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Jab pyaar ka mausam aaye

Posted on: March 7, 2023

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#the Decade of Forties – 1941 – 1950 #

In this post I present a song from the movie ‘Gulnar-1950’.

With this song this movie ‘Gulnar-1950’ is making its debut on the blog. I was surprised to note that this moviewas not yet represented on the blog. May be its’ songs were not available earlier on internet earlier. I checked the various lists on the blog again and again to make sure that this movie was not represented on the blog.

“Gulnar-1950” was directed by Harbans for ‘Girdhar Bahaar Productions’. It had Geeta Bali, Salim Raza, Farida, Kamal, Kuckoo, Smriti Rekha, Safi, Begum Parveen, Ramesh Thakur, Deepak, Asha, Nazar and others.

‘Gulnar-1950’ has twelve songs as mentioned in HFGK Vol-II (1941-1950). HFGK mentions the lyricist names for this movie as Tufail Hoshiyarpuri, Mulk Raj Bhakri, and Ehsan Rizvi. HFGK also mentions the same team of the three lyricists as the dialogue writers for this movie.
Lyricist’s names for the individual songs have not been mentioned.

Music for this movie has also been jointly credited to Hansraj Behl and Qadir Faridi.

Here is the list of songs in this movie alongwith the name of singer/s for the respective song. (Singer’s name for only one song (at 6 below) has not been mentioned in HFGK).

SNo. Song Title Singer/s
01 Gham bhi hain raahten bhi, do din ki zindagi mein Shyama
02 Ghulamon ki purdard hai yah kahaani Meena Kapoor
03 Jab pyaar ka mausam aaye nazar sharmaaye Munawwar Sultana
04 O husn ke deewaane, aankhon se ek jaam pilaao Zeenat Begum
05 Tum bhool na jaana.., ek dil ne sunaana hai Zeenat Begum, Qadir Faridi
06 Aa gayi bahaar, chhaa gayi bahaar Not known
07 Chhan chhaayi…, re jawaani mori nayi Zeenat Begum, Munawwar Sultana
08 Jahaan mein kisi se muhabbat na karnaa Zeenat Begum, Munawwar Sultana,chorus
09 Samjhaa thha ki jee lenge muhabbat ke sahaare Zeenat Begum
10 Mushqil kun aasan (in Farsi language) Rooh Angez Khanam
11 Dil gashtaa chu muye (in Farsi language) Rooh Angez Khanam
12 Kar mushqil aasaan Zeenat Begum

Today’s song is sung by Munawwar Sultana. It is a nice song to listen to. Only the audio of this song is available.

I guess that all the songs from this movie must be nice songs to listen to and enjoy. It seems that some of the songs, if not all from this movie are available on internet. (There seems to be a ‘Pakistani movie’ with this title ‘Gulnar’ released in 1953-1954. This should not be confused with the today’s movie).

I would request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie and its songs.

Let us now welcome ‘Gulnar-1950’ on this blog and enjoy the lovely composition ….

Song-Jab pyaar ka mausam aaye (Gulnaar)(1950) Singer-Munawwar Sultana (singer), Lyrics-Tufail Hoshiyarpuri, Mulk Raj Bhakri, Ehsan Rizvi, MD-Hansraj Behl, Qadir Faridi


jab pyaar ka mausam aaye
ho jab pyaar ka mausam aaye
nazar sharmaaye
kamar balk khaaye
chain naa aa aaye
jab pyaar ka mausam aaye
ho jab pyaar ka mausam aaye
nazar sharmaaye
kamar bal khaaye
chain naa aa aaye

naache husn
jawaani gaaye ae
naache husn
jawaani gaaye
ang ang par
masti chhaaye ae ae
ang ang par
masti chhaaye ae
dil ki duniyaa
jhoom jhoom kar
dil ki duniyaa
jhoom jhoom kar
naache aur lehraaye
jab pyaar ka mausam aaye
ho jab pyaar ka mausam aaye
nazar sharmaaye
kamar bal khaaye
chain naa aa aaye

pyaar ki hain aen
pyaar ki hain
haay pyaar ki hain
ho pyaar ki hain
kuchh aisi rasmein
rehe na joban
apne bas mein
nazron se nazrein
milte hi
dil se dil mil jaaye ae
dil se dil mil jaaye
jab pyaar ka mausam aaye
ho jab pyaar ka mausam aaye
nazar sharmaaye
kamar bal khaaye
chain naa aa aaye ae ae


3 Responses to "Jab pyaar ka mausam aaye"

An advertisement the film ‘Gulnar’ (1950) had appeared in April 1946 issue of ‘Filmindia’ magazine. The film was based on a Egyptian folktale. The film was in the making some time in mid-1946.

I have a gut feeling that this film may have remained unfinished due to partition effect and got completed n in Mumbai, after partition. The film producer, G A Thakur’s Girdhar Bahar Production was Mumbai-based film production company.

My guess is based on the fact that in the film, there are Lahore-based actors, music director, singers and lyricist. For example, actors like Salim Raza, Smriti, Begum Parveen, Fareeda, dancer Rufi (not Safi) were Lahore-based. Similarly, film’s music director, Qadir Fareedi, playback singers, Zeenat Begum and Munawwar Sultana and lyricist and dialogue writer, Tufail Hoshiyarpuri were also Lahore-based. Since the film’s major shooting was scheduled in around Lahore, it made sense to take the actors and other crew members from Lahore.

The film may have been completed in Mumbai after partition by adding Geeta Bali, Kamal Kapoor, Cuckoo (instead of Rufy) etc.

With this background, I feel that songs rendered by Munawwar Sultana and Zeenat Begum in the films may have been composed by Qadir Fareedi. Hansraj Bahl may have got associated with the film when the film’s production shifted to Mumbai. So songs rendered by Meena Kapoor and Shyama Bai in the film may have been composed by Hansraj Bahl.

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Thanks for the information. My gut feeling about this song was same as you. This song bears the hallmark of Lahore style playback singing.


Is this song written by three lyricists?


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