south Indian actress Jaya Sudha made her Hindi debut with this film- ‘Shabash Daddy’ (1979)

The other singers used in the movie were Amit Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Sulakshana Pandit, and Mehmood. Irshad Jalili and Gulshan Bawra were two other lyricists of the movie.

I remember having seen it on release all those years ago in 1979 but don’t find it anywhere for repeat viewing. It was the story of a retired army officer Col. Chhaju Singh (Kishore Kumar) who falls in love with a beautiful fisher-woman when he has a son of marriageable age. There were a lot of comments back then that this was their family life playing out on screen as Kishore Kumar had just married Yogita Bali.

I am sure many purists will feel that today’s song shows Kishoreda grossly overacting. And not doing justice to the talent that he was. But that is the way he was – mostly too good and gross at times.

Thinking of the multi-talented highly energetic entertainer with this song written, composed and sung by Kishore Kumar. I feel that the female voice accompanying is of Yogita Bali (I may be wrong)



Song-Maine jo dil diya (Shaabaash Daddy)(1979) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Kishore Kumar, MD-Kishore Kumar
Yogita Bali (?)



ye us ghooskhoriye reporter ki chaal hai
usi ne mujhe badnaam karne ki saazish ki hai

main uski ghanti baja kar rakh doonga

kya hua colomel saahab
chhape mein koi buri khabar chhapi hai kya
jo itna laal peela ho raha hai

mat poochh kuch Kamli
mat poochh

jal gayi

jal gayi

jal gayi
kaun jalgayi


maine jo dil diya
tujhe jo dil diya
to jaanti hai kya huaa
kya huaa
maine jo dil diya
tujhe jo dil diya
to jaanti hai kya huaa
kya huaa
kahaani ban gayi
ye duniya jal gayi
baithhe bithhaaye hangaama ho gaya
ke jab se main tera deewaana ho gaya
maine jo dil diya
tujhe jo dil diya
to jaanti hai kya huaya
kya huaa
kahaani ban gayi
ye duniya jal gayi
baithhe bithaaye hangaama ho gaya
ke jab se main tera deewaana ho gaya

colonel saahab
o colonel saahab
theher naa
baat sun
saaf saaf bata kya huaa
o colonel saahab

udi khabar jo ye ke tera mera pyaar huaa
udi khabar jo ye ke tera mera pyaar huaa
machi gadar haan is kadar ke sabka haal huaa
koi to daal pe latak ke phaansi chadh gaya
koi bechaara kood kar nadi mein mar gaya
are re re re re
koi piya zahar
koi gaya akad
koi gaya bigad
koi gaya rakhad
koi jo chust thha
use bukhaar ho gaya
ho gaya
ho gaya
bas kar bas kar bas kar
maine jo dil diya
tujhe jo dil diya
to jaanti hai kya huaa
maaloom hai kya huaa
kahaani ban gayi
ye duniya jal gayi

baithhe bithhaaye ek hangaama ho gaya
ke jab se main tera deewaana ho gaya

jaanti hoon
main thahri gareeb
aur tu paise waala
to oonchi jaat ka
main ek abhaagan
tera mera kya mel
is bedard duniya ki reet hi aisi hai
par ismein mera kya kasoor
bata na
mera kya kasoor

sach hai
main ameer
aur tu gareeb
magar kusoor tera kuchh nahin
ye tera
ye tera naseeb hai

sanam ye sach hai mai ameer tu gareeb hai
sanam ye sach hai mai ameer tu gareeb hai
kusur tera kuch na ye tera naseeb hai
mujhe kubul hai ke mai tera diwana hu
shama hai tu meri
to main tera parwaana hoon
chalenge saath hum rukenge saath hum
jiyenge saath hum marenge saath hum
ye fsala hamara laakh bar ho gaya
ho gaya ho gaya
bas kar bas kar bas kar
maine jo dil diya
tujhe jo dil diya
to jaanti hai kya huaa
kya huaa
kya huaa
kya huaa

kahaani ban gayi
ye duniya jal gayi
baithe bithhaaye hangaama ho gaya
ke jab se main tera deewaana ho gaya

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Yes. It is Yogita Bali’s voixw. The you tube says so in description


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