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Jawaani hum guzaaren tumhaare aasre

Posted on: October 15, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Hip Hip Hurray-1948.

How many of us really know what ” Hip Hip Hurray ” means in reality ? I am sure all of us have used this slogan several times during our school and college days, whenever we were celebrating a victory of our team over the rivals or someone had earned a coveted Reward or an Honour from the authorities. I have used it many times myself, as a victory slogan etc. That was not an age when we cared for the dictionary meaning of popular words or phrases like this one. The colloquial meaning was sufficient for us.

Out of curiosity, I checked a few English dictionaries like the Oxford and the Concise Cambridge dictionary. I found that ” HHH ‘ is a cheer slogan called out to express congratulations towards someone or something. It also denoted appreciation and approval of a victory. ” So much for the meaning of this phrase !

I could not find the story of this film, despite my efforts. There was another film made in 1984 with the same title. That film was based on an Inter-Collegiate Football competition, with a background of a love story of Raj Kiran and Dipti Naval. Then there was also a TV serial, with the same title. It ran from 21-8-1998 to 25-5-2001, with 80 episodes, followed by its second season with 45 episodes , after 15 years.

Anyway, the film Hip Hip Hurray-1948 was produced by Navin Yagnik and Hari Kashmiri, for the banner ‘ Kashmir Films’. The film was directed by Arvind Sen. He had earlier acted in 2 films-Doctor-1940 and Devdasi-1945. Hip Hip Hurray -1948 was his Debut film as a director and he went on to direct another 10 films till Nasihat (1986). His 2 films Muqaddar-(1950) and Kafila-(1952) became successful. They had excellent music also.

The film’s Music Director was Pt. Hanuman Prasad. The name Hanuman Prasad paints a picture of a Pehelwan playing kushti in an akhaada. Guru Hanuman and his akhaada in North India were quite famous. In the late 50s and 60s,there were many Wrestling Championships played in India. Many Pehelwans from other countries also came here to participate. Through these bouts the name of Dara Singh became very famous and later he appeared in Hindi films. The name Hanuman rekindles memories of that era.

However, one would be reasonably surprised if I tell that Pt. Hanuman Prasad ( Sharma/Triloki) was a well known Hindi Film Music Director in the 40s and 50s. Hanuman Prasad was a complete musical package, in the sense that he composed, wrote lyrics ( Gaali, Jasoos, Saudagar and Rasilee) and sung a song also in film( Rasili)-as Sharma. He even directed the film Rasilee-46. Geeta Dutt fans will remember him as the one who discovered her and gave her the first break in Playback singing in Hindi films in 1946.

There were 2 lyricists for 9 songs (actually 11 songs). The 9th song had 3 parts on 2 different records. It was sung by different singers). However, HFGK failed to credit every song with its lyricist’s name. The cast of the film was Balwant Singh, Navin Yagnik, Nirupa Roy, Mangala, Prabhu Dayal, Kumkum, Gulab etc. and a battery of comedians like Dikshit, Bhudo Advani, Radha Kishen and Gope.

Balwant Singh was an actor and a singer. He had no song in this film and from the film ‘Apni chhaya’-1950, with Mohd. Rafi giving him the playback, his singing came to a close.

BALWANT SINGH was born in Pandoga village of Hoshiarpur on 9-12-1918 in a Jahagirdar’s family. He was quite rich. After a training from Pt. Bhishmadev in classical music, he came to Bombay and joined Bombay Talkies at the age of 18 years. He first gave Playback in Jeevan Prabhat-37.In Nirmala-38 he acted and also sang a song. Then came Durga-39 where also he acted and sang. V. Shantaram cast him in Padosi-41 and his songs in this film were hits.

He was Hero in Darpan (1941),Swapna (1942),Malan (1943),Naukar (1943),Paraya Dhan (1943), Ashirwaad (1943), Collegian (1944), Dr.Kumar (1944), Bhanwar (1947,Hip hip Hurray (1948) and Apni Chhaya-(1950) etc. As a hero he sang less songs. His songs with Shanta Hublikar (Malan) and Parul Ghosh and Khan Mastana (Bhanwar) were very popular. He also acted in Nirmala, Vachan and Kangan.

