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Maine Dil Se Kaha Dhoondh Laana Khushi

Posted on: March 29, 2023

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I was not aware that there was film with the title ‘Rog’ (2005). Recently, I heard a song from the film for the first time and liked it. This led me to the film. I also found that there were couple of more songs which were also good to my ears. Box Office India report has categorized the film as ‘disaster’. That explains as to why this film was not much talked about. Even then, I watched this film mainly for the songs and for Irfan Khan.

‘Rog’ (2005) was produced by Pooja Bhatt and Sujit Kumar Singh and was directed by the debutante Himanshu Brahmbhatt who had earlier worked with Mahesh Bhatt as Assistant Director.  The story and the screenplay was written by Mahesh Bhatt. The main cast included Irfan Khan, Himanshu Malik, Suhel Seth and Munish Makhija. In addition, it was the first film for Shyamoli Varma and Ilene Hamann, a South African model. The film is a ‘romantic’ murder mystery.  It is almost a remake of an American film, ‘Laura’ (1944) which can be watched here. I did not find the acknowledgement for the same in the credit titles of ‘Rog’ (2005).

The gist of the story of ‘Rog’ (2005) is presented below:

Uday Singh Rathod (Irfan Khan), an insomniac detective is entrusted with investigating the murder of a high-profile model Maya (Ilene Hamann), with in a week’s time by the police commissioner. The preliminary investigation leads to three prime suspects – Harsh (Suhel Seth), a journalist and the mentor of Maya, Ali (Himanshu Malik) a wealthy playboy and Maya’s boyfriend, and Shyamoli (Shyamoli Varma), Ali’s partner. Each of them has got motives to kill Maya.

Rathod meets the first suspect, Harsh who offers him to facilitate in his investigation and takes him to Shyamoli and Ali. After he interrogates all the three suspects, Rathod visits Maya’s flat to gather further evidence. He see a portrait of Maya hanging on the wall. Rathod is mesmerised by beauty of Maya and falls in love with her portrait. He finds some letters and books which gives him some key information about Maya. Suddenly, the door of the flat gets opened by a key and a girl appears.  Rathod is flabbergasted as the girl is Maya and she is alive.

Rathod starts interrogating her while admiring her beauty and the innocence in her replies. She tells him that she had gone on two days’ holiday before that night when murder purportedly took place. She had told both Harsh and Ali about her holiday plan which she preferred to spend alone. Rathod thinks that in all probability, Ali could have used duplicate key of Maya’s flat to spend a night with his new girlfriend in the flat. After interrogating Maya and Ali, he concludes that it was a different girl who got murdered. So, Rathod has to rework on his investigation. Before leaving the flat, he tells Maya not to leave the flat or contact anyone as she could be in trouble.  He again interrogates Harsh and Ali to get some clues.

In the meanwhile, Maya flouts Rathod’s instruction and meets Ali which Rathod comes to know from her tapped phone. He goes to her house and brings her to the police station.  In the interrogation room, he tells her that there is evidence to put her under arrest for the murder of the girl in her flat. The authorities wants at least someone to be arrested to show to their political bosses the progress in the investigation. But he tells her that he personally feels she is innocent.  He suggests Maya to flee, and he would make all the arrangements. Maya refuses to leave. But his concern for her makes Maya to realize that  for the first time, she has come across a man in her life who can be trusted. She goes back to her flat.

Next day, Rathod visits her flat to search for a gun which has been used for the murder and he gets it.  Harsh, after knowing that Maya is alive, also visit her flat when he finds Maya in her bath-cum dressing room. He accuses her of neglecting him despite being her mentor, in favour of Ali. He tries to kill her by pointing gun at her. In shuffle between them, his gun falls. The sound of shuffle bring Rathod to the bathroom where Harsh now takes out his knife to stab Rathod. In the fight between Rathod and Harsh, Maya escapes to from the bathroom, comes back with a gun and kills Harsh to save Rathod.  Maya and Rathod are united.

The film is supposed to be a suspense thriller. But sometime in the second half, the elements of suspense and thrills get diluted as the murdered girl returns to her house. The investigation goes into background as Rathod is more interested in insulating Maya from her potential killer due to now his romantic involvement with her. And it is not difficult to guess the killer of the girl who thought her to be Maya.

As for the performances of the actors, the film is a one-man show, that is Irfan Khan. Performances of the rest of the actors looks pale against him. One can watch this film only for the performance of Irfan Khan. MM Kreem’s compositions are good but only for listening and not for watching in the film. Ideally, the film of this genre should not have songs except snippets of one or two background songs.

The film has 7 songs – 5 of them are written by Nilesh Mishra and 1 by Sayeed Quadri. These are set to music by MM Kreem. In addition, there is a traditional Sufi Qawwaali song set to music by Gaudi. I am presenting the first song, “Maine Dil Se Kaha Dhoondh Laana Khushi” from the film to appear on the Blog. The song is written by Nilesh Mishra and is sung by KK (Krishnakumar Kunnath).

This songs is played in the film in the background with sleep deprived Irfan Khan shown in sombre mood. The song is played in the film on three different occasions. The video clip combines all the three situations in the film with three different antaras. The second antara in the video clip is not included in the audio clip. The 4th antara in the audio clip is not included in the video clip.

