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“Jee Chaahta Hai” (1964) was a Mitra Productions Pvt Limited production. It was directed by Bibhuti Mitra.

The movie had Joy Mukherji, Rajshri, Motilal, Jeevan,Shyama, Nazir Hussain, Janki Dass, Rajendra Nath, Achala Sachdev, Poornima, Pratima Devi, Chaand, Lakshmi, Jeanie, Thelma, Baby Farida, Baby Yasmin, Badri Prasad, Rajender, Jagdish Kamal, Master Shahid etc in it.
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“Jee Chaahta Hai” (1964) was a Mitra Production movie. It was produced and directed by Bibhuti Mitra. The movie had Joy Mukherjee, Rajshree, Motilal, Pratima Devi, Shyama, Rajendra Nath, Jeevan, Purnima etc in it.
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“Jee Chaahta Hai” (1964) was a Mitra Production Movie. It was produced and directed by Bibhuti Mitra.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Early sixties, and a new kid on the block is trying to catch attention with the clarion call “Banda Parwar, Thhaam Lo Jigar” (‘Phir Wohi Dil Layaa Hoon’ (1963)). Catapulting directly into the top bracket of leading roles, no one can say that Joy Mukherjee had a dearth of roles or big name pictures. The young lad was very handsome, with an open smiling face, and had histrionic talent also. And as is evident from the roles in the first decade of his career, he had lots of energy and had a lots of zeal. Btw, the song I mentioned in this paragraph, well it is not on this blog yet. (Hint, hint. :))
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“Jee Chaahta Hai” (1964) is a movie starring Joy Mukherji, Rashree, Shyama, Rajendranath, Nazir Hussain,Jeewan etc. I have not seen the movie so I often try to guess the story of the movie from the picturisation of the song, and my conclusions thus drawn about the movie are often quite off the mark. 😀
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