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Hum chhupe Rustam hain

Posted on: January 22, 2023

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(A tribute to Vijay Anand – The Director)

Today 22nd Janunary’202 is the eighty-nineth birth anniversary of Vijay Anand. He was born on 22nd January’1934 and passed away on 23rd February’2004.

Vijay Anand was one of the greatest director and editor of Hindi Cinema. He also produced movies, acted in movies, wrote movies and even wrote lyrics.

Vijay Anand left behind his legacy of movies that are called ‘Vijay Anand movies’ that would be remembered forever and will always be a part of Hindi Cinema History. He has left behind an indelible mark of his ‘art and craftsmanship’ in the movies he has directed and /or edited or both.

I am a big fan of Vijay Anand. I had earlier presented a brief post on him on the blog.

Our seniors on the blog and especially Shri Sudhir ji have written passionate posts on Vijay Anand on the blog. I am reproducing a brief about Vijay Anand that Shri Sudhir ji had mentioned in this post.

Really very few artists and film makers in the industry have been as versatile as Vijay Anand has been. Active in the industry since the early 1950s, Vijay is the youngest of the three Anand brothers. He did have an advantage of two elder siblings, Chetan Anand and Dev Anand, having made a place for themselves in the industry, when he also decided to take the plunge. And under the umbrella of his illustrious seniors, he had the opportunity to delve and develop a multi-faceted career. In a career that spans more than five decades, Vijay Anand, or Goldie as he was known to his friends, made his mark as a screenplay and dialogue writer, as a director, as a producer, as an editor, and as an actor. His works are limited, given the span of his career, but the quality of his work speaks for itself. The films he has directed are outstanding, and he is acknowledged as the best director for picturization of songs, in the Indian film industry. In this aspect of film making, which is supremely significant given the musical nature of Indian cinema, he is without a peer.

Our Shri Sadanand ji had mentioned this while writing about Vijay Anand in this post:-.

This song is our tribute to Vijay Anand whose birth day falls on January 22nd. That he was a talented person from a very young age can be gauged by the fact that at the age of 16, he became assistant director in ‘Afsar’ (1950). Due to a sudden illness of Chetan Anand, who directed the film ‘Funtoosh’ (1954), Vijay Anand directed a song ‘hey meri topi palat ke aa’ in the film at the age of 20. At the age of 23, he scripted and directed a box office hit ‘Nau Do Gyarah’ (1957).

There is one detailed post on Vijay Anand written by Shri Sudhir ji with the song ‘andhi parja andha raja takey ser bhaaji takey ser khaaja’ presented on the blog on 22nd Jaunary’2018 as a tribute to Vijay Anand on his birth anniversary.

In this post on the birth anniversary of Vijay Anand we today pay our tributes to him and listen to a song from one of the movies. He produced, directed, wrote, edited and also wrote three out of the seven songs in this movie.

We are all aware that the movies by ‘Navketans’ always had good music and they are known for their music as well. If one browse this blog and check the list of movies which are directed by Vijay Anand one can see that almost all of them have been covered with all of their songs on the blog or as we say they have already been ‘Yippeeee’ed’ on the blog, except the surprise which is the today’s movie.

Today’s movie is ‘Chhupaa Rustom-1973’.

Here is a brief about this movie mentioned by Shri Sudhir ji in his post on the blog.

‘Chhupa Rustom’ (1973) is a crime thriller from the house of Navketan. Produced by Dev Anand, the film is directed by Vijay Anand. It is for this film that Goldie shares the credits for song writing with Neeraj. The film is loosely based on the action thriller novel ‘Fear Is The Key’ by the British author Alistair MacLean. The acting credits are impressive and include Dev Anand, Hema Malini, Vijay Anand, Bindu, Prem Chopra, Ajit, Sajjan, Veena, Premnath, AK Hangal, Rashid Khan, Shyam Kumar, Sudhir, Uma Dutt, Kaamraan, Nawab, and many more. The music composition is by SD Burman.
The storyline revolves around a treasure city of gold that is discovered under the glaciers of Himalayas by an archaeologist, played by AK Hangal. The information about the probable existence of such a treasure is also with a group of gangsters led by Ajit. Weather conditions go bad, Hangal is separated from his team and lands up at the camp of gangsters. Recognizing him, the gangsters capture him. He is tortured, but refuses to give the location information to Ajit. Meanwhile, Dev Anand, who is the son of Hangal, begins to search for his father, after losing contact with him. He is actually a police officer, and Vijay Anand is an associate. The storyline follows their efforts to track his father. The trail takes them to the wedding of Hema Malini, daughter of a rich man (Sajjan). The awkward alliance is with Prem Chopra, son of Ajit, for reasons of business coercion. Dev and his team kidnap Hema Malini, and get Ajit and his henchmen after them. The ruse is to somehow get the gangsters interested in Dev Anand, as the only person who can decipher the secret diary of Hangal, who is in the Ajit’s custody. After more machinations, finally Dev Anand leads Ajit and Prem Chopra to the treasure, only to trap them in the underground vault, and extract their confessions under the fear of death.

I vaguely remember to have watched this movie with my father when was a child. I do not remember anything about this movie except the today’s song (which is a qawwali) of which the ‘mukhda’ has always been in my memory may be it has been imbibed on my mind since years. And then the other song which I am familiar is from this movie is of course ‘dheere se jaana khatiyan mein’.