In all, he acted in 18 films, sang 20 songs in 10 films and also wrote 6 songs in the film Sumitra-1949.

He married a girl from the royal family of Palanpur, Gujarat. After leaving films, he worked in All India Radio for 4 years. Then he settled in Ahmedabad, directing Dramas and Teaching music. Finally, he shifted to Ludhiana where, after a long illness, he died on 4-12-1985.

When Balwant Singh worked for A.I.R., it was claimed that he was responsible for the making of the famous morning Signature Tune of the A.I.R., and despite all presentations to several authorities, he was not given the credit for this. His son also claimed this in his interview given to our friend Shishir Krishna Sharma, for his Blog ” Beete hue din”. When I read his interview on the Blog and the You Tube, I wrote to Sharma ji, pointing out to him that this tune was made by the German refugee in India- Walter Kaufmann and NOT Balwant Singh. My E Mail dated 21-4-2021, to him is given here….

Dear Sharma ji,

I visited YouTube and heard your presentation.
I have also read what is written in your post about Balwant Singh on your Blog.
I would like to bring to your notice that it seems this Signature Tune of A.I.R. was NOT made by Balwant Singh,
but by one Walter Kaufmann, when he worked for All India Radio from 1934 to 1946.
Walter Kauffmann in India, 1934 – 1946
Author – Amrit Gangar
Published by Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai. 2013

Chapter 3 in this book is THE ALL INDIA RADIO, on page 36.

In this chapter it has been given in detail, with proofs in terms of several letters etc about the signature tune made by him for A.I.R.
There is an interview of the son of Dinkar Amembel, station Director, Bombay AIR, who says that Dinkar had played the Tanpura and
Mehli Mehta played the Violin.

I have this book, gifted to me by the author.

When you come back to Mumbai, you can visit me and see the book entries yourself.
I am fully convinced that the tune was done by Walter Kaufmann only.
It is possible that that is the reason why Balwant Singh’s claim was not entertained ever !

However, for whatever reasons, the said point was neither removed from his Blog nor the YouTube presentation.

Today’s song is sung by 4 singers namely, Geeta Roy, Zohrabai Amabalawali, G.M. Durani and Shamshad Begum. It is a good song. Enjoy….

Song- Jawaani hum guzaaren tumhaare aasre (Hip Hip Hurray)(1948) Singers- G.M.Durrani, Geeta Roy, Zohrabai Ambalabai, Shamshad Begum, Lyricist- Not known, MD- Pt. Hanuman Prasad


hmmhm hm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hm hmm hmm hmm
jawaani hum guzaaren
jawaani hum guzaare
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhare aasre
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhare aasre

jabse hua hai milan
mera man hai magan
mujhko chhod akeli
kahin jaao na sajan
o kahin jaao na sajan
main to teri nazar se
rahoon saath saath re
poori hogi aas re
aao jawaani hum guzaare guzaare
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhare aasre
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhare aasre

?? sapnon ??
ise looto na raani
tum door se mere jiya mein chubh ??
aao ?? re
aaja paas paas re
poori hogi aas re
aao jawaani hum guzaaren
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhaare aasre
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhaare aasre

tum aayi to le aayi
ummeedon ka savera
hansi khushi ki har ek shaam
aur pyaar ka basera
tere rain basere mein
kaatenge ?? re
kaatenge ?? re
hum rachenge raas re
hum rachenge raas re
aao jawaani hum guzaaren
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhaare aasre
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhaare aasre

?? hai
muhabbat zindagi mein museebat ka ?? hai
pyaar karo to bahaar chhaye
ho jaaye ?? baat re
?? baat re
hum rachenge raas re
poori hogi aas re
aao jawaani hum guzaaren
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhaare aasre
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhaare aasre
jawaani hum guzaaren
jawaani hum guzaaren
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhaare aasre
tumhaare aasre
hum tumhaare aasre


2 Responses to "Jawaani hum guzaaren tumhaare aasre"

Thanks Arunji for the informative post, enjoyed reading every bit of it,…


Prakash ji,
Thanks for your kind words.


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