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Ho Raaja baabu dil ko sambhaal rakhnaa

Posted on: October 16, 2022

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2012-2022) – Song No. 114

Ten years back on this date viz on 16th October 2012, five songs from five different movies were covered on the blog. Here are the details:-

Blog post number Song Movie (Year) Remarks
6861 Ambuaa ki daal daali jhoom rahi hai aali Vidhyapati (1937) Movie YIPPEED by now
6862 Tum bhi wohi ho main bhi wohi hoon Siskiyaan (UR)(1952) Unreleased movie. Number of songs unknown
6863 Mere dil kabhi to koi aayegaa Main Chup Rahoongi (1962) Movie YIPPEED by now
6864 Ye mausam bheega bheega hai Dharti (1970) Movie YIPPEED by now
6865 Kisi shaayar ki ghazal dream girl Dream Girl (1977) 5 songs out of six covered

We can see from the above that four movies (out of six) whose songs were covered on this date ten years ago (16 october 2012) have since been YIPPEED in the blog. Out of remaining two movies, one movie was unreleased and totl number of songs recorded for that movie is not known. Other songs of that unrelaesed movie may not be available either.

That leaves us with only one movie that is eligible for Blog Ten Year Challenge today (16 october 2022).

That movie is “Dream Girl”(1977).

“Dream Girl”(1977) was produced by I K Bahl & Jaya Chakravorty and directed by Pramod Chakravorty for Trimurty Films, Bombay. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Prem Chopra, Lalita Pawar, Dina Pathak, Komila Wirk, Alka, Pinchoo Kapoor, S.N.Bannerjee, Sapru, Parveen Paul, Birbal, Kuljeet, Shaikh, Lalita Kumari(Sinha), Dube, Satyen Kapoo, Ritu Kamal, Madhu Chauhan, Kamal, Julie, Millie, Ratna, Madhup Sharma, Jagdish Raj, Rajan Kapoor, Mirza,  Mohan,  Jaswant, Darshan, Shidke, Bihari, Randhir, Dhumal, Master Chintoo, Rajoo, Alankar, Ladoo, Padmini Kolhapure, Chikoo, Bunty, Bobby, Madhu Malini,Jang Bahadur, Pallavi, Komal, Titoo, Romy, Ravi, Abbas, Asrani etc. The movie also had Seema deo, Ramesh deo, Mohan Choti and Sujit Kumar in special appearances.

“Dream Girl”(1977) had six songs in it. Five songs have already been covered in the blog. Here are their details:-

Blog post number song Date of post Singer (s)
6865 Kisi shaayar ki ghazal dream girl 16 october 2012 Kishore Kumar
8843 Duniya ke log kitne achche hote 16 october 2013 Asha Bhonsle
10969 Hua kya agar tu zara bewafa hai 24 march 2015 Hema Malini, Kishore Kumar
15975 Chhuppa chhuppi khelen aao Multiple version song 16 october 2020 Lata Mangeshkar

One can notice that all songs (except one song) of “Dream Girl”(1977) have appeared on the blog on 16 october of various years. That is no coincidence. This date happens to be the birthday of Hema Malini (DoB 16 october 1948). Moreover, all these posts have been by different posters, all obviously great fans of Hema Malini.

It must be said that Hema Malini had aged gracefully. She still appears in advertisements and helps sell household products like water filter. If a person unfamiliar with Hema Malini is informed that she is 74 years old then he/she will refuse to accept it ! That is how young and well preserved she looks.

Peevesie’s mom, who was the poster of Duniya ke log kitne achche hote the Hema Malini birthday article on 16 october 2013, had the good fortune of once meeting Hema Malini personally at an airport and Hema Malini graciously agreed to get herself photographed with Peevesie’s mom. 🙂

Hema Malini was a Rajya Sabha member from 2003 to 2009. Today Hema Malini is a Member of Lok Sabha from Mathura (UP). She has no connections with Mathura or UP,  still she continues to win parliamentary election from this seat comfortably. Today she is into her second term as an MP from Mathura. It shows how popular she still is all over India.

She obviously looks after the needs of her constituency. I can vouch for that. I was posted at Izatnagar workshop (Bareilly) which is located near Mathura. I received a letter from her that the Railbus running between Mathura and Vrindawan had become overaged and gone out of order. A new rail bus may kindly be manufactured in Izatnagar workshop for this service. I wondered why railbus, clearly a loss making proposition should be manufactured. Hema Malini clearly had influence among the higher echelons of Railways, because a senior officer from North Central Railway (under whose jurisdiction Mathura falls), visited me and convinced me why manufacturing this railbus was important for Mathura as well as for Railways.

This new railbus, manufactured in Izatnagar Railway workshop, is today an important tourist attraction in Mathura. 🙂

We take this opportunity to wish Hema Malini a very happy birthday. Let there be many more returns of the day.

On this occasion, here is a song from “Dream Girl”(1977) that is bound to chear everyone up. The song is sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. The lilting music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The song is lip synced by Hema Malini. Sujeeet Kumar, Dharmendra, Asrani, Rajrani, Mohan Choti etc can also be seen in the picturisation.

With this song, the sixth and final song from “Dream Girl”(1977), all the songs of the movie have now been covered in the blog. With this song, “Dream Girl”(1977) joins the list of movies that have been YIPPEED in the blog.

Lyrics of this song and other details were sent to me by Prakashchandra.


Audio link:

Song-Ho Raaja baabu dil ko sambhaal rakhna (Dream Girl)(1977) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)
(Lyrics of audio version)

Soch ke haath pakadna re
mat jaana is akeli pe
mere paas jo aaye
rakhe apni jaan hatheli pe
ho raaja baabu
ho raaja baabu
dil ko sambhaal rakhna aa aa
mere kanne chhuri hai
ho mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhna
ho raaja baabu
dil ko sambhal rakhna aa aa
mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhna
ho raaja baabu
raaja baabu
dil ko sambhaal rakhna aa aa
mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhna

ja tere haathon mein
mera aanchal nahin aayega
mere peechhe peechhe bhaagega
to dhokha khaayega
chaltee hawa ko pakadna hai mushqil
yaad hamesha
yaad hamesha ye misaal rakhna aa
mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhna
ho raaja baabu
dil ko sambhal rakhna aa aa
mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhna

aag sey jo khela karte hain
wo deewaane hote hain
mujhko chhed ke hansne waale
dil ko thhaam ke rote hain
ponchhega tu kis tarah apne aansu
jeb mein hamesha
jeb mein hamesha roomaal rakhna aa aa
mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhna
ho raaja baabu
dil ko sambhaal rakhna aa aa
mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhna

toone kya socha hai
tujhse dar ke main jhuk jaaungee
main bijli hoon
kyaa main tere
roke se ruk jaaungee
main tere bas mein na aaungee rasiya
dil se ye armaan
dil se ye armaan nikaal rakhnaa aa aa
mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhna
ho raajaa baabu
dil ko sambhaal rakhnaa aa aa
mere kanne chhuri ee
kyaa ?
mere kanne chhuri hai
khayaal rakhnaa
ho o raajaa baabu u u

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