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Ye samaa samaa samaa

Posted on: April 22, 2023

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2013-2023) – Song No.86

On this date ten years ago (22 April 2013), eight songs from eight different movies were covered in the blog. Here are the details:-

Post No Song Title Name of the movie Remarks
7951 Pujaari morey mandir mein aao Jaageerdaar (1937) 4 songs covered out of 10 by now
7952 Arshon pe sitaara hai wo Beete Din (1947) 2 songs covered out of 9 by now
7953 Kaahe nainon mein naina daale re Jogan (1950) Movie YIPPEED by now
7954 O parwaane shama ko apni ruswa na karna Shama Parwaana (1954) Movie YIPPEED by now
7955 Aaj aayi bahaar le ke dil ka qaraar Baghdad Ka Jaadoo(1956) Movie YIPPEED by now
7956 Allah ke nek bande Sarfarosh(1964) 2 songs covered out of 6 by now
7957 Ae shaam ki hawaaon Ek Raat(1967) Movie YIPPEED by now
7958 Sataayen saari rainaa kunwaare kangna Kangan (1972) Movie YIPPEED by now

We observe that five movies (out of eight) whose songs were covered in the blog on this date ten years ago (viz on 22 april 2013) have since been YIPPEED in the blog. That leaves us with three unYIPPEED movies that are eligible for Blog Ten Year Challenge today (22 April 2023).

“Sarfarosh”(1964) is one of the three BTYC eligible movies today (21 april 2023).

“Sarfarosh”(1964) was directed by Dharam Kumar for United Movie Art, Bombay. This movie had Jairaj, Nishi, Jeevan, Jagirdar, Sherry, Maruti, Prathima Devi, Madhumati, Padma Rani etc in it.

“Sarfarosh”(1964) had six songs in it. Two songs have been covered in the blog. Here is the third song from the movie to appear in the blog.

This song is sung by Suman Kalyanpur and female chorus. Naqsh Llayalpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by S Mohinder.

Only audio of the song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this rare song.

Lyrics of the song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.


Song-Ye samaa samaa samaa (Sarfarosh)(1964) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, MD-S Mohinder
Female chorus

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

ye samaa samaa samaa aaa aaa
phir kahaan kahaan kahaan
ye samaa samaa…aaa
phir kahaan kahaan kahaan

aaj bhee na bujhi
gar ye dil ki lagi
dil se ut`thaa rahegaa dhuaan..aaan…aaan..aaan
ye samaa samaa…aaa
phir kahaan kahaan kahaan..aaan
phir kahaan kahaan kahaan..aaan

jaan lekar hathhelee pe hum..mmm
teri duniyaa mein teri
aa gaye muskuraatey huye ae ae
aa gaye muskuraate huye ae
ho o oo
ab rahey na rahey zindagee ee
leke jaayengey dil ki khushee
teri mefil se jaate huye ae
teri mehfil se jaatey huye..aey ae
aaj bhee na bujhi gar ye dil ki lagi
dil se ut`thaa rahega dhuaan..aaan…aan
ye samaa samaa samaa..aaan
phir kahaan kahaan kahaan..aan
phir kahaan kahaan kahaan

khoon-e-armaan peetey rahey ae
hum pareshaan jeetey rahey aey ae
zindagi hamse uktaa gayee ee
zindagi hamse uktaa gayee ee
ho o ho o o ho o o o
apnaa daaman bichhayenge
har situm aazmaayenge hum mm
faisley ki ghadi aa gayee ee
faisley ki ghadi aa gayee ee
aaj bhee na bujhi gar ye dil ki lagi
dil se ut`thaa rahega dhuaan..aaan…aan aan
ye samaa samaa…aaa
phir kahaan kahaan kahaan..aan


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