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Dekho re logon chor churaaye liye jaaye hai

Posted on: May 21, 2023

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Today’s song is from an old film Charnon ki Dasi – 1941.

This was a bilingual film, in Hindi and Marathi (as पायाची दासी ). It was made by Atre Pictures, Bombay. The producer was the owner of the banner itself – Acharya Pralhad Keshav Atre. The film was directed by Gajanan Jahagirdar, who also played an important role in the film. The Lyricist was Pt. Anand Kumar and the Music Director was Annasaheb Mainkar. The cast included Master Avinash, Vanmala, Durga khote, Gajanan Jahagirdar, Kusum deshpande, Kelkar, Prem Anand (brother of the lyricist), Ramesh and many others.

The system of making Bilinguals first started in Bombay on a big scale. The First ever Marathi talkie film ” अयोध्येचा राजा ” – 1932 was also made as ‘ Ayodhya ka Raja ‘ in Hindi at the same time. It was made by Prabhat films and directed by V.Shantaram. (Although Shantaram directed the first Marathi Talkie, it is interesting to know that initially, along with others, he was against the Talkie films. He was of the opinion that Talkie films were a seasonal fad and would vanish soon ! ).

Consequent to this first Talkie in Marathi made in Hindi too, many Marathi films were made bilingual and these were very popular. Meanwhile, Calcutta’s New Theatres too decided to go for Bilinguals and made almost all of their Hit and popular films in Bangla and Hindi. Thank God for that. Because of that, the All India audience could enjoy Saigal’s films and songs. This went on till late 40’s and became an inspiration for S.S.Vasan in Madras. He made his Tamil film “Chandralekha ” in 1948 in Hindi also. Of course he did it on a mammoth scale, making more than 600 prints of the Hindi film for an All India simultaneous release on 9-4-1948. Other producers saw this and were keen on making not just Bilingual, but films in Madras were being made in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhali and Hindi at the same time.

Consequently Maharashtra and Calcutta stopped making Bilinguals as their own regional cinema became more profitable and big business. However from the South this continues still and that too on a massive scale. Nowadays the trend is to make Remakes rather than bilinguals.

Coming back to today’s film. This film was made in the times when not many educated people were keen to join the film industry, though in the 1940s such artistes, writers, directors etc. started coming into the industry. For this reason the advertisement of today’s film-Charnon ki Dasi-1941 was done with a mention of the qualification of its artistes, like Vanmala B.A;B.T, Gajanan Jahagirdar B.A. and Kusum Deshpande B.A. etc.

The Lyricist Pt. Anand kumar was a successful author. The suffix of Pt. was used to be put before the author’s name just to match the suffix “Munshi” put to Muslim authors’ names. Pt.Anand kumar was born in Delhi on 4-9- 1907. He was a producer, director, writer and Lyricist. From childhood, he was not interested in studies in English medium. He was taught Urdu, Hindi and Sanskrit by his poor Brahmin Shastri father.

When he was 15 year old, he entered a business. He was always discontented. He wanted to become an actor, but family resisted. He tried fasting and even suicide. Then he stole some money and ran to Bombay. He could not get into any studio and after money finished, he returned to Delhi, only to take more money and run to Bombay again. Even after this failure, he went back to Delhi and started writing stories.

His first book ‘ Mera Huq ‘ became a hot seller and he started earning money. He was invited by film people and he went to Bombay nth time. He wrote stories, dialogues and Lyrics of scores of films and earned name and money. He produced the film ‘Zameen’-43, under his own banner Anand Brothers. He directed 5 films,including a Hit Marathi film, Gora Kumbhar-42. Some of his films as a Lyricist were Suvarn Mandir-34,Katle aam-35, Pratibha-37, Divorce-38, Saathi-38, Alakh Niranjan-40, Punarmilan-40, Charnon ki Dasi-41, Raja Rani-42 etc. As a writer some films were, Divorce-38, Honhaar-36, Saathi-38, Vasant sena-42, Rang mahal-48 etc etc.

