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Jhoom jhoom kar door gagan pe baadal kaare kaare

Posted on: March 29, 2023

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#the Decade of Fifties –1951 – 1960 #

In this post we listen to a lovely melodious romantic duet from the movie ‘Phoolon Ke Haar-1951’.

“Phoolon Ke Haar-1951” was directed by G.P. Pawar for ‘Shrikant Studio, Bombay’. It had Nigar Sultana, Geeta Bali, Nasir Khan, Hiralal, Mangala, Sundar, Yashodhara Katju, Kamal, Bhupen Kapoor, Rani Shakuntala, Natyal, Rammurti, Madhav Kale and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 17.07.1951.

Here is the brief about this movie as mentioned by our Shri Arunkumar ji while commenting on one of the songs of this movie earlier.

Phoolon ke Haar-1951 was an entertaining film. I have seen it.
It was a Shrikant Studio film, directed by G.P.Pawar-who was Lalita Pawar’s second husband and director of her many films. Lalita Pawar continued to use his surname till the last, though they had divorced and Lalita Pawar had married Mr Gupta, owner of Ambika studio (this name was kept as it was Lalita’s real name -Ambu).
The film had music by Hansraj Behl and the Lyrics were written by Bharat Vyas, D N Madhok, Indivar, Kaif Irfani and Verma. The cast was Nasir khan, Geeta Bali, Nigar Sultana, Heeralal, Sunder, Mangala, Yashodhara Katju, Madhav kale etc.
Radha is a beautiful girl, tortured by her step mother but supported by her friend Chameli and her husband. One day they all go to a Mela, where Radha meets Ramesh, a city boy. They are attracted. after few more meetings, they are in love. To avoid getting married to an old man, forced by step mother, Radha and Ramesh get married in a temple. Ramesh goes back to city promising to come back, but never comes back. Radha is pregnant and is thrown out of the house. Chameli brings her home and Radha gives birth to Shyam. After a year or so, Radha and Shyam come to Bombay to search for Ramesh. They are given shelter by a helpful person Dada.
Dada finds Ramesh, but with another girl. He confronts him, but Ramesh runs away. 20 years pass. One day Radha also disappears. dada tells all the story to Shyam. He wants revenge and wants to kill Ramesh. He starts his day he saves a rich Mill owner’s life. Rai sab thanks him and gives him a job. In due course Shyam falls in love with Prema, Raisab’s adopted daughter.
One day, Shyam learns that Raisab is Ramesh. He rushes to kill Raisab, but a lady stops him. It is Radha-his mother. She explains that Ramesh could not return to take her as he fell ill and when he came, she had left the village. Based on Dada’s information, she finds Ramesh again. They were to tell him, but he only came to work here etc.
It is a happy end for Radha and Ramesh and Prema and Shyam.

“Phoolon Ke Haar-1951” has eleven songs. Five lyricist were used for these songs. The breakup was Bharat Vyas-four songs, D.N. Madhok-two songs, Indeevar-three songs, Kaif Irfani and Verma Malik-one song each.
Music for this movie was composed by Hansraj Bahl.

So far, three songs from this movie have been posted on the blog earlier.

Today we listen to the fourth song from this movie which is a duet song sung by Mubarak Begam and Devendra.

Lyrics for the today’s song are by Verma Malik and which is the only song he wrote for this movie.

Music is composed by Hansraj Bahl.

Only the audio of this song is available.

Let us now enjoy this song …

Song-Jhoom jhoom kar door gagan pe baadal kaare kaare (Phoolon Ke Haar)(1951) Singers-Mubarak Begam, Devendra, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Hansraj Bahl


jhoom jhoom kar
door gagan pe
baadal kaare kaare
kare ishaare ae
mere pyaar ki naiyya lagaa de
saajan aaj kinaare
tere sahaare ae
jhoom jhoom kar
door gagan pe
baadal kaare kaare
kare ishaare ae
mere pyaar ki naiyya lagaa de
saajan aaj kinaare
tere sahaare ae

dekh bahaar jawaani ki hai
gaya mera bachpan hai
teri lagan hai ae
kaliyon pe gunchon pe dekho
kaisi niraali khaban hai
naache man hai
aaj mohabbat ki duniya pe
kaise ajab banthhan hai
bholaapan hai
mil jaaye aise mein do dil
pyaar ki lagi lagan hai
achchhaa shagan hai

ho o o
ritu rangeeli rang rang mein
dekho range nazaare
kare ishaare ae
mere pyaar ki naiyya lagaa de
saajan aaj kinaare
tere sahaare ae

chup chup
ruk ruk boonden barsen
chhup chhup koyi pukaare
bano hamaare ae
pyaar ki naiyya mein baithhe
aayenge prem kulaare
door kinaare ae
anjaan dilon ka mel huaa
chamke kismat ke taare
bhaag hamaare ae
chhod ke kaise jaayen bhalaa
jo dil se huye tumhaare ae
nazar ke maare ae

ho o o
aaj hamen manzil pe ho jo
dhhoondhh dhhoondhh kar
nain bichaare ae

mere pyaar ki
mere pyaar ki
naiyya lagaa de
aaj kinaare
tere sahaare ae
jhoom jhoom kar
door gagan pe
baadal kaare kaare
kare ishaare ae
mere pyaar ki naiyya lagaa de
saajan aaj kinaare
tere sahaare ae

ho o o o
tere sahaare
aa aa aa aa
ho o o o
tere sahaare
aa aa aa aa
ho o o o
tere sahaare
aa aa aa aa
ho o o o
tere sahaare


6 Responses to "Jhoom jhoom kar door gagan pe baadal kaare kaare"

Atul ji
Please remove the line above the post mentioning that this film was released in the year of 1970, must be a mistake……..”This song is the 400th song in the blog from movies released in the year 1970″


This was a lovely write up, Avinashji. I enjoyed reading it.


I am glad that you liked this presentation. More than that I am happy to see your comments on the blog (after a long gap? -if I am not wrong).
Thanks again for going through this post and commenting on the same.


I do read when I have time. This blog is too precious to be given up.


Welcome back….. Long time no see.

Liked by 1 person

Thanks. P’s Mom


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