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Bharat bhoomi mahaan hai

Posted on: February 16, 2023

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# Desh ki mitti ki khushboo #

Welcome all to this post under the title ‘Desh Ki Mitti Ki Khushboo’ after a very long gap.

The following three posts were presented on the blog under this caption earlier.

S No Song Date of post
1) Ek thhi maa punyakoti 14 January 2015
2) Sangam mein nahaa lo aur punya kamaa lo 8 february 2016
3) Arun Kiran Sheesh Bhushan 20 february 2016

However this series then went on backburner. When I went abroad for a project assignment for almost three years, this series totally lost its way among other priorities/posts.

When I took up this series I envisaged songs that would discuss folklores, talk about folktales, folksongs, culture, traditions, customs of our Country, patriotic songs, songs that would be based on historical and yes geographical settings of our country too.

I had even decided to include songs based on art and crafts of our country (if there were any).

I was sure that I will be able to find many songs in our films based on the above theme.

Today we resume this series, after a gap of almost seven years. 🙂 Now in the recent months when I was regularly browsing the blog and remaining songs from various decades in the Geet Kosh, I found that there are many songs from movies based on ‘mythology’ which can be included in this series.

So here is a song from the movie ‘Kan Kan Mein Bhagwaan-1963’.

It is the song telling us about the four sacred places (‘chaar dhaam’) viz. Badrinath, Dwarka, Rameshwaram and Jagganathpuri of Hindu religion in our country.

‘Kan Kan Mein Bhagwaan-1963’ was directed by Babubhai Mistry for ‘Roopkalaa Pictures’. It was produced by Mahipatray Shah.

It had Anita Guha, Mahipal, with Ramsingh, Krishnakumari, Kummo Tripathi, and Raja Nene. They were supported by Ratnamala, T.N. Sinha, Prakash, Yunus Parwez, Mridula, Punam Kapoor, Baijnath, Ajit, Rehana, Uma Dutt, R.S. Dube, Munshi, Shekhar, Chand, Devchand, Lal Bahadur, Kishore, Dilawar Khan, Baby Chand, Burhan, Jugal Kishore, Dinanath, Vijay Kumar and Master Aziz.

The story of this movie was written by Vishwanath Pande, C.K. Mast, Pandit Madhur, and S.M. Abbas.
Editing of this movie was done by Ramchandra Mahadik.

‘Kan Kan Mein Bhagwan-1963’ had nine songs, all written by Pandit Bharat Vyas. The music was composed by Pandit Shivaram.

Mahendra Kapoor, Manna Dey, Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

Mahendra Kapoor had sung six solo songs in this movie and Manna Dey had sung one solo, Mukesh had one duet with Suman Kalyanpur which has been posted on the blog. Suman Kalyanpur had one solo song other than the duet with Mukesh which has also been posted on the blog.

Following is the list of the songs of this movie as appearing in the HFGK Vol-IV (1961-1970).

S.No. Song Title Posted On
01 Sabko naach nachaane waala,/a> 24.11.2011
02 Bhagwaan Krishna ki amar kahaani
03 Jaa jaa jaa chhod de o chhaliyaa 07.08.2010
04 Apne piyaa ki main to bani re joganiya,/a> 25.10.2009
05 Bhaarat bhoomi mahaan hai Being covered in this post
06 Ye duniya banana aur banaa ke phir chalaana 07.08.2020
07 Nadiya na piye kabhi apna jal 15.05.2015
08 Ho o naag devtaa traahimaam paahimam 28.08.2021
09 Kan kan mein bhagwaan

So far, six songs out of the nine songs from this movie have been posted on the blog. We are going to listen to the seventh song from this movie today on the blog.

Today’s song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and it is a background song. In the picturisation of the song we can see actor Mahipal leaving behind his wife (Anita Guha) and mother (Ratnamala) in the village and setting out for the journey of the four ‘pilgrimage centres’ mentioned in the song. Thus we can see Badrinath, Dwarka, Rameshwar and Jagannath temples shown in the picturisation in the order they are mentioned in the song.

Lyrics for the song are by Bharat Vyas and music is composed by Pandit Shivram.

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts with the songs of this movie, I like the songs from this movie very much and they are a part of my nostalgia of ‘black and white’ movies I watched during my childhood days. The songs of this movie and the movie ‘Janam Janam Ke Phere’ have been embedded on my mind since then.

Let us now listen to and enjoy one more song from ‘Kan Kan Mein Bhagwaan’.


Song-Bharat bhoomi mahaan hai (Kan Kan Mein Bhagwan)(1963) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Pandit Shivram


Bharat bhoomi mahaan
teerath iske praan
teerath iske praan

Bharat bhoomi mahaan hai
teerath iske praan hain
chaaron dishaa mein
choumukh deep se
iske chaaron dhaam hain ae
Bharat bhoomi mahaan hai

hey ae ae
hey Badrinarayan dhaam jahaan
Vishnu bhagwaan viraaje he
Vishnu bhagwaan viraaje ae
hey teerath paawan
jan man bhaawan a a
hey teerath paawan
jan man bhaawan
nis din naubat baaje re bhaiyya
nis din naubat baaje he ae

hayee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee

hey Dwaarka mein dekho
Dwaarkadhish ka
sundar roop sajeelaa aa
sundar roop sajeelaa
haye ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee
hey bhaktajanon ke paawan
prem se
jiska aangan geela aa
jiska aangan geela aa
re kaanuda joyi re taari leela
Bharat bhoomi mahaan hai
teerath iske praan hain

aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
dhaam rameshwar baithhe jahaan
aa aa aa
dhaam rameshwar baithhe jahaan
shiv shankar dhyaan lagaaye ae
laage jahaan bhagton ka mela
laage jahaan bhagton ka mela
man vaanchhit phal paaye ae
sa re ga pa sa ga ga re sa
sa pa ga sa ga re sa

arey o o o o o
teenon jagat ke ae naath jahaan
o o o o o o o
teenon jagat ke naath jahaan
so Jagannath ki jhaanki
saanwari soorat
mohini moorat a a a a
nainan ki chhavi baanki ee ee ee ee
nainan ki chhavi baanki ee
o o o
o o o
o o
nainan ki chhavi baanki

chaar dhaam ki anupam mahima aa
ved puraan bhi gaayen
jug jug ka
agyaani praani
mahaagyaani ban jaaye
is dharti ko pranaam hai
jahaan santon ka vishraam hai
chaaron dishaa mein
choumukh deep se
iske chaaron dhaam hain ae
Bharat bhoomi mahaan hai
Bharat bhoomi mahaan hai


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