Music Director Annasaheb Mainkar is not a name known to the younger generation. He was one of the old style composers, depending on the ‘Natyageet” tunes and classical music. His real name was Shankar Vinayak Mainkar. He was born in Sangli state in Maharashtra, in 1904. His father was a well known Advocate and a political leader. He was fond of music and had gifted an Organ to Shankar to inculcate the musical interests. Surely, he not only picked up the organ but when he joined a Drama Company, after his Matriculation, he also achieved expertise in playing Sitar, Sarod, Sarangi, Been, Dilruba and Harmonium etc. With all this he formed his own Music Group.

He was trained in classical music at Poona,Baroda,Indore, Mysore and Lucknow. Before joining the filmline, he had cut many discs of his songs. His first film was in Marathi in 1932.

His first Hindi film was AWARA SHEHZADA-1933. Incidentally, this was also India’s first Hindi Talkie film having a double role. Shahu Modak had done the roles of a Rajkumar and a commoner Bholaram in it. It was also the first film of Master Vithal as a Director. He himself was the first to do a double role in a silent film in 1928.

Annasaheb worked for Saraswati cinetone, Imperial, Venus, Huns, Atre and Sunrise films. He was the favourite MD for Master Vinayak. He gave music to 21 Hindi films, composing 187 songs. His singers were,Master Vinayak, Vanmala, Shahu Modak, Shanta Hublikar, Kalyanibai, Sarla Devi, Vatsala Kumathekar etc. His last film was Ashirwad-1943. He died young at 41 in 1944 due to severe Diabetes. He was fondly called Annasaheb. In the Hindi film industry, there were 3 MDs called Annasaheb…. Mainkar as stated herein, Datta Korgaonkar aka K.Datta and C.Ramchandra aka Ramchandra Narhari Chitalkar.

The story of the film was a typical Marathi reform social film consisting of the age-old friction of ”Saas-Bahu“. Durga Khote was the evil mother in law, who tortures the educated daughter in law-Vidya (Vanmala), with husband Murari (Avinash) protesting meekly. After the interval and towards the last part, the husband decides to be tough with his mother and the shocked saas surrenders and makes the Bahu head of the affairs. However, true to the middle class philosophy, the good Bahu returns the honour to the Saas and requests her to continue as family head ( minus the torture part, obviously), gives a very big speech and all is well in the end. The spice was added by the widowed Nanad- Champa (Kusum Deshpande). Gajanan Jahagirdar played Anokheram, the village scoundrel flirt, who is duly punished by the bahu, in the end.

Today’s song is only the second song from this film, coming to you after the film’s first song 5 years ago ! Enjoy….

Song – Dekho re logon chor churaaye liye jaaye hai (Charnon Ki Daasi)(1941) Singer- S.D.Batish, Lyricist- Pt. Anand Kumar, MD- Annasaheb Mainkar


Haan dekho re logon
o o o o o
dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
chor churaaye liye jaaye hai
dekho re logon
chor churaaye liye jaaye hai

baandh boondh sat sheel(??) ki gathdi
chala musaafir ghar se ae ae
bhoola bhatka bacha akela
gaya kaafila taj ke
saanjh huyi
aur ghana andhera aa aa
saanjh huyi
aur ghana andhera aa
hua beech jungle ke
hua beech jungle ke
saanjh huyi
aur ghana andhera aa aa
hua beech jungle ke
hua beech jungle ke
haath liye
maaya kee jeewat
aaya chor nikal ke ae
dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
chhaliya ??
dekho chhaliya ??
liye jaaye hai
dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
chor churaaye liye jaaye hai
dekho re logon o o o o
dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
chor churaaye liye jaaye hai

dhyaan kee jeewat
dhyaan ki aasha
apne haathhon kar le ae ae ae
dheer ka dhan
santosh ki poonji
vipda mein sang dhar le ae ae
aankh khol kar r re a a aha
aankh khol kar chor ?? mein
aap ise samajh len
jab jungle ke chauraahe mein ae a ae ae
jab jungle ke cchun le
maarag ?? jin logon (?)
haan haan
maarag jin logon
haan haan
maarag jin logon ??
?? ki jalna paaye hai
dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
chor churaaye liye jaaye hai
dekho re logon o o o o o o
dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
haan haan dekho re logon
chor churaaye
dekho chor churaaye liye jaaye hai


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