The orchestration of the song, mainly with the use of guitar, trumpet and violins has been kept soft in line with the poignant mood of the song.



Song – Maine Dil Se Kaha Dhoondh Laana Khushi (Rog) (1996) Singer – KK, Lyrics – Nilesh Mishra, MD – MM Kreem

(Based on Audio Clip with Additional Stanza from Video Clip)

maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi
naasamajh laaya gham
to ye gham hi sahi
maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi
naasamajh laaya gham
to ye gham hi sahi
maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi

bechaara kahaan jaanta hai
khalish hai ye kya khala hai
shehar bhar ki khushi se

ye dard mera bhala hai
jashn ye raas naa aaye

maza to bas gham mein aaya hai
maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi
na samajh laaya gham
to ye gham hi sahi

(Additional Stanza from Video Clip)
khula hai iss raat mein jo
behakta noor uska

kabhi wo ek chehra ban ke
agar ho jaaye apna
yahi meri haqeeqat hai

magar ab tak hai to sapna
maine dil se kaha dhoondh laana khushi
na samjah laaya gham
to ye gham hi sahi

kabhi hai ishq ka ujaala
kabhi hai maut ka andhera
bataao kaun bhes hoga

main jogi banu ya lootera
kai chehre hain iss dil ke

na jaane kaun saa mera
maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi
na samajh laaya gham
to yeh gham hi sahi

hazaaron aise faasle thhe
jo tay karne chale thhe
raahen magar chal padi thhi

aur peeche hum reh gaye thhe
kadam do chaar chal paaye

kiye phere tere mann ke

maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi
na samajh laaya gham
to ye gham hi sahi
maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi
na samajh laaya gham
to yeh gham hi sahi

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

मैंने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी
नासमझ लाया ग़म
तो ये ग़म ही सही
मैंने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी
नासमझ लाया ग़म
तो ये ग़म ही सही
मैंने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी

बेचारा कहाँ जानता है
ख़लिश है ये क्या खला है
शहर भर की खुशी से
ये दर्द मेरा भला है
जश्न ये रास ना आए
मज़ा तो बस ग़म में आया है
मैंने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी
नासमझ लाया ग़म
तो ये ग़म ही सही

खुला है इस रात में जो
बहकता नूर उसका
कभी वो इक चेहरा बन के
अगर हो जाये अपना
यही मेरी हक़ीक़त है
मगर अब तक तो है सपना
मैंने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी
नासमझ लाया ग़म
तो ये ग़म ही सही

कभी है ईशक़ का उजाला
कभी है मौत का अंधेरा
बताओ कौन भेस होगा
मैं जोगी बनूँ या लुटेरा
कई चेहरे हैं इस दिल के
ना जाने कौन सा मेरा
मैंने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी
नासमझ लाया ग़म
तो ये ग़म ही सही

हजारों ऐसे फासले थे
जो तय करने चले थे
राहें मगर चल पड़ीं थीं
और पीछे हम रह गए थे
कदम दो चार चल पाये
किए फेरे तेरे मन के

मैंने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी
नासमझ लाया ग़म
तो ये ग़म ही सही
मैंने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी
नासमझ लाया ग़म
तो ये ग़म ही सही


7 Responses to "Maine Dil Se Kaha Dhoondh Laana Khushi"

Thanks Sir for presenting my favourite song,at that time Mukesh, Mahesh & Pooja Bhatt used to produce such movies, which did have good songs,
I request you to present the songs of Paap,Dhokha, morning raga,bada din,jism(keervani wala),saaya(john abraham wala),chori chori(Ajay Devgan,rani mukherjee starrer),kaante


Also present the songs of 1920,a 2008 released film directed by Vikram bhatt,starring Rajneesh Duggal,adah sharma,which does have songs sung by pandit jasraj, Shubha Mudgal, Parveen sultana, Kailash Kher,asha bhosle,please consider my request


Prakashchandra ji,

My motivation for writing an article for the Blog comes mainly from the song which I like for it melody, good rendition by the singer/s and meaningful lyrics. If the films suggested by you fit in my criteria, I will surely attempt in due course.


Kamath Sir,
I was reminded of this film when Irfan Khan expired, and was surprised that no one remembered this film in various tributes to Irfan Khan. But I kept remembering it, as I had seen the film and knew it to be worth visiting once more for its songs and Irfan Khan’s portrayal of a policeman under pressure.

I finally saw it again a few weeks ago, on Youtube, as it threw a link at me as if sensing my interest. This film got lost among the more famous roles that Irfan Khan assayed in his career.

The songs are noticeable, but 8 songs, are one too many in a murder mystery flick.

The film is of 2005 and not of 1996, as mentioned in details of the song, just below the youtube links.

Thanks for bringing this song and more on the blog.



Nahm ji,
After watching the film, I felt that this was one of Irrfan’s Khan’s best performances. Unfortunately, his performance in this film got wasted by a weak screenplay and the pedestrian direction.


Also songs of Highway directed by Imtiaz Ali (2014)


I also love the songs of this movie as well as many other Bhatt productions. Great share Sadanand ji.


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