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Haaye re sainyya mose kaahe kare barjoree

Posted on: October 11, 2022

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2012-2022) – Song No. 110

Ten years back on this date viz on 11th October 2012, eight songs from eight different movies were covered on the blog. Here are the details:-

Blog post number Song Movie (Year) Remarks
6833 Ye kooch ke waqt kaisee aawaaz Kaarwaan e Hayaat( 1935) 7 songs covered out of 10 by now
6834 Thhukra ke hamen chal diye begaana samajh kar Baalam(1949) Movie YIPPEED by now
6835 Meera kahe bina prem se nahin milen nandlaala Yatrik(1952) 9 songs covered out of 12 by now
6836 Chor lutere daaku phire hain aawaara Ustaad(1957) Movie YIPPEED by now
6837 Baat itni si hai keh do koi deewaanon se Beti Bete (1964) Movie YIPPEED by now
6838 Nainon ke ye do panchhi Bansi Birju (1972) 2 songs covered out of 7 by now
6839 Pardesiya ye sach hai piya Mr Natwarlal(1979) Movie YIPPEED by now
6840 Manzilen apni jagah hain raaste apni jagah Sharaabi(1984) Movie YIPPEED by now

We can observe that five movies (out of eight) whose songs were covered on this date ten years ago (11 october 2012) have since been YIPPEED. That leaves us with three movies whose songs are still available for us to discuss as part of Blog Ten Year Challenge today (11 october 2022).

“Bansi Birju”(1972) is one such movie.

“Bansi Birju”(1972) was produced and directed by Prakash Verma for Pee Vee films, Bombay. The movie had Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri, Mehmood Jr., Ramesh deo, K.N.Singh, Jamal, Yunus Parvez, Asha Chandra, Rajan Haksar, Anwar Ali, Nigar Sultana, Dolly,Bombi Dotiwala, Preetam, Baby Seema, Dharmavir, Mridula, Suryakant Mehta, Amrit Patel, Ishan Arya, Madhukar, Mona, Shah, Rajendra Sood, Deepak, Rakesh Bhalla, Kapoor Y N ,Kalpana Diwan, Maruti jr., Basant Bhatia etc in it.

The movie had seven songs in it. Two songs have been covered so far.

Here is the third song from “Bansi Birju”(1972) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Vani Jairam. Yogesh is the lyricist. Music is composed by Vijay Raghav Rao.

The song is picturised as a mujra dance song on Asha SachdevChandra and Jaya Bhaduri. Rajan Haksar, Baby Seema, Ramesh deo, K N Singh and Nigar Sultana are also seen in the picturisation.

Lyrics of the song and other details were sent by Prakashchandra.



Song-Haaye re sainyya mose kaahe kare barjoree (Bansi Birju)(1972) Singer-Vani Jairam, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Vijay Raghav Rao

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)(Based on audio version)

haayye rey aey ae ae ae
saiyyaan aan
haan aan aa aaan
mosey kaahey karey barjoree ee
baaz aayee ee ee main aen
bedardee eee ee
saiyyaan aan aan
saiyaan jaa jaa jaa aa
jaaaa aaaaa aa aaa aaaa aaa
rey ae jaaa aaa

jaa jaa jaa jaa sainyyaan
chhodo bainyyaan
mohey dar laagey rey ae ae
oo o o o o
dil ko lubhaa ke chaley jaaogey
pardesi saiyyaan
dil ko lubhaake chaley jaaogey
pardesi raajaa aa
dil ko lubhaa ke chaley jaaogey ae

nazrein milaa ke ae
chal dogey tum
aahein bharengey
tadpengey hum mm
nazrein milaa ke ae
chal dogey tum
aahein bharengey ae
tadpengey ae hum mm
julam na kar r r
padoon painyyaan
mohey dar laagey rey aey ae
oo ooo o
dil ko lubhaa ke chaley jaaogey

jhoothey hain tere
vaade ae saajan
beetey rey yoon hee kitney saawan nn
jhoothey hain tere
vaade ae saajan
beetey rey yoon hee kitney saawan
miley nahin pyaar ki chhainyyaan
mohey dar laagey rey ae
oo ooo oo
dil ko lubhaa ke chaley jaaogey
pardesi saiyyaan aan
dil ko lubhaa ke chaley jaaogey
pardesi raajaaa
dil ko lubhaa ke chaley jaaogey
pardesi saiyyaan aan aan
dil ko lubhaa ke chaley jaaogey
pardesi saiyyaan aan aaan
dil ko lubhaa ke chaley ae jaaogey


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It’s not ashasachdev, it should be ASHACHANDRA


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