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Jaane kya hai jee darta hai

Posted on: March 6, 2023

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Kalpana Lajmi (31/05/1954 – 23/09/2018) was known for making Hindi films with unconventional woman-oriented stories. She started making feature films with ‘Ek Pal’ (1986) for which she was also the producer along with Bhupen Hazarika. This was followed by ‘Rudaali’ (1993), ‘Darmiyaan’ (1997), ‘Daman’ (2001), ‘Kyon’ (2003) and ‘Chingaari’ (2006).

A student of Psychology at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Kalpana Lajmi started making documentary films from 1970s. In between, she also worked with Shyam Benegal as an apprentice in ‘Charandas Chor’ (1975), Assistant Costume designer in ‘Bhumika’ (1977) and as Assistant Director in ‘Mandi’ (1983). By the way, Shyam Benegal was her maternal uncle, being the first cousin of her mother and painter, Lalita Lajmi.

Kalpana Lajmi’s life took a new turn when she met Bhupen Hazarika sometime in 1971. Her maternal uncle, Director Atmaram (younger brother of Guru Dutt) invited Bhupen Hazarika for dinner at his house when Kalpana Lajmi was also present. It was love at first sight for her when she saw 45-year-old Bhupen Hazarika who had already separated from his wife. She was mesmerised by his charisma, passion, talent, and intellect. Subsequently, she remained in contact with him through telephone. Her parents were not happy with her relationship with Bhupen Hazarika who was older than her father. About 2 years later, on the pretext of shooting a documentary film in Kolkata, she permanently shifted to Bhupen Hazarika’s house in Kolkata as his life partner. [Based on the book, ‘Bhupen Hazarika – As I Knew Him’ (2018) by Kalpana Lajmi]. Despite occasional turbulences in their live-in relationship due to their strong personalities, Kalpana Lajmi remained with Bhupen Hazarika for 40 years till he breathed his last in November 2011.

After the death of Bhupen Hazarika in 2011, Kalpana Lajmi kept herself busy with her new film ‘Kaanch’ (2012, unfinished). Unfortunately, shooting of the film was held up as producer ran out of money. The film remained incomplete. Subsequently, she took up writing a book on her life with Bhupen Hazarika. Here health started deteriorating sometime in 2017 due to kidney problem which was diagnosed as kidney cancer. Her book ‘Bhupen Hazarika – As I Knew Him’ (2018) was published but she could not be present at the time of the release of the book on September 8, 2018, (on the occasion of Bhupen Hazarika’s 91st birth anniversary) as she was in the hospital and doctors did not allow her to move out of the hospital.

Kalpana Lajmi succumbed to kidney cancer on September 23, 2018.

‘Ek Pal’ (1986) was Kalpana Lajmi’s first feature film as a director which was co-produced by her with Bhupen Hazarika, The film was based on a short story by Bangla poet and novelist, Maitreyi Devi. The film’s screenplay was jointly written by Gulzar and Kalpana Lajmi. Gulzar also wrote dialogues and songs. The film was financed by Hemendra Prasad Barooah, Assam’s top tea baron and the childhood friend of Bhupen Hazarika. Most of the shooting of the film was done in Assam in around his tea plantations. The names of the characters in the films had Assamese names.

The film is a love triangle with a difference that the woman protagonist is not caught between her two lovers but with her husband and a past lover. A moment (Ek Pal) of weakness on the part of the woman protagonist with her past lover has consequences on the relationship with her husband. Shabana Azmi, Nasiruddin Shah and Farooque Shaikh are the main actors. Other supporting actors are Dr Sreeram Lagoo, Deena Pathak, Shreela Mazumdar, Amal Sen, Sunila Pradhan, Deepa Lagoo etc. The gist of the story is as under:

Priyam Chaliha (Shabana Azmi) is born in a middle-class family living in Shillong. On the occasion of Bihu festival, she with her parents visit their native place, Jorhat, and stay in their ancestral house. During the festival gathering, Priyam meets Jeet Barooah (Farooque Shaikh), son of a tea baron. She is impressed with his charm and Jeet also gets infatuated by her grace.

After the completion of the festival holidays, Priyam returns to Shillong with her parents (Sreeram Lagoo and Deena Pathak). Jeet follows Priyam to Shillong and continue their romantic sojourns. At the same time, Ved Hazarika (Nasiruddin Shah), who works as an Engineer in tea plantation often visits Priyam’s house. He appears matured and balanced person for whom the work is worship.

In the meanwhile, Jeet, who wants to enjoy the companionship with Priyam without the firm commitment of taking their relationship to a marriage, wriggle out of the relationship by informing Priyam that he is flying to Harvard for higher studies. Priyam is shocked and in a moment of emotional upheaval, she tells her father about her relationship and break up with Jeet. At that moment, her father reveals that Ved has asked him for her hand in marriage. Priyam and Ved get married.

After some time, Priyam finds often alone as Ved is busy with his work, whole day with his visits to factory, plantations, and office work at home. She finds quite a contrast between the time she spent with Jeet and now with Ved. At the same time, she knows that Ved is a caring husband. Adding to her misery is her miscarriage which makes her more depressed in her lonely life.

After few years, Jeet return to India during Deewali festivals and tries to resume his relationship with Priyam with his savvy style despite knowing that she is already married. Priyam is not willing to resume this relationship beyond the level of courtesy. At this juncture, Ved is transferred to Kenya on his company’s work for a year. Jeet with his persuasive skill reignites Priyam’s suppressed feeling of love and passion. In a joyous moment, Priyam succumbs to Jeet’s advances and find herself pregnant. She reveals her pregnancy to Jeet who asks her to abort the pregnancy. Jeet is exposed as he is not willing to take responsibility for an illegitimate child but would like to continue on extra-marital relationship with her.

