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O Rooth Jaane Waale, Mera Qasoor Kya Hai

Posted on: September 28, 2022

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28th Sept 2022 marks the first birthday of Lata Mangeshkar without her physical presence in this world. Due to old age and couple of hospitalizations at the fag end of her life, her passing away on that fateful day of 06th Feb 2022 was not really shocking so to say.

But then, an emptiness befell upon music lovers all over the world. It was as if a part of our lives was lost forever. It was a different kind of mourning; one of helplessness and the bare truth that such a soul would never be born again. And such is a gargantuan legacy of work left behind that one can only sit back and wonder how an individual could achieve so much in a single life. It is not about the span-life of her singing or the number of songs that she has sung, but of the utmost dedication, sincerity to her career and the love of the masses that she received.

Calling her the greatest singer ever would arguably be an understatement. Love for her voice knows no religion, caste, creed or man made international boundaries. For her voice touched the innermost recesses of human souls. The voice that she has left behind has amalgamated with the atmosphere and will continue to regale music lovers for generations to come.

Adjectives, honorific titles, awards are altogether too, a pale shadow compared to what she has achieved and left behind. Her work and career encompassed the entire gamut of technology from shellac records to the present cloud technology.

Blessed are we for breathing the same air, sharing an epoch and a planet with Lata Mangeshkar.

There have been many biographical posts, anecdotes, series etc. on Lata Mangeshkar on this blog. In fact, in the recently concluded long series concluded by Atul ji covers her entire singing career from first to her last song sung in HFM. Also, her wiki page is quite elaborate if one has to understand the entire spectrum of her life and career in acting, singing, composing, production etc.

There were two aspects that I wanted to include in this post, and I have to profusely apologize to readers that I could manage neither due to other priorities and paucity of time.

One was to put forth a table listing her very first one or two dozen songs irrespective of whether she sang for Hindi / Marathi or for herself / playback. There are many blogs, articles, interviews and information out there on the net containing these facts, but to have it on a well-prepared table with her songs in chronological order and then get it vetted by veterans in the field was what I was looking for.

The second was to present my interest and limited knowledge and on her association with various composers and singers. There is so much that I wish to keep on writing about her Hindi film songs. Her pronunciation of the word “hum” in the title song of ‘Barsaat’ (1949) and again the finest way she sings the word “chaar” in the duet with Shankar Dasgupta in ‘Girls’s School’ (1949) amazes me to no end. That she could so effortlessly empathize with the situation of the song on screen in her voice modulation in 1940’s itself speaks volumes as to where she was headed in her career.

Why she has a solitary song for Gyan Dutt? Why Kishore Kumar used her sparingly in his compositions? Will the solo song from the film ’26 January’ (1956) ever be heard by music lovers are some of the points that I wanted to touch upon. Let me see, how soon, I can put these thoughts on the blog.

Her association with the many composers, singers, lyricists, actors etc. can be discussed with no end. Naming a few will be a gross injustice to the many others that she sang for. I shall hence stop myself from even attempting to do so.

Coming to the song to be posted for today’s occasion and considering that most of her songs in the golden period have already been covered on the blog, I made a rather strange request to the editors to kindly offer me a good song for the occasion. I know there are many more songs yet to be covered, but then again due to time constraints, I thought, I will make this new request. 🙂

A sad, solo from late 40’s or early 50’s was what I requested for.

And guess what?

Sudhir ji promptly sent me a gem of a sad solo from 1949. My goodness! Of all the years, 1949, the year Lata Mangeshkar stamped herself as the undisputed queen of playback. Music lovers know the importance of the year 1949 and the abundant flow of melody in that particular year.

Thank you, Sudhir ji and Atul ji. I could not have asked for anything better.

So here is the gem from 1949 film ‘Rakhi’ in the mellifluous voice of one and only Lata Mangeshkar.

Wishing her a very happy birthday, I am sure the heavens and the Gods are more blessed to have Hema Hardikar aka Lata Mangeshkar amongst their midst.

Song – O Rooth Jaane Waale, Mera Qasoor Kya Hai  (Rakhi) (1949) Singer – Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics – Saarshaar Sailaani, MD – Husnlal Bhagatram

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

o rooth jaane waale
o rooth jaane waale
mera qasoor kya hai
kyon pher leen nigaahen
kyon pher leen nigaahen
kyon mujhko gham diya hai
o rooth jaane waale
mera qasoor kya hai

fariyaad kar rahi hai
sehmi hui jawaani
kisko sunaaun ae dil
dukh dard ki kahaani
apne nahin jab apne
gairon se kya gila hai
o rooth jaane waale
o rooth jaane waale
mera qasoor kya hai

beete huye dinon ki
baaton ko yaad kar ke
guzri hui suhaani
raaton ko yaad kar ke
main dil ko ro rahi hoon
dil mujhko ro raha hai
o rooth jaane waale
o rooth jaane waale
mera qasoor kya hai

din raat kha raha hai
gham teri berukhi ka
nazdeek aa raha hai
anjaam zindagi ka
tu hi bata ke aise
jeene mein kya maza hai. . .

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)
ओ रूठ जाने वाले
ओ रूठ जाने वाले
मेरा कसूर क्या है
क्यों फेर लीं निगाहें
क्यों फेर लीं निगाहें
क्यों मुझको ग़म दिया है
ओ रूठ जाने वाले
मेरा कसूर क्या है

फरियाद कर रही है
सहमी हुई जवानी
किसको सुनाऊँ ए दिल
दुख दर्द की कहानी
अपने नहीं जब अपने
ग़ैरों से क्या गिला है
ओ रूठ जाने वाले
ओ रूठ जाने वाले
मेरा कसूर क्या है

बीते हुये दिनों की
बातों को याद कर के
गुज़री हुई सुहानी
रातों को याद कर के
मैं दिल को रो रही हूँ
दिल मुझको रो रहा है
ओ रूठ जाने वाले
ओ रूठ जाने वाले
मेरा कसूर क्या है

दिन रात खा रहा है
ग़म तेरी बेरुखी का
नज़दीक आ रहा है
अञ्जाम ज़िंदगी का
तू ही बता के ऐसे
जीने में क्या मज़ा है॰ ॰ ॰


3 Responses to "O Rooth Jaane Waale, Mera Qasoor Kya Hai"

Lyrical tribute, Mahesh ji.

Nice song. Heard for the first time.


Wonderful write up. As you mentioned she was away from Playback for so many years. However it was always at back of mind always when I listen her songs that she IS THERE on Pedar road. We always thought that Lata, RAdio Ceylon and Sun will always be there. Radio Ceylon gone long ago ( just remanent in form of internet broadcast) and now Lata is also not here.!!! So sometimes when I hear her songs now, does not appeal me so much when I realize she is not here.


I have sent 4/5 songs lyrics of movie raakhi(1949) (including the above lata solo song lyrics) one/two year back, in connection with blog 10 year challenge…


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