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Thhodee sharaab pee loon

Posted on: November 6, 2022

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Nowadays it is happening with me regularly that whenever I come across a new song (newer to me) I check for its movie name, and when I became aware of the name of the movie I check it on the blog. I am under the impression that this movie surely is on the blog. But, when I found that the movie is not yet available on the blog, I do not believe it and keep checking many times in various lists  . The recent such instances is the movie ‘Taxi Chor-1980’ and another one is the today’s movie.

Today’s song is from the movie ‘Daasi-1981’. I do not know if I was confusing the movie ‘Swaami-1977’ with ‘Daasi’, but I was surprised to note that ‘Daasi-1981’ is yet to make its debut on the blog.

I landed on this movie ‘Daasi-1981’ when I get to listen one of its songs, not the today’s one, on Vividh Bharati. I was planning to present that song which I listened to and liked, but I am leaving that one for another write-up soon.

This is because this movie ‘Daasi-1981’ has Sanjeev Kumar in it and today 6th November 2022 is the thirty-seventh ‘Remembrance Anniversary’ of Sanjeev Kumar.

Sanjeev Kumar (Haribhai Jethalal Jariwala) was born on 9th July 1938 and passed away on 6th November 1985 at the age of forty-seven only. One of the finest actors of Hindi Cinema Sanjeev Kumar was the most loved actor by of all our group of friends who grew up in the seventies.

We enjoyed his movies a lot and whenever there was a new Sanjeev Kumar movie released every one of us (friends) were eager to watch it as early as possible and then we used to discuss it a lot in our friends’ group meetings.

But I do not remember to have watched the today’s movie of Sanjeev Kumar which was released in 1981. I was studying in ninth standard then (in 1981-1982). It seems that the movie was also a lesser known or a non-successful movie of its time.

‘Daasi-1981’ was directed by Raj Khosla for ‘Gavrav International Productions, Bombay’.
It was produced by Subhash Verma.

It had Sanjeev Kumar, Rekha, Moushumi Chatterjee, Rakesh Roshan, Vikram, Paintal, Siddharth Kak, Radhika Bartakke, Anita Advani, Sundar, Leela Mishra, Dhoomal, Bela, Meena, Rajesh, Arjan Sahni, Gauri Verma, Pooja Verma and others.

This movie had seven songs written by Anand Bakshi and composed by Ravindra Jain and Rajesh Roshan.

I will be presenting more details of this movie and its songs in my next write-up with a song of this movie.

Today as a tribute to Sanjeev Kumar we will listen to a song from this movie which is sung by Bhupinder Singh and which on screen is performed by Sanjeev Kumar.

Also seen in the picturisation of this song is Rekha, Moushumi Chatterjee, Vikram and others.

In the today’s song the character in the movie ‘under the circumstances’ is trying to justify his drinking … ‘thhodi sharaab pee loon’. So, I don’t think this song should fall under ‘drunkard’ song. But, incidentally recently I listened to ‘Madhushaala’ after a long time and also some ‘drinking motivational songs’ from Hindi movies. Actually, since many years I am longing to do a ‘compilation’ of all ‘these type of songs from Hindi movies’ 🙂
The today’s song reminded me of the following lines from ‘madhushaala’ …

‘dard nashaa hai is madira ka, vigat smritiyaan saathi hain, peeda mein anand jise ho aaye meri madhushaala’ 🙂 (well sometimes it happens … )

Let us listen to today’s song now and watch Sanjeev Kumar performing as a ‘ghazal singer’ …



Song-Thhodi sharaab pee loon(Daasi)(1981) Singer-Bhupinder Singh, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Ravindra Jain


Log kehte hain main
ek fankaar hoon
apni shohrat se par
main sharamsaar hoon
mujhse poochho agar
to main kuchh bhi nahin
girti tooti huyi
ek deewaar hoon

thhodi sharaab pee loon
thhodi sharaab pee loon
ho jaaye kuchh sahaara aa aa
ae doston tumhen kya
ae doston tumhe kya
ye bhi …
nahin gawaaraa
thhodi sharaab pee loon

sur taal bol bhooley
main meet yaad aaye
do ghoont pee liye to
sau geet yaad aaye
sau geet yaad aaye
geeton mein yaad bhar doon
geeton mein yaad bhar doon
dil ka main dard saaraa aa
ae doston tumhe kya
ae doston tumhe kya
ye bhi …
nahin gawaaraa
thhodi sharaab pee loon