Though during all these years I do not remember to have attentively listened to any songs of this movie and that is why when I checked and found that lyrics for the remaining songs of this movie have been lying shared by Prakash ji.

And what a song this is, rather a ‘qawwali’ penned by none other than Neeraj ji, composed by S.D. Burman and sung by Manna Dey.

The thrill of listening and watching this ‘qawwali’ cannot be explained in words.
Just enjoy it!!!

Dev Anand is performing on screen and we can see Sajjan, Hema Malini, Ajit, Prem Chopra and others in the picturisation of this song.

We remember Vijay Anand and pay our tributes to the DIRECTOR in him!!!

(Lyrics for thesong were sent by Prakashchandra).



Song-Hum chhupe Rustam hain (Chhupa Rustam)(1973) Singer-Manna Dey,L yrics-Neeraj, MD-S D Burman

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

Haan aan aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
poochho to yaaron
hum kaun hain
kaun hain…mm..mmm
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain..aen
chhupe rustam hain
chhupe rustam hain..aen
chhupe rustam hain

chhupe rustam hain
qayaamat ki nazar rakhte hain
zameen to kyaa hai ae
zameen to kyaa hai
aasmaan ki khabar rakhte hain
chhupe rustam hain…aen
chhupe rustam hain
chhupe rustam hain…aen
chhupe rustam hain

chhup na paaye koyi tasveer hamaare aage
chal na paaye koyi tadbeer hamaare aage
toot jaati hai
toot jaati hai
toot jaati hai khud shamsheer hamaare aage
sar jhukaati hai har taqdeer hamaare aage
raah kaanton mein banaa lete hain
aasmaan sar pe uthhaa lete hain
hum agar taish mein aa jaayein to..o
hum agar taish mein aa jaayen to
aag paani mein lagaa dete hain
aag paani mein lagaa dete hain
hamaare dum se ye zamaanaa hai
sharaab-o-jaam hai maikhaanaa hai
hum jahaan sar ko jhukaa dein yaaron
wahin kaabaa wahin butkhaanaa hai
wahin kaabaa wahin butkhaanaa hai
hum to insaan ke liye ae
hum to insaan ke liye
hum to insaan ke liye daar pe sar rakthe hain
zameen to kyaa hai ae
zameen to kyaa hai
aasmaan ki khabar rakhte hain
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen

o o o o
tori najariyaa gori jaise
o o o o
tori najariyaa gori jaise ae ae
ras ki nadi
lehraa..aa…aaye ae ae
ek baar jo doobe ae ae ae
inn mein
pal pal
pal pal
pal pal gotaa khaaye raamaa
ho o ho o o
pal pal gotaa khaaye raamaa
nazar ye teer bhi talwaar bhi hai
nazar inkaar bhi iqraar bhi hai
nazar ye phool bhi hai
khaar bhi hai
ghataa bhi megh bhi malhaar bhi hai
nazar dil ki zubaan hoti hai
motiyon kaa makaan hoti hai
pyaar ka imtihaan hoti hai ae
zameen par aasmaan hoti hai
zameen par aasmaan hoti hai
haan aa
nazar uthhey to duaa ban jaaye
agar jhuk jaaye hayaa ban jaaye
jo tirchhee ho ho o
jo tirchhee ho ho o
jo tirchhee ho o
ho o
adaa ban jaaye
hey ye
pade seedhi to qazaa bann jaaye ae ae
pade seedhi to qazaa bann jaaye
pade seedhi to qazaa bann jaaye

nazar koyi bhi ho o o
nazar koyi bhi ho o
nazar koyi bhi ho o
hum sab pe ae nazar rakhte hain
zameen to kyaa hai ae ae
zameen to kyaa hai
aasmaan kee khabar rakthe hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen aen
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen aen
chhupe rustam hain aen

haan aa aa aa
aa aan aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
hum teri talaash mein jaan-e-jahaan aan aa
hum teri talaash mein jaane jahaan
jeene ka nayaa dastoor bane
kabhi Qais kabhi Farhaad kabhi
Khayyam kabhi Mansoor bane ae ae
kyaa kyaa na bane hum tere liye
par jo bhi bane bharpoor bane
ab aaye mazaa meraa khoon-e-jigar
teri maang ka jab sindoor bane
hum teri talaash mein jaan-e-jahaan aa aa
natkhat hum natwar tere liye
dar dar ghoome
bann bann bhatke
parbat pe gaye sooli pe chadhe
nit khaaye muqaddar ke jhatke ae ae
tere ghoonghat pat ki salvat mein
atpat ye more nainaa atke
jhatphat de hamein darshan hum to
pyaase hain teri kaali lat ke ae ae
hum teri talaash mein jaan-e-jahaan..aan..aan
o o o o o o o
meri aarzoo (aa)
hai teri justjoo (aa)
karoon kuchh guftagoo (aa)
zaraa to rubaaroo aa aa aa
aa aaa aa
zaraa to rubaaroo aa aa
rubaaroo aa aa
rubaroo aa aa

le hi jaayenge ae ae
le hi jaayenge ae
le hi jaayenge
uthhaa ke bhari mehfil se tujhe
churaa len aankh se kaajal
woh hunar rakhte hain
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen
chhupe rustam hain aen

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