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Navkalpana nav roop se

Posted on: July 31, 2012

Rafi has sung songs for lots and lots of music directors, be they big names or unknown strugglers. I have not kept a count but I am sure that Rafi may have sung for the largest number of music directors among all major playback singers and that way he is a trivia buff’s delight.

Singing songs for small time music directors is nothing new for Rafi. I find that he has sung songs for father as well as son, both being small time music directors. Rafi has sung for Jamal Sen ( Naram naram ye hai garam garam ) in Rangeela (1953), among a few other songs. Two decades later, Rafi sang for his son Shambhu Sen in “Mrigtrishna” (1975). And it is not that Rafi sang half heartedly when singing for lesser known music directors. He gave his best for these composers and many of these compositions went on to become immortal.

Here is this immortal composition from the by now forgotten movie called “Mrigtrishna” (1975). The song is sung by Rafi. The song is written as well as composed by Shambhu Sen. This song plays in the background while Hema Malini dances in the picturisation.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra. And I am quite pleased to announce that this is the 300th lyrics contribution by Prakashchandra ! He is an invaluable and much loved member of our contributing team and we are proud and privileged to have him among us. Congratulations !



Song-Navkalpana nav roop se rachna rachi jab naar ki (Mrigtrishna)(1975) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shambhu Sen, MD-Shambhu Sen

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

nav roop se
rachnaa rachi jab naar ki
navkalpana nav roop se
rachnaa rachi jab naar ki
satyam shivam sundaram se
shobhaa badhee sansaar ki

kalaa ki daasi kaamini
solaha kalaa paripoorn hai ae ae
kalaa ki daasi kaamini
solaha kalaa paripoorn hai ae ae
vishw mein vishkanyaa ke
ye naam se prasiddh hai ae ae
naam se prasiddh hai ae ae
haav-bhaav anubhaav se
sewaa karein bhagwaan ki
navkalpana aa

chandramaa so mukh salono
shyaam varnaa kesh hai ae
chandramaa so mukh salono ae ae
nainon se mrignaynee hai
vaani madhur uchchaarti
vaani madhur uchchaarti
nrity gaan trig-dhaan pooja
inkaa dharam hai aarti
navkalpanaa aa

ni re gaa……aaaa
ga re ga ni re paa maa gaa
saa ni paa maa gaa re
maa gaa rei saaa
devlok ki devdaasi
sundar roop lubhaavani
devlok ki devdaasi
sundar roop lubhaavani
painjan kanchuki kardhani
solaha singaar suhaavani
solaha singaar suhaavani ee ee
shankh damroo jhaanjh jhaalar
nupur dhwani manmohani
navkalpana nav roop se
rachnaa rachi jab naar ki

15 Responses to "Navkalpana nav roop se"

Pure Hindi Pure Bliss


Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 300th lyrics contribution and thanks for sharing your passion with all of us. Bus, aap aise hi apne prakash se is blog ko hamesha ujaale mein rakhna. 🙂


Khyati ji

Aapkaa pyaar bharaa “Aashirwaad” mujh par sadaa aise hi banee rahe.




Thank you for your encouraging words.

And , and….
Other than that Shukriyaa for all other important things(jisse bayaan karne ke liye mere liye mere paass yogya shabd nahin hain,
Samjho aap hi,jo nahin likhi gayee hain) you are unconditionally providing for me through this blog.
Thank you again “MUJHE JHELNE KE LIYE” 🙂

Love you always,


prakash ji,
HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS on reacing a Triple century of songs.
Your contribution to this blog is very vital and thanks for giving us many delectable and melodious songs to hear.


Thanks Arunji,
Jo aap sab logon se, pyaar aur vishwaas mil raha hai, mere liye, woh bahut hi anmol cheez hai.

Thanks again


Prakashchandra ji,

Many congratulations for your 300th contributions.


Thank you
nahm ji




Congratulation for your 300th song lyrics on this blog.
You are an expert in picking up unusual songs – especially of 60s and 70s.


Thanks Sadanandji
Ye toh aapki badappan hai, jo aap meri tareef kar rahe hain

Thanks again



I wonder if it was POSSIBLE for Rafi to be half hearted.

I love this song. Nice to know it was composed by Jamal Sen’s son.


300 songs! Stupendous achievement.

Please accept heartfelt felicitations on reaching this mega-milestone.
The way your prolific, yet, fine & exquisite contributions have adorned this blog is commendable indeed.


Thank you Atif ji

Thanks again for the encouraging and sweet words.



I whole heartedly endorse you Atulji. Yeah , Rafi Saahib sang for even lesser known music directors with equal pathos as he had done for other popular contemporary music directors . Who can forget ” Yeh Raat Yeh Fizaayein ” ( Batwaara ) , ” Paas Baitho Tabiyat Behal Jaayegi ” ( Punermilan ) , ” Pyaar Ki Raah Dikhaa Duniya Ko ” ( Lambley Haath ) , all sung by him for lesser known music directors like C Arjun and SN Tripathi


Pure HindI, Pure Bliss as commented by Nitin Shah holds true for another Mahendra Kapoor duet from V Shantaram’s ” Stree “, Aaj Madhu Vaataas Dolly .


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