(Dialogues not included)

bhoole huye dinon ki
yaadein jagaa rahi hain
shaayad kahin se koi
aawaaz aa rahi hai
aawaaz aa rahi hai
mud kar to dekh loon main
mud kar to dekh loon main
kisne mujhe pukaaraa aa
ae doston tumhe kya aa
ae doston tumhe kya
ye bhi …
nahin gawaaraa
thhodi sharaab pee loon

raste mein thhak gaya hoon
manzil se door hoon main
saahil hai door mujhse
saahil se door hoon main
saahil se door hoon main
toofaan ko banaa loon
toofaan ko banaa loon
main doob kar kinaaraa aa
ae doston tumhen kya aa
ae doston tumhe kya
ye bhi …
nahin gawaaraa
thhodi sharaab pee loon
ho jaaye kuchh sahaara aa
ae doston tumhen kya
ye bhi …
nahin gawaaraa
thhodi sharaab pee loon

6 Responses to "Thhodee sharaab pee loon"

16 reels
Gauge:35 mm
Censor certificate no.97075 dated 9-6-1981
Eastman color

In loving memory of Late Shri.R.R.Verma
Gaurav international productions present
Sanjeev kumar,Rekha, Moushumi,rakesh roshan,vikram,Leela Misra,paintal,Radhika baratake,
Dhumal,Siddhrth kak,Sunder,Anita Advani,Kamalakar date,Narbada Shankar,Chauhan,Arjan Sahani,
Inder Khosla,Satyarani,Umed Singh,Agnihotri,
Child artistes:Pooja Verma,Gaurav verma,Sonu,Bole,Rajesh,Meena
Audiography:Manohar Amberkar
Art direction:Sudhendu Roy
Makeup :Baijnath
Production controller:Ashok Khanna
Production executive:santosh khanna
Produced at mehboob studios,Ruia parks,chandivli outdoors,r.k.studios,filmcity
Associate director:Sudesh Issar
Chief asst.director:Viren Bole
Editing:Waman Bhonsle(a.f.e)
Director of photography:Pratap Sinha(w.i.c.a)
Executive producer:Naina Verma
Story and screenplay:Suraj Sanim
Lyrics:Anand Bakshi & Ravindra Jain
Music:Ravindra Jain & Rajesh Roshan
Producer:Subhash Verma
Directed by Raj Khosla

Records on polydor
Playback singers:Lata Mangeshkar,Asha Bhonsle,Kishore kumar,Bhupinder ,Ravindra Jain,
Manna Dey,
1)piya bina jiya nahin lage:Bhupinder:Anand Bakshi:Ravindra Jain
2)kitna hai khoobsurat:Asha Bhosle:Anand Bakshi:Ravindra Jain
3)premi sabhi hote hain diwane:Lata,kishore:Anand Bakshi:Rajesh Roshan*
4)palkan se mag jharun:ravindra jain,ravindra jain,ravindra jain(singer,music,lyricist)
5)Thodi sharab peeloon:Bhupinder:Anand Bakshi:Ravindra Jain
6)purani chilmane utha:Asha Bhosle:Anand Bakshi:Ravindra Jain
7)bindiya jagaye:Manna Dey:Anand Bakshi:Rajesh Roshan*

as per vinyl record image I have written the above details of Daasi Songs

6 songs are written by Anand Bakshi
and one song was written by Ravindra jain himself besides composing it….

4)palkan se mag jharun:ravindra jain,ravindra jain,ravindra jain(singer,music,lyricist)


HFGK mentions ANAND BAKSHI as Lyricist of all the songs of this movie, but vinyl record image of this movie tells another story, as I have mentioned above:
6 songs are written by Anand Bakshi
and one song was written by Ravindra jain himself besides composing it….

4)palkan se mag jharun:ravindra jain,ravindra jain,ravindra jain(singer,music,lyricist)


Thanks Prakash ji for the details.


thank you PCji Thank you Avinashji. And thank you Atulji for presenting a song from Daasi and remembering the all-rounder actor Sanjeev Kumar. Yes he was a much loved actor. Sad that he went away at a young age.
I have seen this movie a few times in recent years. It is a very emotional movie where Rakesh Roshan has a grey character and Moushumi had to cry a bit. Rekha played a Nautch-girl with a golden heart (something that she was good at back then). And Sanjeev Kumar was a blind singer. Paintal played Sanjeev Kumar brother, Vikram was one of Rekha’s ‘rasiks’, & Siddharth Kak a doctor -eye specailist. I don’t recall what Radhika and others in the cast were.
Thank you for bringing this movie on the blog


Thanks Peevesie’s Mom ji for your comments and liking this song-post.


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