Disillusioned with the attitude of Jeet, Priyam leaves Shillong to stay with her parents in Shillong. She reveals the truth about her pregnancy to them. They are shocked. Despite a lot of talk from her father about the traditions, values, society etc, Priyam is determined to bear her child knowing that in this way her husband will get hurt for which she is alone responsible.

Ved returns to India. He is overjoyed finding Priyam pregnant. Inside the four walls of their bedroom in the night, Priyam reveals the truth to Ved and tell Ved that he was alway good to her. It was she who was guilty of adultery for which she would take the responsibility. She gives him option to accept her with the child or leave her. During their conversation, Priyam accidentally falls and get seriously injured jeopardising her life as well as the life of a stillborn. Ved rushes her to the hospital for emergency surgery saves the lives of both mother and the child. The film ends with Ved taking Priyam and the child back to his home in Jorhat.

As usual, the trio, Shabana Azmi, Nasiruddin Shah and Farooque Shaikh gave excellent performances of their respective characters. Farooque Shaikh in the role of Jeet reminded me of his role of Basudev in ‘Katha’ (1983).

According to Kalpana Lajmi, the success of critically acclaimed ‘Ek Pal’ (1986), cemented her relationship with Bhupen Hazarika as equals – professionally, creatively, and personally.

The film had 6 songs with two multi-version songs written by Gulzar (5) and Kaifi Azmi (1). The songs were set to music by Bhupen Hazarika with the folk-based music of Assam and Bengal. I present the first song from the film, ‘jaane kya hai jee darta hai’ to appear on the Blog. The song is written by Gulzar and rendered by Lata Mangeshkar. The song sounds unique both in terms of lyrics and the musical composition.

The background of the song is that Shabana Azmi is in emotional turmoil when her father (Shreeram Lagoo) tells her what her husband (Nasiruddin Shah)’s reaction would be when he comes to know of her illegitimate pregnancy. Would he accept her? That’s when the song gets played in the background.

Lyrics of the song was sent to me by Prakashchandra about a month back.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Jaane kya hai jee darta hai (Ek Pal)(1986) Singer-Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Bhupen Hazarika

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

jaane kya hai jee darta hai
ro dene ko jee karta hai
apne aap se dar lagta hai
dar lagta hai
kya hogaa
jaane kya hai jee darta hai
ro dene ko jee karta hai
apne aapse dar lagta hai
dar lagta hai
kya hogaa

saans hamaari…ee saans nahin
maangi maangi lagti hai
pyaas lage to…o
pyaas hamaari ee
aadhi aadhi lagti hai
jaan hamaari aur kisi se
baantee huyee lagti hai ae
apne aap se dar lagta hai
dar lagta hai
kya hogaa

paule paule naakhoonon se
andar andar chheele
shaitaani se chutki kate
ang bhi pad gaye neele
paule paule naakhoonon se
andar andar chheele
shaitaani se chutki kate
ang bhi pad gaye neele
sangi mera…aaa
meri bhookh aur pyaas
lahoo meraa aa maans hai mera
meraa haad aur maans
jeewan deke paal rahi hoon
paal rahi hoon jeewan main
apne aap se dar lagta hai
dar lagta hai
kya hogaa
jaane kya hai jee darta hai ae
ro dene ko jee karta hai ae
apne aap se dar lagta hai
dar lagta hai
kya hoga
kya hoga
kya hoga


7 Responses to "Jaane kya hai jee darta hai"

Enjoyed this post a lot. Thanks for the details about Kalpana Lajmi and her movies.
Thank you for introducing this movie on the blog and thanks for presenting its story too.
Like this song very much as all my favorites are there in the creation this song and the other songs (music) of this movie.
Thanks a lot Sir ji.


Avinash ji,
Thanks for the appreciation. I am glad that you liked the song.


Thanks Sadanandji for using the lyrics of this song, I have sent lyrics of this song, along with 2 or 3 other songs of this film, most probably,10 years ago, hope, I am right…


Prakashchandra ji,
I received the lyrics about a month back from you.


Yes Sadanand ji,
I have writtent in my previous comments saying that I have sent the lyrics to ATUL ji some years back,

I know I have sent the lyrics to you only a few days back, sorry for misleading


Sadanand ji,

I was a little surprised and unhappy that you turned a corner and started writing on newer films since last few months.
Today, first time I read your complete post, just to get acquainted with the newer films on which you are writing.
I have no hesitation in admitting that I have liked this post immensely. One reason is of course your typical style . The second reason seems to be so much new information about Kalpana Lajmi, whose name I had been reading on and off, but was never curious about her. I was surprised to know about her relationship with Benegal and Atmaram.
The story of the film is nothing new but it did evoke my interest to read completely.
All in all, Kalpana’s life story is also not a normal one but fits into the filmi atmosphere perfectly, where artistes with unusual qualities and talents behave contrary to accepted social norms. They bow to their desires not minding the so called ‘norms’ of the society. They show that courage.
Thanks for this post. I liked it.


Arun ji,

Thanks for your profound appreciation of this article.

I know that articles on new films, especially of the current century, are not of much interest to many of the readers as there are plenty of information available online. But most of my recent articles cover those films and/or songs which are not from the mainstream Hindi films. And I feel such films/songs may have gone out of minds of the many readers.


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