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Main chali main chali peeche peeche jahaan

Posted on: December 11, 2008

I recently found a rail song in a Shammi Kapoor movie called ‘Boyfriend”. And now I find that the “professor” song “main chali main chali” is a rail song as well ! And all these days I was thinking that I had already discovered all the rail songs a few months ago. May be I need to watch more Shammi Kapoor songs.

Well, there is another song called “main hali main chali” from Padosan, and I have already posted that song. This song from “Professor” is an altogether different song. For one, the padosan song is a bicycle song, and this “Professor” song is a rail song. 😉 This song is better known and certainly a big favourite of Bollywood music fans.

This song, sung by Lata and Rafi was picturised on Shammi Kapoor and Kalpana. I have not watched the movie, so I am not sure, but it appears to me that the location is Shimla hills. The picturesque location and the toy train, combined with the singing of Lata and Rafi makes this song such a treat to the eyes as well as ears.

The co passengers in the train appear like real people from the locality and they cannot hide their glee at the opportunity of seeing themselves in a movie. And one can see a few people seated on the roof as well.

After singing one para, the duo spend rest of the song walking down the rail track. Shammi tries to show off by walking on the top of the rail, but fails miserably and is seen cheating, walking with one foot on the track and the other foot below, while holding to shopping bags, one in either hand. Kalpana is not required to walk on the railtop, she merrily walks away between the two tracks.

In the closing moments of the song, with Shammi Kapoor on his knees, and his hands heavenwards ( in a bid to look stylish), Kalpana decamps with one of his shopping bags and his purse.

As I mentioned earlier, I need to be more knowledgeable in Shammi Kapoor songs in order to catch up with my readers. And I am loving being educated into Shammi Kapoor movies and songs.

Song- Main chali main chali (Professor) (1962) Singers- Lata, Rafi,Lyrics- Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan

main chali main chali peechhe-peechhe jahaan
ye na poochho kidhar ye na poochho kahaan
sajde mein husn ke jhuk gayaa aasmaan
lo shuruu ho gayi pyaar ki daastaan
sajde mein husn ke

jaao jahaan kahin aankhon se door
dil se na jaaoge mere huzuur
jaaduu nigaahon kaa chhaayaa suruur
aise me.n bahke to kisakaa qusuur
sajde mein husn ke jhuk gayaa aasmaan
lo shuroo ho gayi pyaar ki daastaan
main chali main chali peechhe-peechhe jahaan
ye na poochho kidhar ye na poochho kahaan
main chali main chali

bahke qadam chaahe bahke nazar
jaayenge dil le ke jaayen jidhar
pyaar ki raahon mein pyaaraa safar
ham kho bhi jaayen to kyaa hai fiqar
main chali main chali peechhe-peechhe jahaan
ye na poochho kidhar ye na poochho kahaan
sajde mein husn ke jhuk gayaa aasmaan
lo shuroo ho gayi pyaar ki daastaan
main chali main chali

4 Responses to "Main chali main chali peeche peeche jahaan"

Of course you need to see more Shammi songs 🙂 We ALL should see more Shammi! Lovely song, all the songs in this are great.


Finally you have posted this song !!!
Very sweet, timepasss song.
Just loved the movie – full of very good songs + lovely scenery too.

You have not seen this movie yet ? You should see it !!!


In our time, the only way one could watch a movie was in a movie hall. Now one can watch these movies anytime one wants it. When things are that accessible, one loses the urge to watch them. I indeed have the DVD/VCD of this movie but I have not yet watched it.



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