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Achcha to hum chalte hain

Posted on: August 10, 2008

This was one song that I found extremely romantic on its day. The lyrics say it all, and say it directly, no beating about the bush. And as a kid not even in my teens, I certainly loved such direct approach.

It was supposed to be a timepass song, but I like this song even today. This song shows that even such songs which are not aiming for immortality could become memorable if they are carefully crafted. Those were the days when Rajesh Khanna was on his ascendancy, and whatever he touched, turned to gold, and this movie “Aan Milo Sajna” was no exception.

And considering that it was an A list set of people involved in creation of the song that certainly helped matters. Kishore Kumar’s rise matched that of Rajesh Khanna, and even exceeded Rajesh Khanna in dominance and influence, and for a much longer period too.

Those were the days when quite a few of such “direct approach” romantic songs were created, and some of them became popular too. And this song was certainly as good as any of them.

Song- Achchha to hum chalte hain ( Aan milo sajna) (1970) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


achchha to ham chalte hain
phir kab miloge
jab tum kahoge
jumme raat ko
haan haan aadhi raat ko
vaheen jahaan koi aata jaata nahi
vaheen jahaan koi aata jaata nahi
achchha to ham chalate hain …


kisi ne dekha to nahi tumhen aate
nahi main aayi hoon chhupke chhupaake
der kar di badi
zara dekho to ghadi
uf o, meri to ghadi band hai
teri ye ada mujhe pasand hai
dekho baate vaaten kar lo jaldi jaldi
phir na kahna abhi aayi abhi chal di
to aao paas baithen pal do pal
aaj nahi kal
aaj nahi kal
ye to ik bahaana hai
vaapas ghar bhi jaana hai
kitani jaldi ye din dhalate hain
haay! taata …

achchha to ham chalate hain
phir kab miloge
jab tum kahoge
kal milo ya parason
parason naheen, narason
yaheen yahaan koi aata jaata nahi
achchha to ham chalte hain …


uda hai kis liye tera rang gori
hamaari pakdi gayi hai bas chori
– achchhaa?
raam jaane kya ho ab
kaise hua ye ghazab
mera aanchal jo zara dhal gaya
saari duniya ko pata chal gaya
kaise khelenge ab aankh micholi
leja aake mere ghar se meri doli
tere ghar vaale na kar de inkaar
sab hain taiyyaar, sab hain taiyyaar
sun le phir dil ki fariyaad
bas baaqi shaadi ke baad
piya dekho, diye jalte hain
achchha …
achchha to ham chalate hain
achchha to ham chalate hain
achchha to ham chalate hain
achchha to ham chalate hain
achchha to ham chalate hain


I will take your leave
When will we meet again
Whenever you say
On thursday
Yes, yes,At midnight
There, where no one comes

Did anyone see you come
No I have come maintaining secrecy
You re late
just look at your watch
Oh my God, my watch has stopped
This is exactly what I like about you
Look, make it quick, I have to go back again
And then don’t tell me that I did not stay for long
Well them, come and sit beside me for a few moments
Not today, tomorrow
That is just an excuse
I have to go back home too
How time flies
Ok See you

So I take leave
When will we meet again
Whenever you say
Let us make it tomorrow or day after tomorrow
Not day after tomorrow, make it the next day after that
Here, no one comes here
So I take leave

Why are you looking so worried
Our affair has become public
I do not know what is going to happen next
How did this happen
I got a bit careless
And everyone came to know of it
Now how can we keep playing this hide and seek
Just come and take me home after wedding me
Your people should not refuse
They are all ready
Well then, my heart wants something
Whatever it is, all that has to wait till the wedding

It is getting dark
I will take your leave
I will take your leave


9 Responses to "Achcha to hum chalte hain"

Again brings back memories.
Very sweet song…very popular in its time.
In fact this movie had quite a few good songs (“aan milo sajna”, “yahan wahaan saare”, “tere kaaran tere kaaran”…).

These are evergreen songs, you can enjoy them almost 40 years after their release. I wonder for how many current songs you can say the same thing.

You are right, Raja. The “lesser” songs of this movie are more popular and everlasting than many so called marqee songs of later day movies.

Love this song, in fact like all the songs from this film too. Rajesh Khanna was another actor who paid a lot of attention to the music in his films!

Wow, it is a very long song, and I had actually translated this song too. Phew!

And I recall that I had enjoyed translating this song.

I’m extremely happy to have the translation too 🙂

tis is such a cute song :)..btw do u or any of ur readers knw a trivia abt tis song 😉

JLT heard it again as like it very much 😉

Vry vry nice song:-):-).

This song has fantastic lyrics. Anand bakshi has simply penned down a conversation between two lovers with words rhyming. The music is fab,kishore da and lata ji were awesome and of course asha ji and rajeshji were spectacular.

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