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“Deedaar”(1970) was produced and directed by Jugal Kishore. The movie had Dheeraj Kumar, Anjana Choudhary, Premendra, K N Singh, Badri Prasad, Wasi, Jay Shree T, Leela Mishra, Habib, Kumud, S N Tripathi etc in it.
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We in this blog tend to reach the milestone of blog centuries every two weeks or so. Regulars must have noticed that more than three weeks have passed since the previous century post, which came about on 19 may 2013. Now, 25 days later, we finally reach the next century milestone for the blog, viz the 8200th song for the blog.
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“Deedaar” (1970) was produced and directed by Jugal Kishore. This B grade movie had Anjana Mumtaz, Dheeraj Kumar, Premendra, Badri Prasad, Kumud Tripathi, Leela Mishra, Wasti, Leela Misra, Habib, K.N.Singh, Jayashree T, Meenaxi, Mirza Musharraf, Brahmachari etc in it.
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As many as eight songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the ninth song from the movie.
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This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“naseeb dar pe ter aazmaane aaya hoon” is a song from film ‘Deedar”(1951), which I found again just now. And to find a link with HD restored video clip made me doubly happy. The print is looking as good as new. This song is like one of those cherished childhood friends whom we remember every now and then. With fond memories of fighting, playing and generally enjoying the innocence of those times. What i miss most about that era is the general sense of freedom. Free to live and breath, to think, to say and hear and to form opinions and impressions. Also to like and dislike giving no thought to personal gain and loss.
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“Deedaar” (1951) was a Filmkaar Production. It was directed by Nitin Bose. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Nimmi, Nargis, Dilip Kumar, Yakub, Tabassum etc in it.
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“Deedaar” (1951) is a movie that was directed by Nitin Bose. This movie had a formidable star cast consisting of Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Nargis, Nimmi etc.
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Here is a lovely grand piano song from “Deedaar” (1951). This is a song picturised on Nargis, with Ashok Kumar also visible in the picturisation.
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I never tire of mentioning that this blog had over 2800 songs in it, but even I had not kept track of the number of movies whose songs have been posted in this blog. I just realised that there are songs from nearly 1000 movies in this blog ! Taking a look at the lists (movie wise, music director wise, or yearwise) can give some useful information.
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I have posted a few songs from “Deedaar” (1951) but the most well known song from the movie is not one of them.
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